How To Buy Tram Tickets in Prague


A tram ride is the most cost-effective way to see all of Prague.The Prague tram system is by far the longest and most extensive in the country, stretching 518 kilometers across 26 daytime routes, two historical routes, and ten nocturnal tracks. And if you’re wondering where and how to buy tram tickets in Prague, go as far as this article. 

When it comes to Public transport in Prague, the Czech capital is often recognized as having one of Europe’s greatest and most dependable tram networks. The extensive Prague tram network in Prague allows you to reach any part of the city quickly, even the areas where the buses don’t go.

Trams run every 8 to 10 minutes on weekdays and every 8 to 15 minutes on weekends. Between 02:30 and 4:30, night trams in Prague operate every 40 minutes.

And if you want to take a trip back in time, you may ride the historical tram in Prague, referred to as  ‘Line 42’ trams that go through some of Prague’s most famous landmarks. Trams used on this route have been in service since the time of the Austro-Hungarian kingdom and continued to operate until the 1960s. 

How To Use The Tram in Prague

Prague tram
Prague tram

If you’re wondering how to ride the tram in Prague, here are the steps you must take to purchase a tram ticket:

Step 1# Drop your luggage at your hotel

The downtown area is quite small. After checking into your accommodation, getting around the capital without your bags will be a breeze via Prague trams

Step #2: Confirm the time and the price

A public transportation ticket in Prague is valid for either thirty minutes, ninety minutes, a whole day, 72 hours, or a full month of unlimited rides on the Prague trams, so it’s always important to confirm the convenient time and prices. All tickets allow for unlimited transfers between modes.

Step #3: Confirm the mode of payment

Tram fare can be paid for with a contactless credit card or mobile device. 

Ticket vending machines in other locations can be paid for with a contactless credit card, a mobile device, Czech Crowns, or CZK.

Step #4: Buy the tram tickets

You can now purchase the tram tickets. It’s important to note that ticket sales and the Prague tram map can be found at these centers for public transportation.

The two most convenient trams for visitors are Tram 9, which passes by Wenceslas Square, continues to the stunning National Theatre, and then crosses the river to the famous Lesser Town, and also Trams 22 and 23, which also pass by the National Theatre, crossing over the Vltava river to the Malá Strana, and eventually head up to historic Prague Castle.

Step #5: Wait for Ticket Validation

Tickets must be validated before boarding the tram.

-Only tickets purchased from vending machines inside trams will be accepted.

Tickets of a different color must be validated by hand by inserting them into a yellow or orange device. These can be found inside the trams themselves.

You may take as many tram rides as you like throughout the ticket’s valid time period.

How Do I Pay For A Tram Ticket in Prague?

You may ask, “Are trams free in Prague?” if you’ve never been there before.

Yes, Prague tram tickets are free, but only for children under the age of 14, and elders over the age of 65 may enjoy the Prague tram rides free of charge. They need to have an identification card or passport that includes their year of birth on hand at all times and show it to a transportation authority upon request. Continue reading to find out how to pay for the Prague tram and where to buy tram tickets.

To ride the tram, riders must first purchase a ticket and then validate it once they board. Ticket vending machines and cigarette shops both sell tickets. You can buy Prague tram tickets online, also. At any point while riding the tram, the ticket checker in uniform may board and examine your ticket to ensure it is valid.

How To Pay For The Prague Tram

Tickets can be purchased in a variety of locations, including:

  • The tram ticket machine accepts contactless cards
  • Purchase at cigarette shops/stalls throughout the city center 
  • Get to the machines at the tram stop.
  • Buy Prague tram tickets online.

Download A Prague Map Today!

Get a printable PDF of the tram map in Prague here. This Prague tram map shows the system, zones, stops, and lines that make up the city’s tramway. Traveling around the city by tram may be a great way to view the sites, and the Prague tram map can assist visitors in making the most of their time in the Czech capital. 

You can buy tickets for the Prague tram system at any newsstand or at every metro station entrance.

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