Prague National Marionette Theatre: All You Need to Know


The Prague National Marionette Theater, located at Old Town‘s core,is an excellent choice for a family day out. Your children will always live to remember the incredible presentations they saw in this city, which is a significant puppetry hub.

However, if you and the grownups are concerned about being bored, you need not fear; puppet shows are enjoyable for audiences of all ages.

It’s interesting how puppetry in the Czech Republic has been recognized for its rich history and culture by its addition to the UNESCO list of unique heritage treasures. Puppets in Prague, both hand-held and those made to be operated with the fingers, are a staple of any souvenir shop.

The National Marionette Theatre in Prague has presented over twenty world premieres of classic puppet plays for adults and kids since 1991. A total of over 6,000 shows have been repeated, with Don Giovanni being the most popular, with over 4,500 showings.

What is the History of Marionettes in Czech?

What is the History of Marionettes in Czech?
The History of Marionettes in Czech. Copyright

In the middle of the nineteenth century, the art of Czech puppetry began to gain popularity all over the world. By the mid-eighteenth century, puppet theatres were up and running in several parts of what is now the Czech Republic.

The performances of traveling puppeteers gave Czech to the masses and raised the language’s prominence in the Czech regions.

Slowly but surely, the use of puppets in Prague became a family legacy passed down from generation to generation. Puppeteers typically carved their own puppets, modeling them after Baroque sculptures. One person was responsible for operating and providing the voices for each puppet.

The Clown, Satan, the Monarch, and the Princess are the standard stock characters for Czech puppeteers. Ancient plays were based on folklore, while modern puppet shows are aimed squarely at kids.

Famous marionettes in Czech include Spejbl and Hurvinek, Manicka, and Mrs. Katerina. Czech puppets that changed the world, created during the golden age of  puppet theatre in Prague

Why visit the Prague National Marionette theatre

visit the Prague National Marionette theatre
Visit the Prague National Marionette theatre. Copyright

1.   It has achieved a widespread reputation.

The Prague National Marionette Theatre is Prague’s most well-known puppet theatre and occupies a stunning Art Deco building.

2.   Visitors of all ages will enjoy themselves.

Bohemians of all ages, not just young families, enjoy watching puppet plays that have been performed for decades in puppet theatre in Prague. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to witness a performance in this beautifully restored theatre.

3.   Enjoy performances that are among the best in the world.

Prague national puppet theatre performs such classics as “Don Giovanni” and “The Magic Flute.”

National Marionette Theatre Prague Tickets

National Marionette Theatre
National Marionette Theatre. Copyright

All shows at the national marionette theatre in Prague have tickets available. You must make a reservation through the online booking system. We strongly recommend booking in advance.

You will receive a confirmation email after your reservation has been processed. One’s electronic ticket is included here for use in either paper form or digital display on a mobile device. It also includes a link to a map showing directions.

How to get to the Prague National Marionette Theatre

The Prague National Marionette Theatre
The Prague National Marionette Theatre. Copyright

It’s possible to go straight from the airport to the Prague National Puppet Theatre if that’s where you want to spend your first evening in the Czech capital. You can take a coach, the subway, a cab, an automobile, a shuttle, or a town car from Prague Airport (PRG).

Experience the splendor of a work of art

Marionette Theatre
Marionette Theatre. Copyright

Those interested in puppetry should take advantage of the opportunity to see a show at the national marionette theater in Prague. You must definitely check out their famous marionette production of Don Giovanni, performed nearly every night. To top it all off, we’ve got you covered if you need a place to stay in the neighborhood of Old Town.

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