Finding an accommodation in Prague Old Town

Prague Old Town

The part of Prague popularly known, or fondly referred to as Prague Old Town or Stare Mesto is quite an appealing historical marvel. It sits somewhere in the central area of Prague, and over the years has become a well-admired hotspot for tourists. Boasting millions of tourists and activities all year long. The Old Town is easily one of the busiest and liveliest neighborhoods in Prague. Thanks to the geographical advantage it possesses by being situated in the center of Prague. It gives tourists quick and easy access to the historical and cultural sites of Prague.

As a central area, it’s the go-to area for tourists in search of accommodation in Prague. Both first-timers and veteran travelers find Old Town perfect for their accommodation needs, and there’s a tangible reason why. Thanks to the large influx of tourists into the city, heavy investments have been poured into real estate development. As a result of the heavy developments, Prague now boasts luxurious accommodations for its unending flow of visitors.

Here’s the catch; Old Town has lots of luxury accommodations that are suitable for those with expensive tastes. What’s more, is that tourists who’re working with a budget are not left out as Old Town has perfect accommodation options for them. To find the best accommodation in Prague Old Town, you only have to search on online accommodation platforms or employ the services of local accommodation experts.

Different neighborhoods in Prague, perfect for your stay

If you’re traveling to Prague, chances are that you might want to explore other popular tourist areas other than The Old Town. Seeing as The Old Town is usually quite busy, you may prefer quieter neighborhoods or just anywhere else with entirely different sceneries. To get the best neighborhood for accommodation in Prague, you can check out the following;

Zizkov; starting with a little nightlife buzz, Zizkov offers a whole new experience to tourists with its string of nightclubs, pubs, and other fun outdoor night activities. Standing at a little distance from Prague’s central area, Zizkov is perfect for tourists who want to enjoy the local nightlife.

Panoramic view Old Town square in Prague
Panoramic view Old Town square in Prague

New Town; located in the central areas of Prague, New Town a.k.a Nove Mesto is a rebrand of Old Town and offers a contrasting experience to tourists. Although it’s a lively area, it is quieter and offers better luxury compared to Old Town. As a central area, you can easily move around and enjoy sightseeing.

Prague Castle District; for some tourists enjoying expensive luxury is part of the travel plan. Prague Castle District is at the center of Prague and offers golden luxury to the tourists that choose to settle in it. It comes with a perfect view and access to the cultural and historical sites in Prague.

Lesser Town; this Prague neighborhood is perfect for tourist families. Its accommodation options are budget-friendly and well-suited for families. Rather than pay in full for bringing your kids along on vacation, Lesser Towns usually offer discounts to kids. Above all, it’s a relatively friendly neighborhood.

Karlin; this neighborhood stands out as one the cheapest in Prague. Accommodations in Karlin are some of the cheapest you’ll ever find in Prague. Notwithstanding this,  it still offers maximum satisfactory luxury to tourists who are operating on a tight budget. It’s located just a few minutes away from the Prague central area, and it offers unique sights of its own.

Best accommodation options in Prague Old Town

As the ideal location for tourists visiting Prague, Old Town offers some of the best hotels and private apartments for accommodation. Some hotels you should check out include:

The Metropolitan Old Town Hotel

The Metropolitan Old Town Hotel, Prague
The Metropolitan Old Town Hotel

This popular hotel is located about 600 meters away from Prague Old Town Square. This hotel is a beautiful four-star hotel that offers tourists excellent accommodation services. They also offer tourists free access to their high-speed Wifi. What’s more is that this hotel even allows you to bring your pets along with you, they are quite a pet-friendly hotel. You can lodge in this hotel and enjoy the luxurious services this hotel has to offer, while not being too far from where all the action happens The Old Town. The hotel also has a dedicated massage parlor, a sauna, as well as a fitness center which also doubles as a gym

The Four Seasons Hotel, Prague

The Four Seasons Hotel in Prague
The Four Seasons Hotel in Prague

This is also another hotel that is quite popular amongst tourists. The location of this hotel allows guests as well as tourists to enjoy scenic and unadulterated views of some of Prague’s most iconic locations. Some of these iconic locations include The Charles bridge, The famous Vltava River, as well as the Old Town Square. This hotel also offers discounts on their services as well as rooms to attract guests. The best views of Prague can be gotten from the windows of this hotel.

Hotel Residence Agnes

Hotel Residence Agnes
Hotel Residence Agnes

Just as Old Town offers expensive luxury, it also offers budget-friendly options. Hotel Residence Agnes is a 4-star hotel with cheap accommodation packages. It offers complimentary WiFi and meals depending on the package booked. Hotel Residence Agnes offers easy access to Old Town Square and is known for its friendly staff.

What are the prices for accommodation in the center of Prague?

The accommodation prices in Prague vary from one neighborhood to another. To get the best accommodation prices, it’s best you book early. For the central areas in Prague, the average prices for accommodation range between $10 to $80. The less expensive hostels with shared rooms in Prague may cost around $10 to $20 per night. Private hotel rooms cost as far as $70 to $100 per night. If you intend to stay long in Prague, your best option would be private apartments which cost up to $120.

Before traveling to Prague, it’s best to book your accommodation ahead. This saves you from last-minute stress and missing out on the best accommodation offers.
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