The ultimate tourist guide for Prague: what to do and see

Tourist guide for Prague

Tourist guide for Prague

Visiting Prague is always a great idea

Congratulations! You’ve either decided to book a trip to Prague, or are thinking about it and want to know what to expect from this unique city. No matter the case, compliments for being one step closer to discovering why the capital of Bohemia has become one of the top travel destinations -not just in Europe but the world, and why visiting Prague is always a great idea.

Plan ahead your Trip In Prague

View of Prague
View of Prague

As with any other major city, doing some research before you arrive at your destination will help you optimally plan your trip so you can truly maximize your time and embrace the many different experiences that await you. Rest assured, when it comes to Prague, there is a lot to look forward to!


Consider this your ultimate tourist guide for Prague

tourist guide Prague, CZ
Tourist guide Prague, CZ

This guide is the perfect starting point to plan your time in the city of a hundred spires. From breathtaking and historically rich sightseeing spots to a delicious and extensive culinary offer and a well-known diverse nightlife, Prague truly has it all.


So we’ve prepared this special guide to help you navigate everything you need to see and do while in Prague:

Traveling to Prague? Get started with:

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