Getting to Prague from Amsterdam in 2023

Train station

A Helpful Guide to Using Public Transport: Getting to Prague from Amsterdam


Going to Prague from Amsterdam is as easy as traveling around the Golden City, with its efficient Prague integrated transport system, which consists of the Prague Metro, Prague tram lines, and city buses. You can quickly find affordable flights from Amsterdam to Prague. Our handy guide will show you how.

Getting from Amsterdam to Prague

Bus Prague
Bus in Prague

There are plenty of flight options from Amsterdam to Prague. On average, direct flights from Schiphol Airport to the Václav Havel Airport can take more than one hour, while flights with stopovers to Paris or Barcelona may take anywhere between approximately 4  to 7 hours.

If you book a flight with KLM, for example, rates start from €1oo (terms and conditions apply). KLM offers 1-2x daily non-stop flights. EasyJet also offers up to three weekly flights from Amsterdam to Prague. Airlines that fly most frequently from Amsterdam to Prague include KLM, Virgin Atlantic, and Delta.

You can also use flight comparison sites like Kayak, Skyscanner, Expedia, and Google Flights to discover a range of flight options. On sites like Kayak, you can even find flight deals for as low as US$30 (approx. €27). However, some services from third-party providers may entail some fees, so it’s best to keep that in mind, especially if you’re traveling on a budget.

How to Find Affordable Flights

Traveling can be an exciting yet expensive endeavor. Factors such as distance, seasonality, and travel type can affect flight ticket prices.

But with enough planning and preparation, you can travel from Amsterdam to Prague without breaking the bank. Here are some of our favorite tips to help you find more affordable flights:

Make sure to book your flight early, preferably around two to three months prior to get better deals.

If possible, avoid booking flights during the high season (March to May) and try to be more flexible with your travel dates. January is one of the best times to book a flight because prices can drop to 12%.

If you can, try to look for morning flights, as they tend to be cheaper.

Tips for Getting Around Prague

Railway Station, Prague, Czech Republic
Railway Station, Prague
  • Make the most out of the city’s integrated transport system. Check tickets costs and transportation schedules ahead of time by visiting the Prague Integrated Transport website.
  • Public transportation tickets can be purchased in convenient locations like metro stations, ticket vending machines (yellow), newsstands, information centers, and select selling points. When purchasing tickets, don’t forget to validate them in ticket validation boxes.

Using public transport in Prague is one of the best ways to get around this historical city. Once you reach Prague, you might want to check out the hotels in some of the city’s best neighborhoods. Enjoy sumptuous local and international fare and discover the best that the Golden City can offer.

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