Prague Beer Museum: Every Beer Lover’s Paradise

Czech beers

Do you wish to delve more into the background of Czech beer? The Prague Beer Museum is worth a trip, especially if you are looking for activities to do in Prague in winter. The beer museum in Prague gives visitors an inside look at the brewing process, the rich history of Czech beer, and a chance to sample various types of Czech beer, and it’s right in the heart of Old Town

The malting process and hops utilization are depicted in detail in the brewery model. The natural aroma of beer, combined with the informative video displays and lifelike miniatures, will make your Czech beer museum visit all the more memorable. Of all, beer sampling is a part of the entrance fee.

Beers like Pilsner Urquell, Staropramen, and Budweiser Budvar all do well in the country. There are also tens of other, less well-known brands to choose from.

Gambrinus is a less well-known Czech beer produced by Pilsner Urquell. Dark ales, or “tmavé pivo,” are crafted by breweries and microbreweries in Prague. Other brands include Staropramen beer, Kozel beer created in Velké Popovice, Bernard beer from the eastern region of the Czech Republic, and Staropramen’s Velvet beer, which is smooth and creamy with an English flavour.

Prague Beer Museum: Why you should visit

The beer museum in Prague has only been open since 2014, yet it has quickly become a popular attraction among both foreigners and locals. Find out the pros of going on a Prague beer tasting tour.

Beer tasting

Beer tasting
Beer tasting

The tavern, set in the majestic vaulted cellars of a structure dating back to the 1300s, will take you into the past while treating your taste buds to a wide selection of beers and specialty brews. Not only that, but you’ll get a glimpse of how bars looked pre-Velvet Revolution.

DIY Beer Bottling

There’s a souvenir factory in the Prague beer museum where you may make your beer-themed souvenir. You’ll be able to fill your bottle with beer with the help of specialized equipment, create your label, and bring home a unique batch of beer made just for you.

Learn the Art of Beer Making

Classes on beer production and beer tasting are among the special events hosted by the Prague Beer Museum. The Czech beer museum is an interesting stop for anyone interested in Czech beer or culture in general.

Try out Prague’s Beer Spa 

Need something different from the typical spa day? Consider visiting a Prague spa that serves beer. The trend of beer spas is on the rise, and Prague is a great spot to experience one for yourself. Aside from helping to ease muscle tension, Prague beer is also claimed to have sound effects on one’s skin. Beer is also relaxing because of the hops it contains. So, if you want to unwind in an unusual way, a beer spa might be the way to go.

Beer sampling at the Prague beer museum

The Prague beer tasting tour covers brewing from the tenth century up to the golden era. Understand how Czech beer designs have progressed in 13th-century cellars and 20th centuries and communist-era bars. Visit a cooper’s store and view beer artifacts, videos, and displays. Cap and brand your beer bottle to create the perfect beer souvenir. 


  • Cancellation is free.
  • Prices start at € 17 per head.
  • The first 90 minutes of your visit to the Czech Beer Museum will be dedicated to learning about the historical past of beer around the globe.
  • You will visit a replica brewery and malthouse to learn how Czech Beer is crafted.
  • Visit the underground cellars to learn about life in the 13th century, when a cooper’s shop was established there, and ice was dug and kept for later use. 
  • See a multitude of artifacts from the past will be on display throughout the tour. 
  • The genuine setting and video presentations along your route will add to the quality of the experience.
  • Sample four distinct varieties of Czech beer at two exhibition bars, one from the 1920s and the other from the era of communist rule.
  • At the end of your visit, you’ll explore the bottling room and fill your bottles with Prague’s finest.
  •  You will use the brewery’s equipment to fill a bottle with Prague beer before sealing it with a cork, then apply your custom tag to the beer bottle for a unique souvenir.

What is Included

  • Museum entrance fees
  • Sampling of four beers 
  • Customized beer bottle

Take a Prague beer tasting tour

What could be more rewarding than getting off the beaten tourist track in Prague and taking a beer sampling tour at the Prague beer museum? If you want to discover the history of Czech beer and have some free beer samples while in Prague, a visit to the Czech Beer Museum is a must. And if it does rain while you’re here, don’t worry; we have a plethora of activities to do when it rains.


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