The Greatest Czech Fairy Tales for Christmas

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With Christmas around the corner, Prague turns into a winter wonderland of many stories. We suggest you discover the delightful amusement park during Christmas time.

Czech fairy tales are told to kids all through the Christmas season in hopes of passing down morals and deep secrets of Czech culture. Some of these fairy tales have been adapted into actual movies that air particularly on Christmas. No doubt, the culture of telling stories and watching movies revolving around Christmas during the festive season, is something that’s practiced across the world. And most often, these Christmas fairy tales, no matter the difference in characters, often pass the same message of love, kindness and other noble virtues.

Top 3 Czech Fairy Tales for Christmas

There are lots of amazing Czech fairy tales for Christmas. Although most Christmas fairy tales are tailored for kids, Czech Christmas fairy tales are tailored for family viewing. So, it’s a lot easier for kids and adults to relate with such stories. Here are the top 3 Czech fairy tales for Christmas you should see:

Tři oříšky pro Popelku / Three Wishes for Cinderella

Three Wishes for Cinderella
Three Wishes for Cinderella

This is one of the best Czech fairy tales for Christmas – it’s literally been on every Christmas fairytale airing list since its release in 1973. This amazing Czech and German story speaks of a young girl who made it into the palace thanks to her wit and skills. Popelka/Cinderella in this story isn’t depicted as a damsel in distress that’s always crying for help. Rather Popelka/Cinderella is portrayed as a strong girl who isn’t afraid to take on any challenge that comes her way. It teaches a message of strength and hope to young girls that indeed their dreams are valid.

Byl jednou jeden král / Once Upon a Time, There Was a King… (1954)

Once Upon a Time
Once Upon a Time

Christmas is a season of joy, and what’s joy without bouts of laughter from a good movie? This classic fairy tale tells of a king who asked his daughters about how much they loved him. While his other daughters compared their love for him with sweet things, he was shocked by his youngest daughter who compared her love for him to her love for salt. To prove that his daughter was being unreasonable, he decided to live without salt. Soon enough, both him and his courtiers give up the charade as their food was tasteless without salt. This comedic movie was adapted from the Czech fairy tale “Salt over gold”, and it has always put smiles on faces.

The Twelve Months/Dvanact Mesicku

The Twelve Months
The Twelve Months

This is another adaptation of the Czech Cinderella fairy tale. It’s a story about Maruska who suffered greatly at the hands of her wicked stepmother and stepsister Kveta, after her father’s death. But her fortune was soon to change. A rich young man Karel returns to his homeland and promises to marry only the maiden who brings him three uncanny gifts: fragrant violets, juicy strawberries and a tree with red apples. His request was impossible as it was the middle of winter, nonetheless, Maruska is forced by her stepmother to find these impossible gifts. Her encounter with twelve supernatural old men in the snowy forest totally changed the course of her life for good.

Watch now a Czech Christmas fairy tale

There are lots of amazing Czech fairy tales that are perfect for Christmas. These fairy tales have been adapted into animated movies for kids, as well as live action movies for adults. All you need to do is tune in, and enjoy the story. It’s a special part of the Christmas celebration in Prague.

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