Christmas in the Czech Republic: Traditions You’ll Love

Christmas traditions

Christmas Day, which falls on December 24th yearly, is the most important holiday in the Czech Republic. This is the most joyous day of the year because it is traditionally the day on which families gather together and exchange gifts. Christmas in the Czech Republic is a multifaceted celebration. A Czech Christmas family tradition is to light four candles on an advent wreath each Sunday up to Christmas. A celebration of the 4 Sundays preceding Christmas, these candles represent advent.

The majority of Christmas Day is spent getting ready for Christmas Dinner and decorating the Christmas tree. While munching on Christmas cookies and delectable braided bread, families gather around the TV to watch fairy stories.

There are communities whose members devote an entire day to traditions meant to predict a marriage’s future or success.

The tradition of slicing an apple in two is still widely followed. If you find a star-shaped core in both halves after slicing the apple in a clockwise direction, you can take that as a favorable omen. Some young women also throw a shoe behind their backs to see their future marriage. The girl will be married and move out within the next year if that shoe points toward the door.

Why you will love the Christmas tradition in the Czech

Christmas gifts
Christmas gifts
  • Having shared practices throughout the holidays helps strengthen relationships within families and neighborhoods. Involvement in these groups helps us feel accepted and provides a platform for sharing our values. They aid in commemorating past family members and tying us to our present.
  • The 24th of December is many people’s favorite day of Christmas. The Czechs give it the moniker “Generous Day” because of the abundance of food that is typically shared at Christmas supper and given to pets and livestock. On this single day each year, even the poorest of households would ensure everyone ate their fill.
  • Adam and Eva’s special day is December 24th. In many Czech homes, the Christmas tree is decked with traditional decorations, and the most festive meal of the year is planned. On Christmas Eve, people often make predictions about their future lives, relationships, and destinies based on various beliefs. One Czech Christmas tradition involves fasting all day to witness the “golden piglet” at night.

Top 5 Czech Republic Christmas Traditions in 2024

Visitors during Christmas will have fun. And If you happen to be touring the Czech Republic in the month of December and have a car at your disposal, don’t worry; you can still get gas at good prices in Prague and enjoy many of the country’s fascinating Czech republic Christmas traditions. Among them are:

Enjoying the Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner
Christmas dinner

After the sun goes down, diners can look forward to a carp and potato salad meal, with possibly an appetizer of mushrooms, sauerkraut, or fish soup.

Have you heard that there are a thousand ways to cook a carp? Traditionally, enormous tubs of Christmas carp are set up for sale in public areas like roads and town squares some few days ahead of Christmas. These carps have been raised specifically for consumption during this holiday. There is no other time of year when you can witness this phenomenon. For a few days at a time, some families would keep a carp in the bathroom sink so their kids could have a fish. Dessert options at dinner include apple strudel.

Singing Famous Christmas Carols and Sharing Gifts 

Czech Christmas Carols – Gloria in excelsis Deo BY Felix le Breux

Everyone at the dinner can sing holiday carols while waiting for the lights to come on the Christmas tree. Some of the most famous Christmas songs include Sliby se maj plnit o Vánocích ,Půjdem spolu do betléma, and Tichá noc.

By that time, all of the presents will be underneath the tree. Children in the Czech Republic often say that Baby Jesus will come through the windows on Christmas Eve to give them gifts. Unlike Santa Claus, nobody has a concrete mental picture of Baby Jesus, and nobody knows for sure where he resides. However, a few weeks ahead of Christmas, he, too, receives letters from Czech kids detailing their Christmas wish lists.

Visiting the Christmas Markets

Christmas market
Christmas market

From the 26th of November 2024 until the 6th of January 2024, even on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day, the world-famous Prague Christmas markets will be open every day. The shops are open from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm—no charge for entry. Old Town and Wenceslas Square, located in the city’s historic core, host the most popular Christmas markets.

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Christmas tree decoration
Christmas tree decoration

One of the Czech Christmas period’s important activities is decorating the Christmas tree.

The first Christmas tree was put up in Bremen, Germany, around 1570, and the custom has since spread throughout the Czech Republic. It took two centuries, however, for them to become a standard part of Christmas celebrations in the Czech Republic. Both real and artificial trees are appropriate.

Attending the Mass at Midnight 

After dinner on Christmas Eve, some folks head to church for midnight service. While most churches begin at midnight, others start it early, at 10 p.m. Alternatively, it’s possible to hold a Christmas Mass for kids in the afternoon.

Experience the Magic of Christmas in Dresden and Saxon Switzerland National Park

Immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of Christmas in Dresden, Germany, and embark on a captivating day trip from Prague to discover the breathtaking beauty of Saxon Switzerland National Park. Delight in exploring the oldest Christmas market in Germany, savoring the warmth of mulled wine, and admiring the city’s captivating Christmas decorations. Traverse the iconic Bastei bridge and marvel at the awe-inspiring vistas of the Elbe canyon. This extraordinary experience promises to create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.


  • Uncover the charm of Germany’s oldest Christmas market
  • Marvel at the awe-inspiring Elbe canyon views from the Bastei
  • Explore Dresden’s city center accompanied by a knowledgeable local guide
  • Cross the renowned sandstone bridge in Saxon Switzerland National Park
  • Indulge in a delectable lunch at a local restaurant


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Best 3 Places to have Christmas Dinner in 2024

For the best Christmas dinner, our best picks are:

1. Terasa U Zlaté Studně Restaurant

Terasa U Zlate studne restaurant
©Terasa U Zlate studne restaurant

Underneath Prague Castle, and only five minutes from the renowned Charles Bridge is the popular Terasa U Zlate studne restaurant. This eatery has been awarded the greatest restaurant in the Country year after year; it is a three-terraced restaurant with two heated outdoor patios and one inside patio, all of which offer breathtaking panoramas of Prague.

2. Restaurant Hoffmeister

Restaurant Hoffmeister
©Restaurant Hoffmeister

The place receives a perfect score of 9.0 from couples.

This 5-star hotel is within a 10-minute trip from the renowned Prague Airport and features an eatery and a summer terrace with barbeque grills. The entire building is wired for free Internet access, and private parking is available at no cost.

Oko Castle is within walking distance, and a trip to the water park in Kladno takes no more than 15 minutes by car. There is a place to plug in your electric vehicle’s battery at the accommodation.

3. CODA Restaurant

CODA Restaurant
©CODA Restaurant

CODA Restaurant, led by Executive Chef Jan Kaplan, is widely regarded as one of the finest dining options in Prague.

It has an exquisite art nouveau interior and a breathtaking rooftop patio overlooking the city. CODA is situated in the historic district of Malá Strana, close to the attractions of Prague Castle, the palace grounds, Lesser Town Square, the famous St. Nicholas Church, as well as the Charles Bridge.

Celebrate Christmas like a local!

Take time and explore Prague like a local during Christmas, a period of grand celebration in the Czech Republic. The nation has a long and exciting history, and with it comes several annual Czech Christmas traditions and rituals that may be strange to foreigners.

The Czech Republic is famed for its festive Christmas markets, which attract tourists worldwide. However, this is only a tiny portion of the Czech Christmas traditions. The Czech people have many Christmas Time traditions, including eating carp, singing Christmas songs, putting up a Christmas tree, and attending mass.

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