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Welcome to the Prague Lego Museum! 

This fun and interactive museum is a great place for tourists of all ages to learn about the history of Prague through its unique exhibits.

From ancient castles to modern-day scenes, there is something for everyone to enjoy at this one-of-a-kind museum. 

Be sure to check it out during your stay in Prague!

4 Reasons you should visit the Prague Lego Museum

Prague Lego Museum
Prague Lego Museum

Visiting the Prague Lego Museum is a great way to experience your love of Lego in real life. 

Dedicated to all things Lego, this museum boasts over three million small plastic bricks and contains some unbelievable Lego creations on display for everyone to marvel at.

From the most significant cities to famous landmarks, there’s something here for every fan of the iconic town. 

You can also purchase your original souvenir from the museum’s gift shop! It’s a must-see for any fan looking to take their Lego appreciation to the next level.

#2:The Prague Lego Museum location

Prague Lego Museum location
Prague Lego Museum location

The location of the museum couldn’t be more accessible! 

Located in the center of the city, it’s extremely easy to locate. There’s no need to worry about navigation or getting lost – all you have to do is make your way to the city center, and you’ll find it. 

Whether you prefer taking a bus, walking, or riding a bike, you’ll see the museum front and center once you hit the city center. So don’t hesitate to pay a visit and check out all it has to offer!

#3:The Museum of Lego in Prague has a wide variety of exhibits, including a replica of Prague Castle.

The museum offers all visitors an educational and immersive experience. 

There is something for everyone, from replica castles from Europe to traditional artwork from the East. 

This replica of Prague Castle is a must-see attraction; its rich artwork and complex exterior will blow you away. 

Furthermore, this exhibit is historically significant since it symbolized power throughout Central Europe during the medieval period. This makes it one of the most fascinating exhibits in the museum, and it’s well worth exploring every inch of it.

#4: The Lego Museum Prague entrance fee

Prague Lego tickets
Amazing Lego Museum

If you’re looking to experience the amazing Lego Museum Prague, tickets to enter are surprisingly affordable. 

The entrance fee is only €9 for adults and €6 for children – definitely much cheaper than tickets to most other museums in the city! 

Lego Museum in Prague – final review

The Lego Museum Prague is a must-see, especially for those looking to revisit their childhood. 

It has something for the whole family to enjoy and get lost in the world of Lego. There are plenty of sprawling displays with interconnected Lego pieces that make up beautiful castles and other monuments. 

One particular favorite is the giant mosaic of astronomer Tycho Brahe, made entirely from tiny interlocking bricks. Visitors can admire this art, and there’s also an area where Lego fans can create their ideas and artwork. 

The museum also houses an impressive cafe, perfect for refuelling after a day exploring all the standout displays that enthusiastic educators put on to bring stories to life. If you’re looking for a place to fulfil your nostalgia, look no further than Prague’s Lego Museum!

What are the other fun activities to do in Prague?

Prague is a vibrant and beautiful city, often said to be one of the most stunning in Europe.

A recent article on Lonely Planet’s website discussed this captivating city’s wonders. From seeing a Boheniem concert at St. Nicholas Church or sipping coffee at the renowned Cafe Louvre, it rightfully praises all the city’s memorable sites, attractions, and experiences. 

Apart from visiting the Prague Lego Museum, there are so many other incredible things to do while in Prague. 

For a truly unique experience, visitors can attend a medieval dinner feast with entertainment like a jester or rent out costumes for the whole group. Experience an unforgettable tour of Prague’s old underground prisons or enjoy some nightlife by cruising along the Vltava River – with drinks and music! 

With cities as remarkable as Prague, there’s something new and exciting around every corner waiting to be discovered!

Explore the Prague Lego Museum 

The Prague Lego Museum is home to the world’s greatest collection of LEGO displays. Enjoy a round of nostalgia with your pals or demonstrate to your kids the evolution of LEGO packaging. Over three thousand models are on display, making this an entertaining outing for people of all ages.The museum’s focus is on the origins of this one-of-a-kind construction set, which has been named “the toy of the century” with great pride.


  • Visit the Lego Museum in Prague and stroll through 20 different themed zones while viewing the collection of over 3,000 objects. 
  • Valid for a day
  • Starts at  € 11.98 per individual
  • The displays, which use over a million bricks, will transport you to faraway lands.
  • Escape on a pirate ship, visit the time of chivalrous knights, or venture to distant planets. 
  • Take a trip to the enchanted world of Harry Potter, or have an adventure with the remarkable Indiana Jones.
  • Visit the museum’s gift shop to round out your experience with standard catalogue sets, rare limited editions, and out-of-print collections. 

What is Included

Tickets to the Lego Museum

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You can buy entry tickets to the Lego Museum in Prague online or pay by card or cash at the ticket desk upon arrival. You won’t want to miss out on exploring this entertaining interactive museum, so make sure you don’t forget your tickets!

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