How to find student accommodation in Prague?

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Student accommodation in Prague

Are you a student planning to study in Prague? One thing you need to check off your list is finding student accommodation in Prague. It is not easy to get a decent place to stay because of the high demand and soaring real estate prices. If you are looking at getting a place around the city centre and surrounding neighbourhoods, you may have to pay extra compared to residences on the city’s outskirts. However, keep in mind that the cost of transportation from the rural areas to the university will be high and the time you may spend in transit.

You have several accommodation options as a student studying in the Czech Republic. Although many universities arrange for accommodation for students through student dormitories, you can seek accommodation in the several hostels in the city.

Prague, the perfect choice for Erasmus students.

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Erasmus student

It is no surprise that Prague is a popular destination for many Erasmus students because it is a lot cheaper than other European countries. As an Erasmus student, you will fit right in because of many other students in the city. Prague is lively with vibrant nightlife making it the perfect spot for networking and socialization.

How much does student accommodation in Prague cost?

The cost of student accommodation in Prague is dependent on several factors like the type of residence, location, etc. You should be able to find rooms for as low as €250 a month.

Best areas to live in Prague as a student?

It will be best to choose a location near your school for an easier commute as a student. Out of the 22 districts in Prague, you will find many students staying in districts 3, 6, and 10. 

What are the options for student accommodation in Prague?

Room and apartment rentals

Private student accommodation in Prague is an alternative for students who do not want to live in a university’s student dormitory. Private accommodation comes in a room in a flat/apartment or renting a whole house. Unlike student dormitories, you can choose your roommates/flatmates, making your experience more enjoyable because you can share your space with friends. The cost of rent ranges from as low as 200 EUR to as high as 1000 EUR. But remember, the price is heavily dependent on the size and number of rooms in the flat/apartment. Also, many landlords will want you to deposit a refundable amount of money before moving in.

You can find private accommodation listings on social media, housing websites, real estate agencies, and newspaper advertisements. Also, ask around. We are pretty sure your colleagues, teachers, and friends will have an idea of available apartments in the city.

Flat Sharing

Flat sharing is an excellent option for Erasmus students who came into the city as a group. Unfortunately, it won’t be a breeze to get a decent flat as a foreigner because of how expensive it can get. The situation is mainly because there is a higher demand for flats than flats available. Another reason is many Czech landlords are not overly excited about foreigners. As a matter of fact, you are likely to find the notice ”only for Czech speakers” in a flat advertisement. But hopefully, that won’t be your case. You can search on Facebook groups and real estate agencies for listings.

College dormitory

Your university will most likely have a student dormitory to reside throughout your studies. But it will be hard to have a place all to yourself because you may be paired with another student(s). Most college dormitories have twin rooms with a shared kitchen, toilet, and bathroom. Your room will be furnished with basic furniture like a bed and refrigerator, so you do not have to worry about spending money on these items. For more information on college dormitories, visit your university website to find out how you can book one of these rooms.

The cost for securing a room in a college dorm is around 150 EUR per month.

Where to find the best student accommodation in Prague?

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Student accomodation


Studentreality is a student housing portal that allows people to put up house listings for free. It is a go-to website for international students looking for college dormitories or private accommodation. A great feature is that you deal directly with the property owners instead of middlemen or housing agents. They also give virtual tours so you can see every inch of the place you will be paying for. Studentreality also offers student discounts and a straightforward process to find the place of your dreams.

No matter the type of accommodation you are looking for, Idatabaze has something for you. It is a credible website with listings from the cheapest student hostels to luxurious apartments in the city. The listings give a complete description of the space rentals, including pictures and videos, so you know what you are getting into. is a hotspot for all things student-related. If you are looking for a decent student dormitory to live in. The site primarily offers accommodation in district 6. It is conducive for your studies because most residences are in serene environments and are reasonably priced. You can choose between single or multi-bedroom apartments. Most residences are close to the city centre, so commuting to and from places will be easier. is an all-in-one guide for tourists and foreigners in Prague. Do you want the best restaurants for breakfast? Are you looking to join a food tour? Are you wondering how you can find the best accommodation as a student? will provide answers to these questions and more. They have a section on their website on where to stay, so you may want to check it out. lists excellent places you will find comfort as a student. The types of accommodation listed are standard hotels, budget hotels, boutique hotels, student hostels, apartments, and college dormitories.


Is looking for a room in a shared apartment in Prague a great idea?

Unless you have deep pockets and are willing to pay more for your privacy, renting a room in a shared apartment may be a viable option as an Erasmus student. Not only is it cheaper than renting a flat all to yourself, but it is also a great way to bond and make friends with your new roommate(s).

What are the best neighbourhoods in Prague to stay in?

As an Erasmus student, there are vital things you want to keep in mind whilst searching for a place. They are location(i.e., proximity to your university), security, and cost. The best neighbourhoods have all three features, including Vinohrady, Karlín, Nove Mesto.

How to find a cheap apartment in Prague?

Finding a cheap apartment that suits all your needs will not be easy, so you may have to thoroughly research and compromise.

Check out several Prague housing websites and real estate agencies. Speak to locals in the areas you want to rent.

Compare the prices of several apartments.

Contact the landlord immediately to secure your spot.

How much does it cost to live in Prague if you are a student?

It will cost you an average of €1000 to live comfortably in Prague. The amount stated covers housing, transportation, food, etc.

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