General Facts about traveling from Budapest to Prague in 2024

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If you’re looking to travel from Budapest to Prague, then traveling by rail is the cheapest you can find. Generally, people often ask, how far is Prague from Budapest? Basically, it’s a journey of 525 km, and takes at least 5 hours. But if you travel by air, you’ll most likely arrive in 4 hours. Although traveling from Budapest to Prague by train takes an average of 8 hours, you can get a high-speed train that’ll shorten your travel time by an hour. You can also opt to travel by train to Vienna, and then fly to Prague all under 5:30 hours. 

While traveling by train is the cheapest and costs an average of $20 (500 CZK), your best bet would be to travel by bus. Traveling from Budapest to Prague by bus costs about $25 to $30 (748 CZK), and only takes 6 hours. 

How to Get to Prague from Budapest

Budapest Train
Budapest Train

There are several ways to travel from Budapest to Prague. For starters, traveling by bus is highly recommended as it only takes 6 hours. But, you can also travel by train, take a flight, drive or hire a private car, or travel by boat. Your journey will likely start from Budapest Kelenfold and cut through Vienna before you get to Prague Main Station

Traveling By Air From Budapest to Prague

The fastest way to get to Prague from Budapest is by air. With a flight ticket of $215 (5387 CZK), you can get from Budapest to Prague within 4:15 hours. You can book a cheap flight from Budapest to Prague on Ryanair. To travel by air, you’ll have to get to the Liszt Ferenc International Airport, Budapest, and then take a straight flight to Vaclav Havel Airport in Prague. From there, you can complete your journey either via taxi or train. 

Traveling By Train From Budapest to Prague

There are two ways you can travel by train from Budapest to Prague. You can travel to Vienna by train which is roughly 2:30 hours, and then take a straight 1 hour flight to Vaclav Havel Airport. This route will cost about $300 (7517 CZK) and would only take 5:30 hours – factoring in traffic delays. 

The cheapest option would be to travel strictly by train, from Budapest Kelenfold to Prague Main Station. It takes about 7 to 8 hours and only costs $30 (752 CZK). Your best bet for traveling fast by train, would be to join a high-speed train like RejioJet. Tickets are still affordable – $35 (876 CZK). It only takes 6 – 7 hours.

Traveling By Bus/Car From Budapest to Prague

With $25 to $30 (748 CZK), you can take a 6 hour bus ride from Budapest to Prague. You can book a public or private bus/car to travel by. There’s a clear route from Budapest Kelenfold which cuts through Vienna before you arrive at Prague Main Station

What To Note Before Traveling From Budapest to Prague

Traveling from Budapest to Prague is a cross-country adventure you’ll enjoy. While you might miss out on amazing sights if you travel by air, you’ll definitely enjoy the bus ride. Besides the countryside views and road snacks, traveling by rail or bus is perfect for a tight budget. Before you travel from Budapest to Prague, you can take some time out to enjoy the Budapest river cruise along the Danube river. Depending on your budget and willingness to while away time, you can venture on a river cruise from Budapest to Prague. Feel free to check out the special offers of the Budapest Danube Boat Tours.

To learn more about these two destinations and to help you make an informed decision, read our article comparing Prague and Budapest.

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