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Prague Transports

Prague Transport Pass: A Quick Guide on Using Public Transport

Getting around Prague is easy, thanks to the city’s integrated transportation system. It’s considered as one of the best in Europe and is widely used by locals. While it’s generally manageable to travel around the city on foot, getting a Prague Transport Pass can help you make the most out of your Golden City trip. The transport pass can be used for the Prague Metro, buses, and trams. These tickets are available for short-term (30 minutes to 3 days) and long-term travel (1 month to 1 year).

Prague Integrated Transport: The Prague Metro, Buses, and Trams

Metro, transport in Prague
Metro in Prague

Prague’s public transportation has four components:


The Prague Metro is a busy hub that caters to more than a million passengers daily. It has three lines—A (green), B (yellow), and C (red)—that have a network of trains that run anywhere from 2 to 4 minutes (peak periods) and 5 to 10 minutes (regular periods).Traveling via the metro can take anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes.


Bus intervals range from 6 to 8 minutes for peak hours and 15 to 30 minutes during off-peak hours.


In Prague, trams aren’t merely used for transport—they can also be used for sightseeing. Take the tram line 42 or 43 if you want to have a tram tour in Prague.

Night Service

Night service transportation for buses and trams starts from around midnight to 4:30 a.m.

Prague Transport Pass Prices

Transport pass prices vary depending on the group you belong to, as classified by the Prague Public Transport Company: adult (15 to 60 years old), child (under 15 years), junior or student (15 to 26 years old), senior (over 60 years), and ZTP or person in material need. You can check the full price list on the DPP website.

To give you an idea how much Prague Transport Passes cost, here’s a price list of tickets for adults:

Short-term Tickets

  • 30 minutes – 30 CZK
  • 90 minutes – 40 CZK
  • 24 hours – 120 CZK
  • 72 hours – 330 CZK

Long-term Tickets

  • 30 days – 550 CZK
  • 90 days – 1480 CZK
  • 365 days – 3650 CZK

Electronic and Paper-based Long-term Fare

  • 30 days – 1000 CZK
  • 90 days – 2700 CZK
  • 365 days – 7800 CZK

To use your transport ticket and mark the beginning of its validation period, punch the ticket in any of the validation machines found in metro stations or on buses and trams.

Where to Buy Transport Passes

Pass Transport in Prague
Transport in Prague

You can purchase short-term tickets from ticket vending machines, ticket offices, and tourist information centers. You can also get Prague public transport tickets online through the PID Litačka app.

If you’re looking for long-term tickets, buy from the ticket offices at Prague Metro stations. The Prague Public Transit Central Office also sells these tickets. 

The best thing about the Prague Transport Pass is you can use it on any type of public transport as many times as you want. Plus, you can enjoy practically unlimited transfers. Note that the pass is not valid for use on the Funicular to Petřín.

Prague is a magical city that’s made more accessible to both locals and tourists by its extensive public transportation network. It’s well-organized, efficient, and, best of all, affordable. If you’re planning a trip to the city, check out this list of must-see places you can visit using public transportation in Prague.

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