Czech Mulled Wine: Best Recipe in 2024


The Czech word for mulled wine is svarak or svarene vino. In this context, “mulled” indicates warmed and seasoned. Czech Mulled wine is a heated beverage that combines red wine, citrus, sweetener, and spices. It is occasionally spiked with alcohol, such as vodka or rum.

Red wine, brandy, and spices such as cloves, anise, and cinnamon come together to create a festive beverage known as “mulled wine.” It’ll keep you feeling cozy inside and out, and it tastes great!

With the weather turning colder and Christmas quickly approaching, this warming spiced wine is the perfect way to relax and unwind.

The basic components of mulled wine are universal, but the variations from place to place are what really set the various versions apart.

A brief history of Czech mulled wine

The tradition of serving mulled wine dates back centuries. During the Middle Ages, it was a popular beverage. This “medicinal” drink gained popularity over time, spreading to numerous countries, each of which eventually created its unique recipe.

It’s probably safe to assume that mulled wine is today universally associated with the Christmas and holiday season. It’s what the Czechs always have on Christmas markets now. 

One that locals enjoy greatly while roaming the Christmas markets on chilly days and that tourists can take advantage of while seeing the sights, such as the popular TV Tower and the Old town square.

 It’s widely available at many local eateries and Christmas markets during the winter. Some spots start with fresh ingredients, while others use a cheap, quick mix diluted with red wine. 

The Recipe for making Czech Mulled wine

Mulled wine

To make Czech mulled wine, you will need the following:

Must have Ingredients

  • A bottle of red wine
  • Three sticks of cinnamon
  • Five to ten cloves
  • Two tablespoons of brown sugar
  • One lemon
  • Two little mandarins or tangerines or one orange

Optional Ingredients

  • Czech Tuzemsk rum, 1 ounce (25 ml)
  • Three cardamom pods
  • One to two grains of star anise 
  • 1/4 teaspoon of nutmeg 


To make Czech mulled wine, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Get the Seasoning Ready

It’s time to get the seasonings ready. Gather the cloves and the cinnamon sticks by the ounce and set them aside. Other spices like cardamom, nutmeg, or star anise can be added now.

Step 2: Prepare the fruits.

  • Zest half an orange and half a lemon, or grate the rind. Include in your bowl of seasonings.

Step 3: Turn the heat on

  • As the wine is poured into the pot, turn the stove’s heat down to low. Put the spices from the bowl into the pot and mix them constantly.

Step 4: Keep on stirring

  • Slicing the lemon and orange as the spices unleash flavor is a good idea. Be sure to keep stirring the pot every so often.
  • After 20 minutes, stir in the sliced fruit and two tablespoons of brown sugar. Five more minutes of stirring are required.
  • The sugar beets used in Czech Tuzemsk rum are a popular ingredient in alcoholic beverages. Since rum has a distinct flavor, it’s best to ease into it with only one shot and add more to the taste.

Step 5: Serve and enjoy!

 Pros Hints

  • Make it simple. “Add only cinnamon, cloves, diced orange, and a touch of sugar. Make sure there’s no nutmeg or rum added. As a result, the wine loses its flavor. You can always add more spices to adjust the flavor to your liking, but it’s nearly hard to take them out.
  • It’s a waste of money to buy a bottle of costly wine. If you add all the seasonings and fruit, it’s difficult to tell the difference between a passable and a fantastic merlot. However, this doesn’t imply you should purchase the wine in a box. All you need is a good bottle of red table wine.
  • Do NOT bring the wine to a boil. The alcohol content will be lost to heat, and the texture will be ruined. That’s no one’s goal.
  • Put citrus first. Because of the concentrated sourness of lemon and orange, Czech mulled wine is not sickeningly sweet, which is one of its many wonderful qualities. Fruit is a great addition and can never be overdone.
  • Svaák can be stored in the fridge overnight, and the flavors will only improve with time. The flavor of svakák that has been fermented for an extra day is completely different from that of fresh svakák.

Na zdraví, enjoy your Czech mulled wine!

Mulled wine’s been a Christmastime staple for centuries because of the positive connotations it has always been linked with: good health, comfort, and joy. Explore Prague like a local while sipping this traditional Christmas beverage beloved by the people.

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