Exploring the ICEMB Conference in Prague

ICEMB Conference in Prague

Are you planning a travel to Prague, Czech Republic, for the International Conference on Essential Molecular Biology (ICEMB) on September 12, 2023? Academics, students, and industry experts, prepare to delve into the intricate details of molecular biology as the ICEMB Conference 2023 approaches.

In this brief guide, we’ve included our top suggested hotel alternatives (for any budget!) as well as other valuable advice to help you make the most of your vacation to the captivating Czech city!

About the ICEMB Conference 2024

molecular biology
Molecular biology

This 2023 edition conference will draw a varied group of attendees, including academics, students, and industry professionals, creating a melting pot of ideas and skills.

 The ICEMB conference, held in Prague, is an important forum for the global molecular biology community to gather, share information, and define the field’s future. 

For further details regarding the conference venue, schedule, and other aspects of the ICEMB Conference 2023, please visit its official website

Why Prague?

No matter who you are or why you’ve come to Prague, you’re sure to have an unforgettable time in the city’s picturesque setting.

The allure of Prague as a conference destination is evident. Because of its central European location, robust transit infrastructure, and historic beauty, it is an obvious choice for organizing international events. ICEMB participants have access to a wealth of scientific information as well as the opportunity to visit Prague’s historic landmarks, vibrant culture, and fine cuisine.

Where to stay when you attend the ICEMB Conference 2024


Top High-range Hotels near the ICEMB Conference 2024

Mid-range accommodation close to the ICEMB Conference 2024

Budget-friendly stays near the ICEMB Conference 2024

While in Prague…

Prague Castle

Charles Bridge

Old Town Square


Dancing House

Lesser Town

Museum of Communism

Evening Cruise

Drink and dine like a local near the ICEMB Conference 2024

  • Riegrovy Sady Beer Garden
  • U Vejvodů
  • U Medvídků
  • Letná Beer Garden
  • U Tri Ruzi
  • Lokál Dlouhááá

Important things to remember when attending the ICEMB Conference 2024

Moving around

Walking and using the excellent public transportation system are the greatest options for getting around Prague.

On foot

Exploring Prague on foot is the best way to see the city and everything it has to offer. Put on some comfy shoes and explore the city on foot, since many of the city’s best landmarks are conveniently located close to one another.

The metro

The metro in Prague is often considered to be among the best in the world. The Prague Metro is highly recommended since it is clean, cheap, efficient, and simple to use. Don’t risk getting fined by forgetting to validate your ticket.

To learn more about pricing and ticket availability, please click here.

Take care of your stuff

When it comes to urban safety, Prague is among the world’s best. However, pickpockets can be found in any major metropolitan area.

However, you shouldn’t be concerned. All you have to do is keep an eye on your stuff, especially in crowded places.

Some safe methods of storing your stuff out of reach are detailed below.

  • Never sling your bag over your shoulder
  • Never put valuables in your back pocket
  • Never carry anything of value in a purse or bag that doesn’t have a zipper
  • Never let your guard down; always keep an eye on your belongings
  • Above all, always pay attention. Pickpockets typically target persons who are distracted because they are easy pickings. As long as you keep an eye out, you won’t have to worry about anything bad happening to you.


Take some time for a stroll and some impromptu fun!

We understand that the allure of trying to cram in every possible sight and activity during your time in Prague is strong. However, we believe that leaving some of your time unplanned is one of the finest ways to learn about a city (any city!).Grab a beer at a pub, browse the wares of a store that caught your eye, or relax on a bench in the square to observe city life. Taking in the everydayness of a city may be the best way to feel at home there.

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