National Museum in Prague

national museum

National Museum, Czech name: Národní muzeum

Located at the top of Wenceslas Square in Prague, the National Museum stands as a beacon of knowledge, housing an extensive array of natural history specimens and cultural artifacts. This iconic institution not only offers a captivating glimpse into the Earth’s evolution through its natural history exhibits but also hosts engaging temporary exhibitions that delve into various facets of human creativity and innovation. With a history dating back to the late 19th century, the museum has weathered the challenges of two world wars, symbolizing resilience and the preservation of knowledge even in the face of adversity. Its strategic location near landmarks like the Prague Stock Exchange and the former headquarters of Radio Free Europe adds to its historical significance, making it not only a repository of culture and history but also a testament to the enduring spirit of Prague itself.

Where is the National Museum Prague Located & How to Get there

Dominating at the head of the famous Wenceslas Square, the National Museum of Prague is easy to find. The address is Václavské náměstí 68, Nové město, Prague 

To get there by the public transport you can take the lines A or C to Muzeum station or the lines A or B to Můstek and walk up through the Wenceslas Square for 5 to 10 minutes.

You can also take a tram number 3, 5, 6 or 9 to Václavské náměstí tram station and walk up through the Wenceslas Square for 3 to 5 minutes.

History of the National Museum of Prague 

Originally named the Patriotic museum of Bohemia, the National Museum of Prague was founded in 1818 by Kašpar Maria Šternberg, a paleontologist. Designed by Czech architect Josef Schultz, the astonishing Neo-Renaissance central building was inaugurated in 1891. The museum has held its current name since 1922. The ownership of the National Museum passed from the Society for the Patriotic Museum in Bohemia to the Czech country in 1934. In 1949 it passed to state ownership. The prized building endured damage from some military attacks throughout history and during the metro A-line construction. There had not been any considerable repairs to date, so a vital reconstruction began in 2011. After an eight-year restoration back to its breathtaking glory, the National Museum of Prague re-opened on October 28, 2018, the Czechoslovak Republic’s 100th anniversary.

What to Do & What to See at National Museum of Prague

Being the Czech Republic’s largest museum, the National Museum of Prague includes five specialized institutes. The complex is home to the Museum of Natural Sciences, the Historical Museum, the Library of the National Museum, the Náprstek Museum of Asian, African and American Cultures, and the Czech Museum of Music. In 2009, the state assigned a new building to the complex. The plans included a permanent exhibition of the History of the 20th Century.

Throughout our beloved city of Prague, the Czech Republic’s capital, you will find architecture styles in Baroque, Renaissance, Gothic, and Art Nouveau. Prague is known for a multitude of castles and chateaus, especially the ancient Prague Castle. In your Prague sightseeing, do include the Charles Bridge. Donning 30 grand statues of the saints and 16 valiant arches, it crosses over the Vltava River. Historically, it was a vital part of the trade between Eastern and Western Europe.

On your visit to these and many other wondrous attractions, don’t miss our beautiful expression of Czech history, artistry, and architectural heritage. From a settlement in Vyšehrad to this great Czech Republic, the National Museum Prague honors all facets of our country and our people. A favorite showing in the museum is the Velvet Revolution exhibition. Here you will be immersed in the celebration of freedom from a 41-year dictatorship. Everyone walks away more uplifted than when they arrived. You will be awed at the majestic staircase that leads to the impressive Pantheon, which houses many busts and statues of Czech artists, writers, and scholars. Be sure to walk the underground corridor into the New Building. Along the length of the tunnel, an animated light show revealing past to present Prague is remarkable.

Opening Hours & National Museum of Prague Tickets

National museum
National Museum

The National Museum of Prague offers free admission for children up to 15 years of age. For adult admissions, take advantage of the 9 Prague National Museums for 5 Days ticket at 200 CZK. Reduced (senior citizens over the age of 65, holders of ISIC or ITIC cards, juveniles 15-18 years old) ticket is for 130 CZK.

This entrance fee to the National Museum of Prague includes:

  • Historical Building of the National Museum
  • New Building of the National Museum
  • Náprstek Museum
  • Ethnographic Museum of the National Museum
  • National Memorial of the Vitkov Hill
  • Lapidárium of the National Museum
  • Czech Museum of Music
  • Antonín Dvořák Museum
  • Bedřich Smetana Museum

The National Museum tickets allows for one tour per museum within the five days. Alternatively, each museum has a separate entrance fee of 40 250 CZK for a single visit. Operating hours are Monday through Sunday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. 

Old Town Tour & National Museum Fast-Track Entry

If you want to take your time touring Old Town Square, Wenceslas Square, and the stunning Prague National Museum, this 1.5-hour journey with a skip-the-line ticket is ideal. Your professional guide will lead you on a tour, which concludes at the National Museum, where you can enter promptly with your ticket.


  • Enjoy 1.5 hours with a professional guide through the historic district and Wenceslas Square.
  • Cancel within 24 hours for a refund.
  • Starting at € 24 per person
  •  Learn about the fascinating history of Prague as you tour the city’s most famous landmarks in the picturesque Old Town.
  • Visit the National Museum, the final stop on the Old Town walking tour, and your guide will share interesting anecdotes and insights about the area along the route.
  •  Pick your skip-the-line ticket can be picked up at the National Museum’s front desk, and this will save you time and allow you to begin your museum experience immediately.
  • Step inside the museum and explore the amazing exhibits on your own.

What is Included

  • Walking tour lasting 1.5 hours
  • A local tour guide who speaks English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish fluently
  • Admission to the National Museum’s Historical Building without having to wait in line.

The National Museum will top your most memorable moments when Prague sightseeing. Besides discovering more than 14 million pieces within the exhibitions and collections at the Prague museum, there is a fantastic view from the rooftop overlooking our beautiful city of Prague. Equally awing is the stunning, historic building, especially when illuminated at nightfall a perfect backdrop for a romantic stroll. 

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