Exploring Iconic Czech Beer Brands in Prague

Beer brands in Prague

Czech beer brands have a long and storied history that is entwined with the country’s celebrated beer culture.The city’s long tradition of brewing beer dates back to the Middle Ages, and now it is home to some of the most well-known beer brands in the world. Discover Czech beer brands with the help of this handy guide!

A broad variety of famous Czech beer brands, from traditional lagers to artisan brews, are available for travelers to explore and sample in the Czech Republic, a nation known for its rich brewing history.

Experience authentic Czech beer culture by sampling some of these famous local brands or by visiting one of the many  beer gardens  in Prague. In the heart of the Czech Republic, beer lovers can choose from a broad variety of brews, from light pilsners to dark ales, to quench their thirst. 

The Legacy of Czech Beer (Pivo in Czech) 

There is a long and storied history of the beer of the Czech Republic, called as “pivo” in the local language. Czechs take great delight in their centuries-old custom of beer brewing and consumption because of the central role it plays in Czech culture. 

The earliest known breweries of Czech beer were established in monasteries in the ninth century. Beer culture owes a great deal to the Bohemian area, where Prague lies.

Pilsner lager, named after the city of its birth, Pilsen (Plzeň in Czech), was developed there in 1842. The pilsner style of beer can trace its roots back to this golden lager.

Several well-known brewers, such as Pilsner Urquell, Budweiser Budvar, Staropramen, and others, are headquartered in the Czech Republic. These breweries have a long history of making award-winning beer.

Beer halls, cozy taverns, and outdoor beer gardens are staples of Czech beer culture. The Czechs maintain an extensive history of communal alcohol drinking, and going to a neighborhood pub is a social occasion.

The history of pivo Czech beer goes back to 1516, and it is famous for sticking to the Beer Purity Law, or the Reinheitsgebot. It can only legally be made with three ingredients: water, malted barley, and hops.

Around the year, the Czech Republic celebrates its rich brewing history with a plethora of beer festivals. A few of these include the Prague Beer Festival, the Pilsner Fest, and the Český  Krumlov Beer Festival. 

What Czech Beer Brands are Famous abroad?

Czech Beer
Czech Beer

The quality and authenticity of Bohemian beer brands has earned it international acclaim. Several brands of Czech beer are well-known and respected among beer drinkers everywhere. Some of the most well-known Czech beer brands abroad are as follows:

Pilsner Urquell

“Plzeňský Prazdroj” is the Czech word for “Pilsner Urquell,” which literally translates to “Pilsner Original Source.”

The term “světlý ležák” (translation: “pale lager”) describes Pilsner Urquell perfectly. It has a beautiful golden hue, a pleasant bitterness, and a hint of sweetness from the malt that gives it its distinctive flavor.

Pilsner Urquell is the most well-known Czech beer in the world. It is the paradigm of a pale lager and the globe’s first pilsner, made in Pilsen (Plzeň), Czech Republic, since 1842. Outside of the Czech Republic, a large number of people enjoy its crisp, well-hopped flavor.

Budweiser Budvar

Budweiser Budvar is a popular Czech beer, but trademark issues have led to it being rebranded as “Czechvar” in the United States. It’s noted for its balanced taste, mild bitterness, and noticeable maltiness.


The international recognition and distribution of Staropramen is widespread. A Prague institution since 1869, their lagers are known for their reliable quality and flavor.


Krušovice:, known for its distinctive knight logo, has become well-known beyond the borders of the Czech Republic. It has a wide selection of beers, from dark lagers to pale ales, all of which are renowned for their robust flavor and adherence to time-honored brewing techniques.


The Czech lager Gambrinus is popular around the world. The moderate bitterness and mellow flavor make it a favorite among lager drinkers.

The Charm of Czech Dark Beer

The Czech Republic is often lauded for its world-famous Pilsner lagers in the beer industry. However, beneath that shimmering surface is a treasure trove of Czech Dark Beer, or “Tmavé Pivo” as it’s known in the Czech Republic. This full-bodied beer is a shining example of the country’s centuries-old brewing heritage and merits special attention.The following sets the Czech dark beer brands apart:

Craft and Tradition

Czech dark bee brands have a long and storied history that is inextricably linked to the country’s brewing tradition. The Czechs’ unshakable dedication to craftsmanship and quality is reflected in this beer style, which dates back centuries. With each drink, you’ll experience a piece of history.

The Alluring Shade

Czech Dark Beer has a captivating shade that is sure to catch your eye. Its dark colors, like mahogany or chestnut, are a teaser for the sensual pleasures to come. The brewers’ creativity is on full display in the creation of this beer style, which is both visually striking and delicious.

Czech Dark Beer’s extraordinary flavor

This is what sets it distinct from other beers. It has a balanced flavor of sweet roasted malt and a light bitterness that lingers. Czech Dark Beer finds a happy medium between the extremes of heavy stouts and overly sweet porters, making it appealing to a wide variety of beer drinkers.

A Food Companion

Czech Dark Beer’s adaptability as a food accompaniment is one of the beverage’s many appealing qualities. The malty richness of the beer goes well with a wide range of meals, making it a great accompaniment to traditional Czech fare. Czech Dark Beer complements the tastes of robust goulash, tender roast duck, and classic fried cheese.

Several variants 

Distinct variants of Czech dark beer brands exist, each presenting a somewhat different take on the traditional style. Smooth and well-balanced in flavor,  “Tmavý Ležák” is the go-to dark lager in the Czech Republic. However, the maltiness and richness of “Tmavý Speciál” are heightened. With so many options, Czech Dark Beer may truly satisfy any palate.

A Curated List: Best Czech Beer Brands

It’s no wonder that the Czech Republic produces some of the best beers in the world, given the country’s reputation as a center of beer culture. Czech beer lovers can choose from a wide variety of excellent brews produced by everyone from centuries-old brewers to cutting-edge craft beer startups. Every beer enthusiast should have a look at this hand-picked selection of top-tier Czech beer brands list:

  • Pilsner Urquell
  • Budweiser Budvar
  • Kozel
  • Gambrinus
  • Staropramen
  • Kozlíček
  • Matuška
  • Chodovar
  • Kutná Hora
  • Cerna Hora
  • Svijany
  • Bernard

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Exploring the Bohemian Beer Experience

The Bohemian beer experience is more than just drinking great beer; it’s a trip through the core of a brewing heritage that has made an unmistakable effect on the globe as a whole. Bohemia is a beer lover’s dream waiting to be explored, from the home of Pilsner to the complex tapestry of beer styles. 

So lift your glass and start on a Bohemian beer voyage or you can choose to tour the mind blowing beer spas in this enchantment. Na zdraví! (Cheers!)

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