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Why Going On A Boat Tour In Prague Is Always A Good Idea

If there is one thing you will never experience in Prague, it is boredom. We are not just talking about eating your way through the city or going on the popular Staropramen brewery tour. Have you considered going on a river boat cruise in Prague? There’s nothing quite like taking in the city’s sights from the comfort of a boat cruise while drinking wine and eating cheese. Being on a boat cruise in Prague is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We recommend doing this at night time so you can appreciate the beauty of the city. With some jazz music and dinner, you’ve got yourself a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Just so you’d know why it’s really a great idea to go on a boat tour in Prague, here are a few highlights:

  • It’s one of the best experiences in Prague. The slowly changing scenery as the boat cruises along the Vltava River helps you to take in the beauty of the whole city in a relaxed stretch of 1 to 2 hours. It definitely beats walking in the busy streets and bumping into strangers.
  • A good number of boat tours in Prague offer complimentary meals and drinks for every cruise. What’s more is that the tickets are affordable, and you can  cancel up to 24 hours prior. You can even book your tickets early and pay later.
  • Most boat tours offer a cruise map and commentary that tells you more about each landmark in Prague. It’s a great way to learn and appreciate the history of Prague.
  • Free WiFi and photo opportunities onboard means that you get to share your Prague holiday experience with your friends online. 
  • There are lots of sights to see, and you can see everything in a single sitting. This makes it the perfect option for a last minute tour of Prague – it’s even more luxurious.

Many cruise companies provide a personalized experience for each tourist. For a more intimate vibe, opt for a smaller boat or request a bigger boat to cruise with friends on the Vltava river.

Popular Prague River Cruises
Popular Prague River Cruises

Foam padding in the insoles leather finest quality staple flat slip-on design pointed toe off-River cruises on the Vltava River are the perfect escape from crowded tourist sites. Besides, you will be killing two birds with one stone. Rather than waiting until after your cruise to eat lunch or dinner, you can simply have it while watching the city from your boat. Here are some

  • Prague Boats
  • Crystal Dinner Prague River Cruise
  • Sweet Prague River Cruise

Historical sites you can admire on boat tours in Prague

Charles Bridge

You may already be familiar with Prague’s Vltava River and the famed Charles Bridge. The boat tours in Prague are on the Vltava river, and you can see the Charles bridge and other impressive sights. This river divides the capital into two, the labyrinthine Old Town and the Hradcany. Several bridges connect the two sides of the capital. The Charles Bridges, formerly known as the Stone Bridge until 1870 when it was renamed, is a centuries-old stone bridge. The bridge’s construction began in 1357, during the reign of Charles IV, the Czech monarch and Holy Roman Emperor. Many historians claim that the Charles Bridge has remained unshaken for centuries because the architect Petr Parléř ordered that egg yolks be mixed into the mortar.

The 30 statues on the Charles Bridge are one of the bridge’s primary attractions. There are statues of saints such as St. Luthgard and St. Adalbert and the Crucifix and Calvary. The bridge is a popular marketing spot for creatives and artists and a historic landmark.

National Theater

After decades of being dominated and persecuted by others, the Czechs organized marches and protests for Czech independence. The Prague National Theatre was created to represent hope and independence for the Czech people. The citizens, aristocrats, and nobles at the time contributed to the building’s construction. The National Theatre of Prague is truly a must-see. On 16th May 1881, the leaders commissioned and inaugurated the stunning structure. Unfortunately, fire gutted the theatre in the same year. However, it was rebuilt and reopened in 1883.

Opera and drama enthusiasts certainly need to take a tour of the National Theater. The theatre holds three art programs and some of these shows cater to non-Czech speaking people. Although the tickets for shows at the National Theatre can be pricey, attending one of these shows is a surreal experience.


There are endless historical sites to see as a tourist, and one notable one is Rudolfinum. The Czech Republic has a genuine appreciation for culture and arts, hence its investment in buildings supporting and promoting Bohemian music, crafts, and industrial arts. The country contracted the best Bohemian architects to build the Rudolfinum, named after the crown prince Rudolf. The building was commissioned and opened on 7th February 1885. The Rudolfinum has several concert halls to hold different music concerts simultaneously.

The majority of concerts take an hour or more and are well worth your time. Classical music lovers will definitely appreciate classical pieces by Mozart and Vivaldi, and they are the show’s main attraction. Music concerts held in the Rudolfinum are cheaper than those held in the National Theatre. If you’re unsure what to see, the Prague Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra’s concert is an excellent place to start. Students and senior citizens get the tickets at a discount. Note that you may have to get there before finding good seats. The Prague Ticket Office has further information about programs and tickets, so you can properly organize your trips accordingly.


After one look at the impressive and picturesque channel, you wouldn’t realize the Čertovka is man-made. The name Čertovka literally means Devil’s Stream of Devil’s Channel. The Čertovka has been in existence since the Middle Ages. The Knights Hospitaller created the canal to regulate water flow and the mills.

The canal did not gain its name (Čertovka) until the 19th century. Before then, it was referred to as Strouha or Malostranská. We guarantee you won’t spend the rest of your tour staring at a canal. Several side attractions make visiting Čertovka more interesting. There is a tiny street leading to a restaurant garden. This isn’t your typical street; it’s so narrow that two people walking side by side would be practically impossible.

After a long day of sightseeing, you may relax at one of the restaurants along the canal, take in the scenery, and stuff your face with delectable Czech cuisine.

Dancing House

The unique building located around the Charles Bridge looks like two people dancing. The building was named to honour the legendary couple Ginger Rogers and Fred Astair. Frank Gehry and Vlado Milunić, renowned architects, are the brains behind the building, and he designed it to reflect the Ying Yang analogy. The project began in 1992 and was commissioned in 1996. Unfortunately, the rooms are off-limits to the public, tourists, and visitors. However, you can still visit and tour the masterpiece’s lobby and shopping centre.

Where can I book a boat tour in Prague?

There are several river boat cruise companies in Prague. Here are places you can book some boat tours in Prague.

Prague Evening Cruise

The boat tour includes live music around the Charles Bridge, the Dancing House, and Kampa Island. You will enjoy a buffet-style dinner and have a great time with friends and family. You will have to be above 18 to be on this tour.


  • Cruise through Prague’s major landmarks on an open-deck boat
  • Learn all about Prague’s cruising landmarks from an audio commentary
  • Enjoy an immersive panoramic view of Prague from the open-deck boat.


  • 355 CZK (€ 14) ticket
  • 50-minute cruise on the Vltava River 
  • Audio commentary on Prague landmarks in 8 languages
  • Cruise landmark guide
  • Free WiFi 

Vltava Dinner Cruise with Music in Prague

The Vltava Dinner Cruise promises to give you an unforgettable tour and panoramic view of the city at night. There will be an all-you-can-eat buffet-style dinner, and you can dance to live music with your friends and family. If you have kids and insist on bringing them on this tour, they will have to sit on your lap.


  • Enjoy a 3-hour luxury cruise of Prague
  • Experience Prague’s illuminated city at night  
  • Enjoy an amazing buffet dinner of Czech and international cuisine
  • Listen to live scintillating music


  • 1,244 CZK (€ 49) ticket
  • Buffet dinner with a complimentary drink
  • Live music
  • Free WiFi 
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