The best tours and trips to enjoy in Prague in 2022

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Best tours and trips in Prague

With all that Prague has to offer, an excellent option to discover the city is taking any of the numerous tours available!

No matter your desired way to explore the city -by foot, bus, boat or bike; or which of Prague’s treasures you’re eager to discover its rich gastronomy, emblematic architectural gems, or fantastic beers, there are plenty of tours and trip alternatives to satisfy every need.

Let’s break down the best and most popular ways to delve into the Czech capital:

Prague Bus tours

Bus tours in Prague
Bus tours in Prague

A very common option is taking a bus tour throughout the city’s most emblematic areas and sightseeing spots. This is perhaps the best option if you’re looking for a comfortable and flexible way to move around the city at a reasonable price.

An added benefit of taking a bus tour is that you can count on being shown around by savvy guides who know the city in and out, while also being able to take it at your own pace -hopping on and off at your chosen locations and being able to enjoy your biggest interests for as long as you want to.

Bus tours are available in a variety of formats and durations but are overall an excellent option and a good bang for your money.

Vltava River tours and cruises, Prague

Looking for a way to gaze at Prague’s enchanting architecture from the comfort of a boat? You’re not the only one! Prague river cruises have been around for decades, and are now as popular as ever.

The Vltava River is the largest in the entire Czech Republic and flows right through the center of Prague. It’s a major symbol of the city and offers a fantastic range of options to gaze at some of Prague’s most important monuments. Some of the sightseeing spots you can contemplate from the Vltava are the National Theatre, the Dancing House, the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design; and the Naplavka market to just name a few!

With options to cater to all budgets and tastes, you will easily find a cruise option that suits you and how much time and money you’re willing to spend exploring the city while cruising along the Vltava river.

Free walking tours Prague

Free walking tours are the most suitable option to go in-depth into the city’s history at a low cost. Generally led by knowledgeable locals or expats, the growing popularity of this kind of tour is a testament to just how special they can be.

You will learn all of the city’s interesting historic background and anecdotes along the way and will meet wonderful people from all parts of the world.

It is important to note that a more suitable name for this format would be “pay-what-you-want” since a tip is expected in exchange for the experience offered but the sum you will offer is entirely up to you to decide.

If you ever take a “free” walking tour, -which we highly recommend you do- you will find yourself wanting to leave a more generous sum to the guide/s for their incredible and passionate work.

Food tours of Prague

Czech’s gastronomy
Czech’s gastronomy

Czech’s gastronomy is impressively rich both in flavor and variety. However, as a foreigner when getting to know a new culture, it can sometimes be difficult to know what dishes to try and even harder to know where to try them.

That’s where food tours come in handy! Do us a favor and don’t set yourself up to become another victim of tourist traps where you’ll not only overpay but also miss out on the authentic culinary magic Prague has to offer. We’re talking about the real-deal dishes you already have an eye on trying, and the ones you don’t even know exist yet, but will never forget.

Imagine being shown around the city’s best hidden culinary gems, being served the top dishes you would perhaps not have known to order, by the people who know Prague’s cuisine in and out.

So if you find yourself craving a delicious experience and taking a break from traditional sightseeing, book yourself a food tour.

Want to learn more about Prague’s top food tours, how to book them and why they will blow your mind (and taste buds) check out Why is a food tour in Prague totally worth it?

Foodies, you can thank us later.

You can also arm yourself against tourist traps with our top restaurant recommendations available on our guide Where to eat – restaurants in Prague.

Bike tours in Prague

On the lookout for a different way to spend the day around the city? Bike tours are the answer to your search!

Bike tours and bike rentals are available throughout the entire city. Both tours and rental options range in price, duration and bike models, but the end purpose is mostly the same: to offer you a way to pedal your way through the city’s scenic streets.

Apart from being an excellent way to stay active during your visit, you’ll be able to move quickly from one place to another and take in the city in a unique way.

No matter if you are traveling on your own or in a group, you can book a bike tour to fit your needs.

We think there is something very special about getting to know a new city on wheels. If you agree, visit Prague bike tours: experience the city differently  to discover some of our favorite options out there and more information regarding where and how you can book one.

Prague Day Tours

Prague has enough things to do and see to fill a lifetime, but so do its surroundings! Not far from the capital, you’ll find plenty of quaint and interesting towns worth your while, easily accessible through a number of different day tours.

Below you’ll find a list of our top-recommended day tours to get to know the Czech Republic through Prague’s vicinities. From spooky to relaxing, there’s a day tour for any and all kinds of moods:

●      An Eerie Tour of Kutná Hora
●      A Leisurely Day at Karlštejn
●      A Taste of České Budějovice
●      Therapeutic Dip at Karlovy Vary
●      The Laidback Town of Poděbrady
●      Water Adventure at the Sázava River
●      Skiing Fun at Monínec
●      The Cozy Town of Olomouc
●      Breathtaking Views from the Bastei Bridge
●      Bask in the Culture and Art of Vienna
●      The Fairytale Town of Český Krumlov
●      Natural Attractions at Český ráj

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