ICCASET Conference 2024: Nearby Accommodation and Activity Options

ICCASET Conference

Are you considering going to ICCASET, the International Conference on E-Commerce, E-Administration, E-Society, E-Education, and E-Technology? So professionals, learners, and researchers, get ready to meet your peers, discuss ideas, and form cross-disciplinary relationships because the ICCASET conference is almost here!

We’ve put a list of our top suggested hotel alternatives (at any price!) and other valuable tips into one convenient guide to help you make the most of your time in the captivating Czech city.

View of Prague
View of Prague

About the International ICCASET Conference 2024

The International Conference on E-commerce, E-administration, E-society, E-education, and E-technology (ICCASET) to be held in Prague will provide proof of technology’s revolutionary impact across multiple fields. 

Participants who join in Prague to investigate the ever-changing digital world will help to shape the future of e-commerce, administration, society, education, and technology. ICCASET will provide a holistic knowledge of the digital age and its impact on our linked world through its diverse themes, distinguished speakers, and international reach. As the conference progresses, it will pull us toward an era of boundless digital possibilities.

We recommend you visit the conference’s official website to acquire the most up-to-date and reliable information on the ICCASET 2023 conference, which will be hosted in Prague, Czech Republic.

Why Prague?

No tourist leaves Prague unimpressed; it’s the ideal setting for anyone hoping to make some lasting memories, regardless of their interests or motivations for visiting.

Having Prague as the venue for ICCASET enhances the event’s potential for creativity and innovation. Prague is a reflection of progress due to the way in which its history, culture, and modern amenities all blend together. Participants in the conference are immersed in a city that blends its historical and modern aspects in a way that is both fascinating and enlightening.

Where to stay when you attend the ICCASET Conference 2024


Top High-range Hotels near the ICCASET Conference 2024

Mid-range accommodation close to the ICCASET Conference 2024

Budget-friendly stays near the ICCASET Conference 2024

While in Prague…

Check out the city’s best attractions:

Prague Castle

Charles Bridge

Old Town Square


Dancing House

Lesser Town

Museum of Communism

● Evening Cruise

Drink and dine like a local near the ICCASET Conference 2024

  • U Provaznice
  • U Medvídků
  • Pivovarský Klub
  • Lokál Dlouhááá
  • Havelská Koruna

Things to keep in mind while attending the ICCASET Conference 2024

Moving around

The easiest ways to get around Prague are by foot or by taking advantage of the city’s excellent public transportation system.

On foot

Walking through Prague’s streets will allow you to see all of the city’s attractions. Put on some comfy shoes and explore the city’s must-sees; most major tourist attractions are within walking distance of one another!

Taking the metro

Prague’s metro system is regarded as one of the greatest in the world. The Prague metro is a must-see attraction. It is clean, affordable, efficient, and simple to use. Remember to validate your ticket before using it to avoid fines!

Click here to see all of the available tickets and fairs.

Keep a close eye on your belongings.

Prague is a very safe city. Pickpockets exist, as they do in any large city.

But don’t worry. All you have to do is keep an eye on your possessions, especially in crowded areas.

Here are some precautions you should take to keep your belongings safe:

  • Never wear your luggage on the back. 
  • Keep valuables out of your back pockets.
  • Avoid carrying zippered purses and bags. 
  • If someone approaches you too closely, accidentally bumps into you, or tries to distract you, grab hold of your belongings. 
  • Above all, pay close attention! Pickpockets typically target simple targets, such as inattentive people. You’ll be fine if you keep an eye on things and avoid discomfort.

Final Thoughts

Dancing House
Dancing House

Make time for unexpected activities and strolls!

We understand that there is a lot to see and do in Prague, and the temptation to see everything might be overwhelming. However, we feel that one of the best ways to learn about a city (or any city!) is to leave some of your time unplanned.

Step inside a bar for a beer, enter that shop that sparked your curiosity and take a seat near a square to watch the city unfold. Taking in the banal is possibly the best way to experience a location truly!

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