The Magical Prague Christmas Tree 

Tree Prague Christmas

There’s so much to enjoy when visiting Prague for Christmas. There are lots of places to be, treats to munch, drinks to sip and tons of sights to see. But what really stands out in the whole Christmas celebration in Prague is the towering Christmas tree that stands at Old Town Square all through the Christmas season. What’s even more impressive is that it’s not the only one.

While there are other iconic Christmas trees in different areas of Prague, the crown of them all is the Christmas tree in Old Town Square which is known as the Prague Christmas Tree. It stands as an emblem of Prague’s Christmas culture – strong and beautiful. 

The Impressive Secret Behind The Prague Christmas Tree

What’s Christmas without a Christmas tree that you’d joyfully decorate with friends and family? Beyond the cookies, drinks and gifts, a Christmas tree is a major emblem of the joy and spirit of Christmas. To show how strong the Christmas spirit is in Prague, one massive Christmas tree is installed at the heart of Old Town Square. 

All through December till the first week of January, the Prague Christmas Tree at Old Town Square remains standing as a beacon of the season. A lot goes into decorating the Prague Christmas Tree with lights, candy canes, tinsels, garlands, snowflakes and the amazing star at the top. 

What really makes the Prague Christmas Tree stand out, isn’t just its sheer size and amazing decoration. The process of getting the tree is also amazing. For starters, the Prague Christmas Tree is chosen from over 30 different trees – and none of the contesting trees is from a public forest. Basically, the Prague Christmas Tree is a special Christmas tree, selected from special Christmas trees that are gotten from private gardens. 

This unique tree will be admired by hundreds of thousands all through December, and it’ll be the focal point of the Prague Christmas Market in Old Town Square.

Christmas tree in Prague Old Town
Christmas tree in Prague Old Town

Experience the thrill of Prague Christmas Shopping

Beyond shopping for Christmas gifts, cookies and more? Prague has one of the most eventful Christmas markets ever. There are lots of gifts, cookies, Christmas trees and decorations available for sale. With lots of Christmas special offers available in Prague Christmas markets, you can buy all you want without breaking the bank. 

The Prague Christmas markets are unique in their setup. You’ll find everywhere is filled with fancy Christmas huts with stacks of local Christmas treats, gifts and decorations. But, it’s not just about shopping for Christmas treats and gifts. What really makes Prague Christmas markets stand out are the large chunks of free drinks and food that you can sample all in the spirit of Christmas. It’s the perfect place to be food adventurous.

To go Christmas shopping, you’ll need to target major markets located in Old Town Square, Wenceslas Square, Prague Castle, Republic Square and Peace Square. Besides shopping for your Christmas items, you’ll definitely enjoy the Christmas lights on the Vltava River, the artful Christmas displays and street shows all around the markets.

The Prague Christmas markets start from as early as 26th November, up till 6th January. So, you can do all your holiday shopping for Christmas and New Year anyday. You can keep shopping for Christmas items till the last minute – even on Christmas Day. So, there’s no need to worry about stores closing – they’ll be open everyday for both the early and late Christmas shoppers.

Appreciating the beauty of the Prague Christmas Tree 

Christmas is incomplete without a Christmas tree. In Prague, this culture is strictly followed as there’s always a Prague Christmas Tree to grace every Christmas. The beauty and positioning of the tree makes it perfect for memorable pictures. No doubt, there are lots of things to do, lots of places to go, and lots of things to munch all in the spirit of Christmas.

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