How to find a cheap accommodation in Prague

Cheap hotel Prague

Cheap accommodation

Did you know that Prague is known as the Golden City? As expected in a golden city, you’re meant to spend gold. But with Prague, you can enjoy golden luxury without actually spending gold. Thanks to the booming real estate in Prague you can enjoy satisfaction and luxury on a budget.

Here’s a little background knowledge. Prague is a major destination for tourists thanks to its rich historical and cultural sites. Millions of tourists troop all year round, and as with tourist patronage, there’s a need for tourist and student accommodation. Prague real estate offers tourists the satisfaction and luxury they desire by offering exquisite accommodation plans. The accommodation plans in Prague vary according to your budget and preference. If you’re looking to spend a lot of money on luxury accommodation, there are dozens of hotels and private apartments in Prague that you can check out. But, if you’re working on a tight budget, the Golden City also has enough budget-friendly or cheap accommodations.

Staying in Prague: basic info

To get the best accommodation packages in Prague, you have to understand the general layout of Prague. Just as the areas in the city are different from each other, the accommodation options vary too. Some places offer expensive luxurious accommodation plans while some offer cheap and satisfactory accommodation packages. Then there are certain areas that are cheap, luxurious, and offer other perks. It all depends on what you want. Here are five areas with varying accommodation options;

Old Town; it’s a perfect place for accessing the entire city of Prague thanks to it being in the city’s center. It’s the best place to stay if you’re just entering Prague for the first time. Old Town is the go-to area for lots of tourists, and that often means that accommodation options here are a little costly. However, you can find cheap accommodation in Old Town especially if you reach out to expert accommodation services or ask for local assistance.

Prague Old Town
Prague Old Town

Prague Castle District; this central area is well known for offering expensive luxury. Thanks to its positioning in the city’s center, you can easily access other areas of the city. It’s the perfect place for accessing the beautiful cultural and historical sites of Prague. You can book accommodation via local assistance or using online accommodation channels.

New Town; a little distance away from Old Town, New Town offers better luxury. Unlike Old Town that’s often busy with activities, New Town offers a quieter and private environment. You’ll enjoy this area if you’re looking for quiet spots with calming sights.

Lesser Town; are you traveling with your family or kids? Then Lesser Town is the perfect area to settle in. As a part of central Prague, you have easy access to cultural and historical sites. The accommodation packages in Lesser Town are budget-friendly and strictly designed for families. You’ll easily find a private apartment or hostel that’ll suit your taste.

Karlin; reserving the best for the last, Karlin is  Prague’s response to accommodation on a tight budget. The hotels, apartments, and hostels in Karlin are cheap and satisfactory. It’s the perfect place for low-budget luxury. What’s more, is that it’s only 10 minutes away from Prague’s central area.

Cheap accommodation options in Prague

To get the cheapest accommodation options in Prague, your first and easiest bet would be Karlin. However, if you’re keen on getting cheap accommodation with better accessibility to the city’s historical and cultural sites, then you should opt for Old Town.

While the areas in Prague come with varying accommodation options, you can always find something cheap in each place. To get cheap accommodation options, look out for;

Airbnb accommodation; there are registered Airbnb accommodations online which will save you time, effort, and money in searching for accommodation.; get access to information on cheap accommodation packages on You’ll find accommodation discounts up to 75% on this platform.

Hostels; if you’re not keen on spending much on hotels, you can opt for hostel accommodations in Prague. They’re generally cheaper.

Bed & Breakfast; for a cozier experience, explore charming bed and breakfast options scattered across Prague, offering a comfortable and affordable stay for a perfect getaway.

Hostel Prague
Hostel Prague

Apartments; looking for better privacy and freedom to make your own meals? There are private apartments across Prague that offer you decent luxury at low prices per night.

Where to find accommodation in Prague with the best price-quality ratio?

Searching for accommodation in Prague is as easy as searching online or using local assistance. What determines your accommodation options are primarily your preference and budget. The taste of luxury is different for every traveler; the higher your taste the higher the cost of accommodation. Pro-tip; to get the best of accommodation double-check your travel budget and plans. If you’re staying for a really short period then you can spend on greater luxury within your budget.

Are you ready for your adventure in Golden City? Pack your bags and venture into the culture and luxury of Prague. Don’t worry, you won’t have to spend gold on securing the perfect accommodation for you. No matter where you settle in Prague, your comfort is assured.

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