What is the weather like in Prague in October?

October in Prague

Is October a good time to go to Prague?

When it comes to tourist spots, Prague is without equal so if you’ve been longing for some quality alone time in Prague, away from your busy life and loved ones, to focus on yourself at the end of the year, then an autumn visit is for you. Read on to understand why the Prague weather in October is the most favorable for your leisure time.

During the autumn, it is swamped by tourists from all over the world. Travelers come here from all over the world to take in the beautiful scenery and marvel at the grand buildings. Many exciting events and festivals take place in this amazing location throughout the month of October, making it the ideal time to plan a trip there.

During this time of year, average daytime temperatures in Prague in October are in the 60s, with nightly lows in the 40s. The city is a bit calmer at this time of year, which is perfect if you like a more peaceful vacation.

The cool autumn climate brings many musical and artistic events and makes for enjoyable and unforgettable trips to the Old Town or the surrounding towns.

prague weather octobeR

MonthHigh / Low (°C)High / Low (°F)Rain
October14° / 6°56° / 43°5 days
From: https://www.ncei.noaa.gov/

As you can see on the chart above, the temperature will be around 10°C / 50ºF. Overall, the Prague weather in October is wonderful – perfect for walking around and sightseeing. However, there are some days that could pose a problem. Additionally, there is some variation in the weather conditions of Prague on different days during this month. You should be aware of this if you plan to visit in October.

Weather in Prague in Autumn

Prague in Autumn
Prague in Autumn

Throughout the day it’s relatively mild, while at night it gets cooler. At this time, the town is a bit quieter and ideal if you like things a little quieter during the holidays.

The October weather in Prague is influenced by its geographical location. Prague is located in the Czech Republic and has a typical seaside atmosphere with humid continental temperatures.

As temperatures start to drop in Autumn, the weather can be pretty chilly. It would help if you carried an umbrella as the rains increase and it gets pretty windy since the western winds blow at speeds of around 10 miles per hour.

What are the temperatures in Prague in October?

Prague has an temperature average of 11°C/52ºF, which rises to 16°C/60ºF during the hottest days. The temperature drops to 7°C/45ºF overnight before increasing the next morning again. There will be 6 hours of sunshine daily with a 75% probability of cloud cover. October is expected to be rainy, with an average rainfall of 24mm over 16 wet days and an average percentage humidity of 81%.

It’s mild, pretty ideal for exploring the city, sometimes with high or low-temperature days out of season.

 However, Prague city is very welcoming and warm, so it’s perfect to experience Autumn when experiencing lows, and luckily hot drinks are available. Nothing beats the experience of walking around town wearing a jacket and holding a mug of a hot cup of tea or mulled wine.

Also, in autumn, Prague expects only five rainy days. On an average day in Prague, there is a 24% chance of high rain in October. Always be ready since in the October weather in Prague is rainy.

Ensure you pack the essentials such as boots, warm clothes, gloves, umbrella, socks, etc., just in case the Prague weather conditions change abruptly.

What to do in Prague in October?

Prague, fondly referred to as the mother of cities by the Czechs, is one of the most beautiful places to visit in October. Although it’s a bit chilly in the wee hours and evenings, the days are still ideally warm and sunny.

Visit a local brewery

Local brewery
Local brewery

Today, Prague has 22 local breweries, and more are opening each year. Pubs such as Zlý časy are not only offering up to 48 beers from all corners of the Czech Republic but also unique beers brought from traditional European brewing areas such as Bavaria and Belgium.

Luckily a pint is highly affordable! The average beer price for a pint in Prague is around 35 CSK. This equates to approximately $1.50 or €1.30. The price of beer in Prague varies based on the beer type and location.

There are many cheap pubs in Prague so it will always be cheap, especially in the eyes of most foreigners.

Participate in cultural events

The International Jazz Fest that happens yearly is among the earliest in Prague’s history and best music concerts in the month of October and a must-see for all Prague music lovers since it’s completely free. This classical music festival offers an opportunity to experience spectacular live jazz and fusion music.

Excellent jazz musicians perform from novices to seasoned musicians during this famous festival, thus placing it among the most renowned music festivals.

Do a bike tour

Every year more bike lanes are painted on the streets of Prague and the city is a jewel for cyclists. You will encounter many cyclists along the Vltava, especially in the morning hours.And a dedicated cycle path is incomplete and has a tunnel for cyclists.

Prague weather in October is incredible and to add to that, you’ll find it less crowded and not to forget cheaper airfares and accommodation. Hotel reservations for trips to Prague in the Autumn are more accessible than in the summer when hotels in the strategic places are fully occupied with tourists. So as you’re planning for the getaway, consider touring this beautiful place in Prague in October.

October Prague weather: a great time to visit the city

Prague is beautiful during October. A comfortable autumn weather sets in the city, with pleasant warm days and cool nights. There’s nowhere else you’d rather be in October.

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