Where to get gas for the best price in Prague ?

Gas in Prague

Gas prices in Prague have been rising in recent months, but there are still ways to find cheap gas. The average price of gas in Prague is currently 37.24 Czech Republic Koruna per liter, but there are a few gas stations that offer lower prices.

Gas price in Prague

The most practical way to get the best prices for gas in Prague is to be aware of what the current value is and shop around. There can be many differences in prices between gas stations, and it’s important to know what the average prices of gas are. For this, you can use a variety of methods like apps on your smartphone and internet price indexes, but we will do our best to guide you so you can find the best bang for your buck.

Each major chain of gas stations also has its own website where you can check their prices before you settle on the best value and location for your needs.

Evolution of gas prices in Prague

gas prices in Prague
Gas prices in Prague

Although Prague and the Czech Republic, in general, have historically enjoyed a lower-than-average gas price, in recent history the pandemic has affected the market and prices have seemingly been rising around the globe, including those found in Prague.

Gas stations in the Czech Republic are currently raising fuel prices faster as a means to recover from the pandemic crisis, helped by growing inflation and the demand of drivers that are willing to pay higher margins at gas stations.

Fortunately for those with diesel vehicles, prices are not rising as much. Since there is a special diesel tax price reduction that was approved last year.

The average price of gasoline exceeds 34 kronor per liter for the first time since December 2014. While for diesel it sits around more than 31 kronor, equaling the price in January last year.

On a year-on-year basis, gasoline and diesel prices have risen by 30 and 28 cents, respectively. Prices differ slightly from region to region, with the most expensive prices unfortunately being in Prague, where gasoline costs almost 37.60 crowns and diesel 32.79 crowns per liter. The cheapest areas pay almost one crown less.

Gasoline prices in the Czech Republic are expected to be around 1.57 USD/Liter by the end of this quarter, according to analysts’ expectations. Over time, gasoline prices are projected to be 1.28 USD/Liter throughout 2022 and 1.21 USD/Liter next year, according to most economical models.

What is the average price of gas in Prague?

gas Prague
Gas light in Prague

The average value of gas is currently 37.24 (Czech Republic Koruna per liter) with a low of 35.15 (Czech Republic Koruna) and a high of 38.10 (Czech Republic Koruna). For comparison, the average world gasoline price is currently 78.51 (Czech Republic Koruna).

Where to get the cheapest gas in Prague?

Whether you’re planning a day trip on your own to one of Prague’s stunning locations or just need to refuel your car, these gas stations are highly recommended as they are known to offer the best prices in town:

  • Tank Ono Praha 10 Štěrboholy
  • Hrubý autodoprava Zdiby
  • Tesco Praha 18 Letňany
  • Praha 9 Vinoř

By being aware of the current gas prices and using these resources, you can find cheap gas in Prague and save money on your travels.

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