There’s more to Prague than its medieval Old Town and its Castle. It has a wide array of fun and interesting attractions that the entire family will surely love. From beautiful green spaces to quirky museums, Prague has all kinds of surprises up its sleeve. We’ll help you find the best of them.

Here, we’ve listed the top kid-friendly attractions in Prague.

Outdoor Fun

Prague Zoo

One of the best in the world, Prague Zoo is home to more than 5,000 animals and over 550 endangered species. All of the exhibits are separated into different regions such as the African Savanna, Northern Forests, Indonesian Jungle, and Rocky Outcrop. It’s a great way to educate your kids about the importance of protecting wildlife. 

Around the southern part of the zoo, your kids can feed and pet the animals. Your kids can also have fun at the Bororo Reserve, an Amazon-themed play and rest area, where they can explore an elaborate jungle gym. You can reach Prague Zoo using public transportation and even via a steamboat ride. From March to October, you can go on a 75-minute boat ride on the Vltava river to reach the zoo.

Address: U Trojského zámku 120/3, 171 00 Praha 7

Children’s Island

The Children’s Island is a playground for kids located on the Vltava River, which you can reach on foot via a small bridge. It has a mini football pitch, a skate park, climbing nets, wooden houses, sandpits, and wooden boats. It’s popular among locals and tourists, especially on bright sunny days.

On the island, you’ll find a big lock, where families can watch the boats pass by. There’s also a restroom and a restaurant, so you can get refreshments after spending a day of fun. Just note that dogs aren’t allowed to go on the island.

Address: Dětský Island, Smíchov, 150 00 Praha 5

Slavonic Island

Slavonic Island is one of the 13 islands in the Vltava river. It might be the most significant because of its neo-Renaissance Žofín Palace, where Hector Berlioz and Ferenc Liszt used to play their concerts. It has fenced playgrounds and a small replica of a train. Your family can also rent rowboats and pedal boats for some water fun.

Taxis and pedestrians can reach Slavonic Island via a bridge. It’s within walking distance from any hotel in the city center.

Address: Slovanský ostrov, 110 00 Praha 1

Žluté Lázně

Located on the banks of the Vltava River is Žluté Lázně, a green, open space with many fun attractions for kids and adults. It has a children’s playground with pools for swimming and paddling. It also has a sandy beach with bungalows, bars, and hammocks. Best of all, it has a wide array of sports facilities and rental equipment, ranging from rowboats, paddleboards, and pedal boats. 

From summer to fall, Žluté Lázně has several social and cultural events, which attract tourists and locals alike. If you’re coming from the city center, you can take trams 3 or 17 from the Old Town stop. Then, you can stop at Kublova. From there, you can simply walk to the site.

Address: Podolské nábř. 3/1184, 140 00 Praha 4- Podolí


Another favorite attraction for families is Petřín Park, which is open all year round. It has a wide open space for kids, perfect for strolls, picnics, and playtime. For the best views in town, you can go up the Petřín Lookout Tower. It resembles the Eiffel Tower, but smaller in scale. You can also take your kids in the Mirror Maze, a labyrinth of stone hallways and mirrors, which will surely give your kids the giggles.

You can reach Petřín Hill by riding on trams 9, 12, 15, or 22, which will take you to Ujezd. You can walk up the hill or take the funicular to reach the peak. As you ascend, you’ll see amazing views of the historic city. 

Address: Strahov, 169 00 Prague 6

Royal Game Reserve/ Stromovka

At the Bubeneč district of Prague, you’ll find Stromovka or the Royal Game Reserve. It’s the largest protected park in the city, with many children’s playgrounds, a Planetarium, and a whole lot of space for your kids to run and play. Its roads are suitable for biking and inline skating. You can also have a picnic under the shade of the trees.

Stromovka has several entrances. If you’re in the city center, you can hop on trams 6, 12, or 17, which will take you to Vystaviste Praha Holešovice. You can go on foot from there, passing the Exhibition Grounds near the Planetarium. Another option is taking the metro to Hradčanská. Although you can reach the park on foot from there in 15 minutes, you can also take the 113 bus to arrive at the park in five minutes.

Address: Královská obora, Bubeneč, 170 00 Praha 7

Indoor Fun

IMAGE Black Light Theatre

Of the 10 black light theatre production companies in Prague, IMAGE is perhaps the most famous. It offers pantomime, dance, and other eclectic performances. In between the black light shows, they’ll often bring out other acts such as clowns. A full show lasts about 80 to 90 minutes without break. 

Aside from performances, they also offer an indoor game, which kids and adults can participate in. It takes place backstage in an abandoned theatre, where you’ll have to solve a series of tasks. You’ll go through a maze of corridors, prop stores, and locker rooms. It takes about 50 to 55 minutes.

Address: Národní 25, 110 00 Staré Město

Jump Park

Covering 700 square meters with 60+ trampolines, this trampoline park is the largest one in Central Europe. Your kids can play dodgeball, jump into foam pits, and practice their slam dunks with a little bit of help from some trampolines. It comes fully equipped with changing rooms, showers, and a rest area, where you can get some refreshments.

It has its own parking space, so you can drive all the way here from your hotel. You may also take a cab to reach the park, especially if you’re coming from Old Town Square.

Address: Na Jarově 2, 130 00 Praha 3


Aquapalace, which is the largest water park in Central Europe, has indoor and outdoor areas. It’s packed with a myriad of activities for families. Its Water World has 12 water slides, including the longest slide in the Czech Republic. It has a 450-meter indoor wild water river, a scuba pool, a coral dome, laser shows, and more. On weekends and holidays, your kids can enjoy virtual reality on a tube slide. 

You can travel to the water park by car. It has two parking buildings that can accommodate up to 600 vehicles. They have nine parking spaces for buses, as well as specially designated handicapped parking areas. You can take the buses 328, 363, and 385 if you’re coming from metro station C. You can also hop on bus 325 from the Nádraží Uhříněves stop.

Address: Pražská 138, 251 01 Čestlice

Lego Museum

The Lego Museum in Prague has the largest collection of Legos worldwide, featuring 2,500+ unique models throughout history. Their exhibits are divided into different themes, including Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, and Star Wars. It even has a five-meter model of Charles Bridge and a model of Prague’s National Museum.

After exploring the exhibits, you can head to their shop. Aside from their usual play sets, you’ll find mini-figures, loose Lego pieces, and exclusive editions, which they no longer produce.

Address: Národní 362/31, 110 00 Staré Město

Prague Planetarium

If you have kids ages five and up, you can take them to the Prague Planetarium. They can go on a simulated ride on the Mars Rover and the Lunar Rover. They can see footage from the International Space Station. You can also capture a memorable photo of them in a NASA spacesuit, which might just inspire them to study space.

You can hop on the funicular from Újezd to Petřín to get to the Planetarium. You can also reach it on foot from Újezd, Strahov Stadium, and Pohořelec.

Address: Královská obora 233/233, 170 00 Praha

Museum of Senses

The Museum of Senses provides novel experiences for kids and adults, revealing the magic behind optical illusions, the mystery of colors, and more. It offers many interesting, educational, and interactive exhibits that will put all your senses to the test. Some of their best ones include an infinite disco room, an inverted room, and a sound zone. Another exciting section is the bed of nails, which you can try out for yourself. 

If you’re coming from Prague’s Old Town, you can easily reach the Museum of Senses on foot in just a little over 10 minutes. 

Address: 20, Jindřišská 939, 110 00 Praha 1

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