Czech Christmas Ornaments: Adding Sparkle to the Holiday Season 🎄

Czech Christmas Ornaments

Czech Christmas ornaments are one of the most fascinating aspects of the holiday. These decorations are essential to Czech Christmas traditions and are typically works of art in their own right. Let’s explore Czech Christmas ornaments and learn about their rich history, meaningful symbolism, and skilled craftsmanship.

The Czech Republic has a long-standing and treasured Christmas custom dating back to the 13th century. This holiday season has evolved throughout the centuries, merging religious practices with folklore to create a unique and touching celebration.

The Czech decorations used to decorate a Czech Christmas tree are generally handcrafted and steeped in deep symbolism, infusing spaces with magic and magnificence. 

Traditional Czech Christmas Decorations

There are many varieties of Christmas trees available in the Czech Republic, such as vintage czech Christmas trees and rhinestone Christmas trees. However, the type of Christmas tree that a given family chooses to decorate with varies greatly from one another. 

Glass Decorations (Skleněné Ozdoby)

Czech Republic Christmas decorations are easily identified by their signature use of glass ornaments. Crafted by skilled Czech hands, these glassware items include intricate designs and a rainbow of colors, sizes, and forms.

Symbolically, the glass decorations serve as a reminder of the fragility of life and the delight in commemorating its celebration.

Straw Ornaments (Slámované Ozdoby)

Traditional straw Christmas ornaments take the form of stars, angels, and other holiday symbols. They are aesthetically pleasing and also good for the environment.

Straw ornaments are symbolic of the lowly beginnings from which Christ arose, highlighting the innocence and purity of the Christmas tale.

Decorations crafted from wood (Dřevěné Ozdoby)

Intricate motifs are meticulously carved into wooden ornaments. Nativity scenes, snowflakes, and angels are all common motifs.

Wood’s use is symbolic of Christmas’s connection to nature, its inherent warmth, and its timelessness.

Painted Christmas Decorations (Ručně Malované Ozdoby)

Typically depicting religious or folkloric motifs or scenes from the Christmas past, these Czech Christmas ornaments described here are works of art in their own right.

Artwork like this is a symbol of the joy and originality that the holiday season brings.

Beeswax Decorations (Včelí Vosk Ozdoby)

Beeswax ornaments, such as stars, hearts, and bells, are hand-shaped from pure beeswax.

Beeswax ornaments have a rich symbolic history that relates to the purity, brightness, and sweetness of the Christmas season.

Ornaments made of felt (Ozdoby z Filcu)

Felt ornaments, such as snowmen, reindeer, and stockings, are described as being soft, handmade, and available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes.

Felt ornaments represent the warm, welcoming spirit of the holiday season.

Traditional Christmas Chain (Řetěz)

Christmas chains are beautiful garlands formed from interconnected straw pieces or wooden rings.

Symbolically, a chain represents togetherness, the bonds between loved ones, and the endless circle of friendship and affection.

Paper Ornaments (Papírové Ozdoby)

Paper ornaments are described as having a touch of elegance to Christmas decorations due to their elaborate designs that are created by careful folding, cutting, and shaping.

The temporary nature of the festive period is represented by the paper ornament’s flimsiness, which serves as a metaphor for the importance of savoring the present.

Prague’s Enchanting Christmas Markets: A 2-3 Hour Tour

Immerse yourself in the enchantment of Prague’s Christmas markets alongside a knowledgeable local guide. Delight in handcrafted gifts, savor mulled wine, and delve into the rich history and traditions of the Czech holiday season.


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  • Uncover intriguing Czech Christmas traditions
  • Gain insight into the unique coexistence of Christmas and Czech atheism


  • Traditional Czech Christmas cookies
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  • Tickets for public transportation
  • An informative and English-speaking local guide

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The cultural significance of Czech Christmas ornaments runs deep. They are an example of Czech tradition and creativity throughout the holiday season. Czech Christmas ornaments add sparkle to the holiday season, while Bohemia Crystal offers a stunning range of products, from crystal bells to exquisite vases.

Czech decorations make the holiday season that much more enchanted and unforgettable. Each ornament, regardless of whether it is a hand-painted gem or a fragile glass bauble, reflects the welcoming spirit of Czech Christmas traditions and its own unique tale.

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