Museum of Communism, Prague

Museum of communism

Welcome to Prague! A city rich in historical landmarks and interesting museums, including the Museum of Communism located in the former Czechoslovak National Congress building. This intriguing Museum of Communism tells the story of life under Communism in Czechoslovakia.

If you’re interested in learning more about this period of history, be sure to include the Museum of Communism to your list of attractions to see while you’re in Prague. 

Thank you for reading; we hope you have a wonderful time in this stunning city.

Why Visit The Museum Of Communism In Prague?

  • The Museum of Communism in Prague is a must-see for anyone interested in history.

When it comes to learning about history, no museum does it better than Prague’s Museum of Communism. This Museum, set next to Wenceslas Square, is a must-see for anyone interested in Soviet Communism and the Eastern Bloc from 1945 to 1989.

The Museum offers visitors a unique insight into that dark chapter of world history, featuring hands-on exhibits that explain not just the political effects of Communism on Prague and the rest of Czechoslovakia but also its social and economic repercussions. The Museum truly offers an outstanding lesson on this period in our shared past, with thoughtful displays, informative facts, and interesting multimedia.

  • The Museum tells the story of Communism in Czechoslovakia through exhibits and artifacts.

The Museum of Communism in Prague offers a unique opportunity to learn about Czechoslovakia’s history. It allows visitors to explore the reality of life under Communism through a variety of artifacts and exhibits. 

Additionally, the Museum explains the history of Communism as well as its social and political impact in Czechoslovakia.

From museum personnel stories to fascinating photographs, audio-visual displays, and letters, the Museum becomes a living time capsule that conveys a gripping narrative about the country’s brutality and hardship during the communist regime. 

You will discover that visiting the Museum is informative and inspiring because of articles written by people whose poignant stories reveal their struggle to survive in such harsh conditions. 

The Museum of Communism in Prague is an extraordinary museum that demonstrates to all visitors how much has changed since Communist rule ended in 1989.

Museum of Communism – tickets


So, how much does the Prague Communism Museum cost?

The Museum is a great source for learning about Czechoslovakia’s history from 1945 to 1989.

The entrance fee to the Museum of Communism in Prague is certainly worth it, with tickets ranging from 5 to 10 Euros depending on age. The audio guide is available in multiple languages, and the museum staff is happy to answer any questions you may have – making your experience at the Museum memorable!

Whether you’re looking to educate yourself or learn more about the significance of this era, there is something worthwhile to take away, so remember to buy your tickets ahead of time.

Museum of Communism, Prague – opening hours

Head to the Communism Museum in Prague for an interesting day out! 

It is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday, next to Wenceslas Square. This Museum is a must-see for anyone interested in learning more about Communism. A gift shop is also worth a visit at the end of your stay!

Review of the Museum of Communism in Prague – is it worth visiting?

The Museum of Communism in Prague is a must-see for anyone interested in world history and the impact of Communism in Europe. What makes this Museum so fascinating is that it does more than provide facts and figures; it transports visitors back in time by recreating the atmosphere of life under Communism.

There are Lenin statues, pictures of revolutionary leaders, exhibits about censorship and propaganda, as well as several more interactive displays that bring the era to life. A visit to the Museum is highly recommended if you want to gain an understanding of what life was like during communist times without having to go through it yourself.

If you’re interested in history or want to learn more about Communism in Czechoslovakia, make sure to visit the Museum of Communism. The Museum is located in the former Communist Party headquarters, which adds to its allure. Remember to book your tickets ahead of time to avoid long queues!

Museum of Communism: Best Day Tours in Prague

Memorable Tour of the Museum of Communism

Learn more about living behind the Iron Curtain by visiting the Museum of Communism in the company of a seasoned guide who speaks English, French, German, and Russian fluently. Combine this with a relaxing walk through the heart of Prague to learn about the Communist regime’s enduring legacy.


  • It starts at € 150 per group of up to two.
  • Meet your guide in the vicinity of the Museum of Communism.
  • Get a brief introduction, then enter the building to begin your insightful Communist tour. 
  • Wander through the Museum, and get interesting facts and stories about the Communist past and living behind the Iron Curtain.
  • See the Communist putsch of 1948, the Prague spring of 1968, and the Velvet revolution of 1989 chronicled in the Museum’s permanent display.
  • Discover the wonder of objects that were commonplace behind the Iron Curtain. Including the educational system, relations with the Soviet Union, travel, the secret police, the value of money, etc.,
  • Get some free time for you to explore the exhibits on your own.
  • The tour lasts for three hours.
  • Take a stroll through the historical heart of Prague, around Wenceslas Square, National Avenue, Old Town Square, and Jan Palach Square, the Prague Castle. 

What is Included

  • Cancellation is free
  • A Tour guide

Have the perfect day trip at the Museum of Communism alone

The Museum of Communism is the best place to learn about the communist era in Czechoslovakia. Take an unguided tour and engage in a lively discussion with the exhibit’s many videos, posters, and artifacts.


  • Find out what it was like to live in Communist Czechoslovakia on a daily basis.
  • Explore carefully recreated rooms, from lecture halls to homes, in search of actual antiques and illuminating details about the country’s post-war past.
  • Understand the political forced labour camps and prosecution of the Stalinist era.
  • Explore and engage with replicas of a shock laborer’s workshop, a school, a children’s bedroom, and a questioning room to get a feel for life during the era.
  • Make your way through the exhibits, including short videos, posters, and artifacts. 
  • Stop by the Museum’s café whenever your stomach starts to growl. 
  • Recharge your batteries before catching a movie on the communist era, which is shown at the theater on a regular basis.

What is Included

  • Movies on the communist era
  • Entry ticket to the Museum of Communism 
  • Pamphlet of information in Czech and English
  • Charges start at € 15 per head
  • The entire excursion takes a day.
  • Free cancellations

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