How best to travel from Krakow to Prague in 2024

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Are you traveling to Prague for leisure or business? You should consider a travel option that fits your budget and travel purpose. Traveling from Krakow to Prague is a journey of roughly 535 km which would take an average of 6 hours, most especially when taking a direct train. 

The fastest means to travel from Krakow to Prague is by air which takes about 4 hours. However, the cheapest and most advisable option would be to travel by train. Traveling from Krakow to Prague is a straight journey that cuts through Katowice into Western Prague. But, it’s not the only cheap option. You can travel by bus cheaply, but that’ll be a travel time of about 8 hours.

How to Get to Prague from Krakow

Krakow Train
Krakow Train

Krakow is positioned on the south-western front of Prague. So, your journey typically starts from Prague city center, cuts through Western to South-western Prague, your first stop before Krakow is Katowice. You can travel by train to Katowice and take a connecting flight there to Krakow. 

Traveling By Air From Krakow to Prague

Although traveling by air is the fastest way to get to Prague from Krakow, there’s no straight flight. At best, you’ll first take a train from Krakow Glowny – the largest and central train station in Krakow. Your next stop would be the Krakow Lonitska train station that’s close to Krakow’s John Paul II International Airport. From the airport, you’ll take a flight to Prague’s Vaclav Havel Airport. From there, you can either take a train, bus/taxi to Prague city center or your final destination. Traveling by air from Krakow to Prague costs up to $200 (5012 CZK), and takes about 4 hours.

Another way to travel by air from Krakow to Prague, is to first travel by train to Katowice Dworzec train station. From there, you’ll take a bus to Katowice Airport, and take a flight to Warsaw. From Warsaw, you’ll take a connecting flight to Prague. This route takes about 8 hours, and you’ll need about $300 (7517 CZK) in total.

Traveling By Train From Krakow to Prague

You’ll notice that even traveling swiftly by air requires you to travel a bit by rail. This shows that traveling by train from Krakow to Prague is the best option to travel by. Rather than making multiple stops just to travel by air, you can take a straight train route from Krakow to Prague.

Traveling by train is one of the fastest means of getting to Prague from Krakow, and it’s also the cheapest option. With about $11 to $30 (752 CZK), you can take a straight route by train from Krakow through Katowice and Western Prague up till Prague Central Station, Wilsonova. The central station is located in Central Prague, which means you can easily find your way to your final destination.

Traveling By Bus/Car From Krakow to Prague

Another cheap and fast way of traveling from Krakow to Prague is to travel either by a public bus or a ridesharing car. Travel far is typically set around $20 (501 CZK), and takes an average of 7 to 8 hours to travel. There are lots of travel bus tours such as FlixBus that can take you through Krakow to Prague. You can also join a rideshare on Blablacar from Krakow to Prague. 

Enjoying Your Trip From Krakow to Prague

Traveling from Krakow to Prague is an adventure best enjoyed by traveling via train. It’s faster, cheaper and more comfortable to travel via train. But, if you wish to look around while traveling, then it’ll be better to join a rideshare on Blablacar. Don’t forget to change your currency when traveling – it’ll save you from scams.

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