Apple Museum in Prague: The World’s Largest Museum

Apple Museum

Experiment with something different! Visit the Apple Museum in Prague to find out more about Steve Jobs’s global impact and the company’s incredible 41-year journey.

This tribute to Apple’s cofounder opened in December 2015 in the maze of alleyways around Charles Bridge and famous Wenceslas Square in Prague’s Old Town. The Apple museum in Prague is a paradise for IT geeks and Apple fans alike.

The evolution of one of the planet’s most prominent businesses is shown in stylish displays, from the oddly toylike Mac manufactured in 1984 to the colorful Apple iPods launched at the beginning of the 21st century to the Apple laptops debuted in 2012. 

Additionally, Steve Jobs’ signature black turtleneck sweaters and his undergraduate yearbooks and footwear are on display.

A Brief History of the Prague Apple Museum

The Apple Museum in Prague, located in an old building in the middle of modern-day Prague, first opened its doors in 2015.

In his family’ garage in the 1970s, Steve Jobs and his close buddy Steve Wozniak created the very first pc and eventually went on to start the Apple Tech Company. The first product to incorporate the now-iconic Apple retailed for $666.66 US. The original prototype was still housed in the wooden container it had been created in.

The Prague Apple museum showcases the greatest personal collection of Apple merchandise in the world, including some of the most costly and intricate computers produced between 1976 and 2012. Many individual vendors will be making their PCs, Macs, and other hardware available for this reason.

Displays in the Prague Apple museum include interactive exhibits and timelines showcasing the evolution of Apple’s most iconic products, including the iPhone, iPod, iPad, iMac, and Power Mac. The length of the computer wires reportedly measures in at 12,000 meters.

Also on exhibit are business cards, posters, and other memorabilia from Apple’s and  Jobs’ two other key firms, Next and Pixar.

The museum features Steve Jobs’s words on a few walls, such as “Design is more than just how it appears or how it feels. The method of operation is the Design.”

The Prague Apple Museum: What to See and Do There?

Display of Apple Products

In the large display, which spans over 700 square feet, the Prague Apple Museum displays over 500 of its items.

They range from the Lisa, the very first Macintosh, to the many iMacs, Power Mac, iPhone, and iPod models and versions, as well as some of the company’s less well-known goods like printers, cameras, and peripherals like keyboards and mouse.

Steve Jobs’s favorite attire is also included among the exhibit’s treasures.

The display also features Next and Pixar merchandise.

Veggie Diner

Stevens Food is a restaurant for vegans and vegetarians. The iconic Apple founder and vegan, Steve Jobs, inspired the eatery’s name.

Tickets, Tours, and Entrance Fees

The Prague Apple Museum is accessible at any time. The ticket prices are listed here on their website.

Inside the Prague Apple Museum: 5 Fun Facts

  1. Even the exterior is covered in Steve Jobs’s sayings.
  1. The price of admission for an adult is approximately  $9.50
  1. The first thing you’ll notice is an image of Steve Jobs created from the parts of six iMac G3s, a series of Apple computers from 1998 to 2003.
  1. You may walk through an actual representation of Apple’s devices and business development at the museum. 
  1. In this gallery, Apple’s entire product line, which spans more than 40 years, is displayed in reverse chronological order.

How to Get to the Apple Museum in Prague

Towards the west side of the famous Old Town Square, through a narrow alley, you’ll find the Prague Apple Museum. Drop off at the popular Staromstská stop on line A of the metro line and stroll the short distance.

old town square
Old Town Square

Stop By Prague Apple Museum

Discover the story of the company that built the world’s most valuable brand from a single garage by visiting the Apple museum in Prague. You can learn about the company’s origins by examining the exhibited Apple devices.

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