What are the best brewery tours in Prague?

Brewery tours in Prague

Best brewery tours in Prague

Czech breweries and their importance to the Czech nation

Many people consider Czech beer to be among the best globally. The sentiment is due to the amount of time and effort invested in the brewery industry. Pilsner Urquell, initially presented to the world in 1842, is today the most famous Czech beer and is regarded as a masterpiece in the brewery industry. Almost all brewing was done in monasteries in the early days. Outside the monastery, authorities prohibited the production of beer. The ban lasted 250 years until Pope Innocent IV lifted it in the 13th century. Following that, the leaders authorized breweries to several cities around the Czech Republic. Since then, Czech beer has become better and better. There’s denying that beer has played a significant role in the Czech Republic’s history. And beer continues to reflect in the cultures of Czechia today. Currently, Czechs drink more beer per capita than anybody else on the planet. Czechs today consume an average of 160 liters of beer each year. The Czech brewing industry is a thriving one, with the number of breweries in the nation expanding at an astonishing rate. In addition, the Czech Republic has become one of Europe’s leading beer manufacturers, generating significant revenue from exports.

 If you randomly ask a person the first thing they think of when they hear the Czech Republic’” we will bet they will say Czech beer. The country has been riding on the popularity of its beer and has gained immensely from its reputation. Beer tourism has slowly taken root in the country over the past decades. It is one of the country’s most significant sources of revenue. It is not only the beer that draws people in. Many breweries organize festivals across the country to continuously promote Czech beer.

A notable brewery festival is the Pilsen brewery festival. It is celebrated every 3rd to 5th October annually, and the attendance last year was a whopping 45,000. The festival is filled with live music, great food, and a lot of beer. You will be able to sample different beers from various vendors.

Other notable festivals include Zábřeh Château in Ostrava. This festival lasts throughout the weekend and highlights microbreweries in the region, arts, and music. The organizers hold the festival from 27 to 28 September every year.

What are the top-rated brewery tours in Prague in 2022?

Monastery breweries tour

The two most popular monastery brewery tours in the Czech republic are The Břevnov and Strahov Monastery.

Strahov monastery; Since the 17th century, monks at the Strahov monastery have brewed beer. It was closed down in 1907 but rebuilt and reopened with a restaurant and courtyard in 2000. The Monastic Brewery of Strahov is not far from Prague Castle. The Strahov monastery brewery offers roughly ten St. Norbert beers, each with its distinct flavour profile and excellent quality. The microbrewery provides classic and current beers. Some of their oldest recipes date back to the nineteenth century and other recent changes.

The Břevnov monastery; The monastery of Břevnov was founded in 993. The historic monastery was repaired and reopened in 2011.

Staropramen visitor center

Staropramen is still one of the most well-known and extensively distributed Czech lagers in the world today. And it offers a tour exposing beer enthusiasts to the rich history of the source of the famous beer in the Staropramen Visitors Center. Located on Nádran street in Smchov, within their brewery complex. Staropramen visitor centre offers an interactive and educational tour that takes tourists on a journey through time from Staropramen’s foundation to the current day. The tour lasts about an hour, takes tourists through four rooms, and lasts approximately an hour. Visitors learn about the history of Staropramen, the brewing process, and finally, bottling and shipping in each of the rooms. Making the trip less monotonous and engaging includes sound effects, films, and holograms. The Staropramen visitor centre also offers a dining room where guests can participate in wine tastings and eat traditional Czech dishes and foreign cuisine.

lokál u bílé kuželky

The restaurant and pub lokál u blé kuželky is located in Mala Strana, near the Charles Bridge. The Lokál u blé kuželky provides excellent local dishes, most known for its outstanding pilsner. The famous beer at the local bar is made with great care and attention to guarantee that it is fresh and of good quality. The bar strives to offer visitors a classic Czech feel with wooden panelling, wooden furnishings, and engravings. Tourists and residents from all around Prague come to Lokál u blé kuželky to enjoy their delicious beer and experience the Czech culture. The staff of lokál u blé kuželky is also quite friendly and speaks English and other languages, so you can feel right at home.

Where can I book the brewery tour in Prague?

Brewery tour in Prague
Brewery tour in Prague

Tourism contributes significantly to the Czech Republic’s economy. The country provides numerous tours sharing its rich history and culture with tourists worldwide. Due to its massive role in the Czech Republic’s history and culture, there are multiple brewery tours all over the country. As the country’s capital, Prague offers the most brewery tours. Craft beer bars and microbreweries offer beer tasting to tourists, capturing the country’s rich beer history and talents in one mug. Monastic brewery tours take tourists through time in the medieval monasteries where beers in Prague were first made. There are Prague brewery workshops that take visitors through the beer-making process and allow them to make their own beer. These brewery tours can be quickly booked through their websites and customer lines. Here are some beer tours you can join when in Prague.

Prague Craft Beer Tour

The tour group offers a premium beer experience. You will not only be tasting cold beer but connect with local beer professionals. During the tour, you will learn the impact of craft brewing in the industry. The tour promises to only take you to the best of the best, where you will enjoy premium ales and lagers.

Premium Tour

Are you a beer enthusiast? Then the Premium Tour is tailored for you. You will visit several beer pubs and one microbrewery outside the city on this tour. You will learn about how the brewing industry has evolved over the years.

Beer Brewing Workshop

It is the ultimate masterclass for anyone who wants to learn how to make beer. Become a brewmaster and learn how to pair beer with certain types of food; you will also know how to drink beer.

Czech Beer Tasting Experience

On this tour, you will sample at least seven different kinds of beer paired with some crackers and cheese. Also, you will visit the processing plant and learn how the beer is made.

There will be a master class on the complexities of beer and distinguishing between mass-produced and speciality beers.

Prague Microbrewery Tour and Beer Tasting

It is an informative tour of the microbrewing industry. You will visit processing plants in Prague to learn traditional beer-making techniques. You will also have your fill of various kinds of Czech beer, including seasonal brews.

Embark on a delightful journey through Prague’s vibrant beer culture by exploring the charming beer gardens.

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