KGB Museum (Prague) – all you need to know before your visit

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If you’re visiting Prague and are interested in learning about the city’s history, a visit to the KGB Museum is a must.

In this post, we’ll tell you all you need to know before your visit, from what the museum is about to what you can expect to see there. Read on for everything you need to know about the KGB Museum in Prague.

The KGB Museum location

The KGB Museum in Prague, Czech Republic, offers an incredible glimpse into the history of the Soviet Union’s notorious secret police. 

Visitors can explore a range of artifacts used by various branches of the KGB, including spy cameras, radios, and instruments of torture. While it is not for everyone, the museum provides a unique opportunity to learn about the tactics and power wielded by this intelligence agency during its time in control. 

Additionally, the museum’s location gives easy access to other famous attractions in Prague, so those interested have the chance to discover this important part of history while exploring other parts of the city.

Prague KGB Museum – exhibits & surveillance, and interrogation equipment


The museum is a treasure trove of Soviet-era knowledge. It’s dimly lit corridors give way to many fascinating exhibits on the work of the KGB, including equipment used for covert surveillance and interrogation. 

From hidden camera detectors to devices employed in psychological warfare, these artifacts offer an illuminating look at the tactics employed by this secretive intelligence agency. 

Even tourists who are not particularly knowledgeable about the history of the USSR will find the displays captivating and educational, as audio-visual aids provide an in-depth exploration of these practices during the communist era.

Check the KGB Museum’s replica of the prison cell which held dissidents

If you’re interested in learning more about Soviet history, then you should add a visit to the Moscow jail cells to your list of things to do. 

These prison cells located in the KGB Museum in Prague were not only used to imprison criminals and dissidents during the Soviet era but also served as a place for interrogations and torture. 

You can now visit replicas of these cells that remain standing today—a stunning reminder of this dark chapter of Soviet history. It’s an essential experience for anyone hoping to gain insight into Russia’s not so distant past.

The KGB Museum in Prague tickets


If a trip to the KGB Museum in Prague is on your agenda, then make sure you have enough cash and an entire day free. 

The price of the KGB Museum in Prague is just 250 CZK, which works out to around $10 USD, and it’s open every day from 9 am to 5 pm. Come and explore the wonders and history that the museum has to offer – great family fun at a price anyone can afford!

The KGB Museum in Prague review


The KGB Museum in Prague has strong ratings and glowing reviews on tripadvisor, with one user saying, “It is absolutely awesome…it feels like you are being taken back in time to Eastern Europe when the KGB was active.” 

Many other visitors have also praised the museum’s immersive layout and expansive collection of memorabilia from the Soviet era.

Furthermore, it’s clear that people who visit this museum come away with a greater understanding of a difficult period in history. This makes it a must-see attraction for those wanting to learn more about the former Eastern Bloc.

The KGB Museum is a great place to learn about the history of the Soviet secret police. The exhibits are fascinating, and it’s definitely worth paying the entrance fee. Keep in mind that the museum gets very busy, so it’s a good idea to book your tickets online in advance to avoid queuing.

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