What Is Prague Best Known For Amongst Other Cities?

Prague air view

The Golden City, The City of Hundred spires, The Heart of Europe and so on and so forth but what is this city with such highly valued names best known for? 

The Cultural life of Prague is the number one valued trait of the city. Looking through its history, Prague has been home to so many highly valued talents in the fields of art, music and culture. Mozart, one of the greatest music composers of his time, lived in the city. Also, the Prague Symphony and Don Giovanni were first performed in the city. Another beautiful tradition of the city in terms of its musical culture is the commemoration of the lyric music of great Czech composers, Bedřich Smetana, Antonín Dvorák and Leoš Janáček every year at the Spring Music Festival. The orchestra made to commemorate the composers show just how much Prague is proud and willing to uplift its history and culture.

What is Prague Known For?

Dancing house building
Dancing house building

In the Heart of Europe, you will find many things that have made Prague standout in different areas. A few of them are the sizable number of Historical items still preserved in that city even after millennia of its founding such as the Church Of Bones, as well as the other 2,000 officially recognized architectural and artistic monuments. The amount of artistic collection in the city, the musical history (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and other great composers of their time),  and the mouth watering dishes it has to offer. Everything is in its own way an icon, which can only be recognized as part of the best of what Prague has to offer.

Other than her rich history, The Golden City is also known for many other  things and famous among  them being her Cultural and Artistic Lifestyle.

In Prague, any tourist visiting the city will always come to the same conclusion when it comes to judging the artistic lifestyle choices being made in the buildings of the city.  The way of life of Czech locals, the prestigious Czech cuisine , the music you hear, the Prague educational system as well as the transportation designs of the city. All these features synchronise perfectly to create the beautiful grand demographic called the cultural life of Prague.

What Food Is Prague Best Known For?

Being in Prague as a resident, first timer or the consecutive visitor, what dish or local cuisine do you feel has the best appeal? Well, there is literally no way to know what the best food is because, Prague is riddled through and through with the best of Czech Republic tastiest foods and cuisines, starting from the Sour Lentils With Ham, Pork Schnitzel, Beef Goulash, Fried Cheese and all the way to the Pork Knuckle, Klobasa, Beef with Czech Dill Sauce, and the Fruit Dumplings you can never have enough of what Prague has to offer.

What Is Prague Known For To Buy?

The Rich Cultural History of Prague leaves tourists a limited but exquisite variety of collectibles or souvenirs to pick from when leaving Prague. 

From the famous Czech Glassware, Woodwork, Crystal Jewelleries, Decorations, Wines and Beers, to the traditional ceramics and wooden toys all make for identifiable souvenirs anywhere in the world.  They all serve as a form of memorabilia for presentable and lasting reminders of the Golden City that will always glow in your heart anytime you look at it.

Tourists from all over the world have also specifically recommended the Glasswares and Crystal Jewelleries of Prague to be shipped and displayed as parts of collections even in their own abodes all over the world.

Prague is Basically Living Culture

Visiting Prague is quite synonymous with stepping into a world of art and music,  as it can be seen in the very life of the city. The buildings, music, food, dresses, and whatnot all attest to the same cultural forwardness of Prague as being one of the most Cultural Societies in the World today. 

All of the above can only describe the best of the various things Prague is known for. And following the current economic decisions being made in the city, it is to be seen that continuing along this path will make Prague within a millennia, one of the most historical cities in Europe.

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