Unveiling the Hidden Gems of Prague’s Lesbian Bar Scene

Lesbian bars Prague

The fact that there are lesbian bars in Prague speaks much about the city’s welcoming and diverse atmosphere. The locals are friendly, the buildings are beautiful, there are plenty of pubs, and the liquor never runs dry. Although we’ve included a list of the top  lesbian bars in Prague, you shouldn’t plan on visiting them all in a single evening. Spread it out over the course of your weeklong vacation, please.

Prague’s LGBTQ+ community has evolved dramatically over the years, becoming more accepting and diverse. 

If you’re looking for the top Prague clubs, keep in mind that the city’s nightlife reflects the Czech Republic’s status as one of Eastern Europe’s most liberal nations in terms of LGBTQ rights. There are numerous gay and lesbian pubs across the city where anyone can feel safe going out on the town and having a good time.

Discovering the Diverse Landscape: is Prague a Gay-Friendly City?

Lesbian bars in Prague
Lesbian bars in Prague

Although the lesbian scene in Prague isn’t as outspoken and racy as the gay men scene, the city’s well-deserved reputation for tolerance and freedom extends to the lesbian community as well. Since same-sex unions were made legal in the Czech Republic in 2006, lesbian couples will face no discrimination. 

The Czech Republic stands out as a major gay-friendly destination in an area that is not recognized for being particularly accepting of the LGBTQ community. You can travel there as a homosexual couple all the time and have wonderful experiences and feel completely accepted.

Because of the city’s extremely tolerant stance toward homosexuality, LGBTQ visitors will feel completely comfortable and at ease in Prague.

Where to Find the Lesbian Bars in Prague

Vinohrady, a hip residential district on the eastern outskirts of Prague 2, is home to the city’s largest gay community. This area is home to the lesbian bars in Prague, while “Prague 1” does have a few as well. The Old Town, New Town, Lesser Town, and Prague Castle region make up Prague 1, the primary tourist district just north of Vinohrady.

Prague’s homosexual community may be found in the Vinohrady neighborhood.

There are also a growing number of gay-friendly establishments all across the city

Our Picks of the Best Lesbian Bars in Prague

These clubs are among the best lesbian bars in Prague and often welcome the LGBTQ community with parties and themed nights. And we’ve got you covered if you want to have a night out with your straight relatives or friends at some of the top bars in Prague.

Jamma Dampa

Jampa Dampa is a lesbian bar in Prague 2 known for its karaoke and regular live performances.  

During the weekend, this famous bar is usually packed with women socializing with friends and strangers they’ve made. The music is usually catchy throwbacks, playing some 90’s classics mixed in with the more recent Top 100 playlist.


This two-story bar isn’t specifically geared at women, but it attracts lesbians and other queer patrons regardless of whether or not smoking is allowed on the premises.

The wonderful thing about this place is that anyone fighting for LGBTQ equality can get in for free on the basement level.  The café stocks queer-themed books, perfect for passing the time while waiting for your date to return from the bar. 

Club Patra

This place has an eclectic vibe because, like Q-Café, it accommodates people of all sexual orientations. The ground floor has the café, while the second floor is a flexible event area.

The café maintains the hipster aesthetic with its exposed brick walls, wooden furniture, and spare decor. The interesting thing about this place is that the communal area hosts a variety of activities, movie screenings, and art exhibits, making it a great place to check out at any time of day or night. This hip area is open every day from 3 p.m. until midnight, making it the perfect place to take in some culture before hitting the town’s best bars.


It’s true that there are homosexual guys here, but you can rest confident that there are also many ladies who share your orientation. This younger club has comfy seats, and a smaller dance floor, making for a relaxed and intimate vibe.

We recommend this place for a few beers before heading to a later pub or club because of its free entry, high energy, booming music, and cheap beverages. Naturally, if you appreciate the ambiance, you are free to stay and dance the night away till 5 in the morning.

Friends Prague Bar & Club

Queer people shouldn’t be concerned by the fact that Friends Prague Bar & Club caters primarily to the straight community. In the lesbian community, “Freedom Night” is well-known as a major event.

The setting is really reminiscent of enjoying a few beers in a dark cellar. Modern furnishings and an underground-cellar atmosphere keep you cool for hours of dancing without feeling claustrophobic. There is plenty of space to break a move on the spacious dance floor, and the music system is on par with the top gay nightclubs.

The Saints

This homosexual club, which is owned by Britons, is located in the heart of Vinohrady, the city’s gay neighborhood. The smaller setting adds to the intimate nature of the event. There are couches and stools for sitting and talking, making it easier to meet new people.

For lesbians, Thursday is a popular night to go, thanks to the well-known “Ladies Night.” The bartenders, all of whom are lovely young women, are exceptionally kind and welcoming, and they dish absolutely delicious cocktails. This bar is convenient for those who want to get in some pre-club drinking before hitting Termix.

The Bourgeois Pig

If you’re looking for a club or bar with a creative vibe, go no further than this one.

The owner of this intimate establishment, which is part record store, part bar, makes every effort to make his customers feel at ease. The regular live music and comedy events provide a different Friday evening activity than the standard bar, and although it’s not exclusively lesbian, the variety of queer folks that visit this area makes it all the more unique and entertaining.

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