Prague Easter Holiday: A Guide to Celebrations and Travel

Prague Easter Holiday

The Prague Easter holiday is anything but dull, thanks to the city’s lovely springtime weather and rich history of Easter traditions handed down through generations. The Czech capital is a great place to spend Holy Week, but don’t stress if you aren’t sure what to do. Let’s take a look at what makes the Prague Easter holiday so unique.

There are many ways to get into the holiday spirit, from the ornate Easter markets with handmade products and tasty sweets to the spectacular Easter parades that wind through the streets.

However, don’t be fooled by Prague’s old-world elegance; the city also knows how to embrace the modern and new. In the last few years, the city has seen an increase in stylish Easter festivities and activities geared toward a younger, hipper population. Consider egg hunts in art galleries, rooftop brunches with panoramic views, and Easter-themed cocktail parties at hip bars.

Planning Your Prague Easter Holiday: Essential Tips

A lot of people are planning vacations for Easter. Get ready for a treat in Prague this Easter!  Here are some crucial Prague Easter holiday planning ideas to help you enjoy your trip.

  • Plan ahead for affordable accommodations in Prague during Easter, as it is a popular vacation. 
  • Be aware of Easter opening hours in Prague, as some sights, restaurants, and stores may have reduced hours or be closed for the holiday. 
  • Visit Prague’s Easter markets to enjoy the festive atmosphere, taste delicious snacks, and find unique souvenirs. Discover traditional crafts, festive decorations, and delicious food at the Old Town Square Easter Market and Prague Castle Easter Market.
  • Experience the religious significance of Easter by attending services at one of Prague’s historic churches or cathedrals.
  • Experience Czech Easter cuisine with classic dishes, including “mazanec” (Easter sweet bread), “jitrnice” (Czech sausages), and “beránek” (Easter lamb). 
  • Enjoy the beautiful weather and visit its parks, gardens, and historic buildings. Walk along the Vltava River, explore Petřín Hill’s colorful gardens, and enjoy Prague Castle’s breathtaking vistas.
  • Join Prague’s Easter celebrations by participating in events like egg decorating, egg hunts, and traditional folk performances. Meet locals to learn about Czech Easter customs and experience the city’s rejuvenation and rebirth during Easter.

Celebrating Easter in Prague: Traditions and Activities

Does Prague shut down for Easter? Prague offers joy, festivity, and spiritual reflection throughout Easter; however, some stores and restaurants are only open for a limited time on Easter Sunday. Bright customs, colorful celebrations, and centuries-old culture fill the city. Prague has many Easter customs and activities for residents and visitors:

Easter Markets

These seasonal markets decorate the city’s squares and streets, selling  Easter crafts, decorations, and food. Enjoy traditional Easter goodies like “mazanec” (sweet bread), “trdelník” (rolling pastry), and “klobása” (sausage) while shopping for unique souvenirs and presents.

Easter Egg Decorating

Easter egg decorating is a cherished custom in Prague and the Czech Republic. Decorate Easter eggs with wax-resist dyeing, painting, and etching with locals. 

Easter Processions and Celebrations

Experience the solemn and uplifting Easter processions in Prague’s ancient streets and squares. These activities showcase Prague’s rich Easter culture, from clergy and parishioner-led religious processions to celebratory parades with traditional costumes and folk music.

Easter Egg Hunts

Prague offers Easter egg hunts in parks, gardens, and public spaces. Join the excitement! Kids and families enthusiastically look for Easter eggs with candy, toys, or other surprises. Easter hunts are fun and make memories with family.

Easter Egg Hunts
Easter Egg Hunts

Traditional Czech Easter Cuisine

Enjoy traditional Czech Easter meals and treats during the holiday season. Treat yourself to “šunka” (ham), “beránek” (Easter lamb), “hráchová polévka” (pea soup), and “mazanec” (sweet bread). 

Where to Stay in Prague During the Easter Holiday

Your budget, personal tastes, and the distance you’d like to be from Prague’s Easter holiday celebrations and landmarks will determine the best place to stay during the holiday. For various sorts of tourists, here are some suggestions:

  1. Old Town (Staré Město)
  2. Lesser Town (Malá Strana)
  3. Prague Castle District (Hradčany)
  4. Vinohrady
  5. Prague 2 and Prague 3
  6. Prague 1 (New Town and Jewish Quarter)
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