Kampa Island – an oasis of calm in Prague

Kampa Island, Prague

Kampa Island, Prague

Beautiful houses of the Kampa Island
Beautiful houses of the Kampa Island

Czech name: Kampa

Kampa Island is easily one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Infact, it was recently voted to be one of the most beautiful, thereby making the title official. It has an effortless romantic setting, making it a top destination for lovers to have picnics or go for walks. The peace and quiet that exist on this island makes it seem to be located in a place so far away from Prague, the mega city in which it is located.
Although Kampa island, Prague used to be the location of some of Prague’s most unattractive houses, due to the number of poor people that lived there. Regardless of that, it is now a very beautiful commercialized hotspot tourist location.

How to Get to Kampa Island 

Kampa Island is Located in the Lesser town neighborhood of Prague. If you’re on foot, to get to Kampa Island in Prague Czech Republic, you will need to cross the Charles Bridge which connects the Old town to the Lesser town. Then walk until you come across the famous ‘Na Kampe’ square. Then you walk along the tree lined square until you reach Kampa island.

If you’re coming to the island from the city however, making use of the tram may be your best bet. Even though no tram directly heads to Kampa island, several run pretty close to it. Hop into the Metro station Green line A tram, whose destination is the Lesser part of town ‘Mala strana’. Then alight at the train station, then take a few minutes walk from the metro station to get to the island. You may also 

You may also schedule a Kampa Island boat trip to get to the Island, prices for this trip starts at about $15. You may also schedule a different sightseeing cruise to the Čertovka, popularly referred to as the Devil’s canal,  or little Venice. This canal is also located in the lesser town neighborhood in Prague, precisely on Kampa Island.

Kampa Island in Prague

Kampa Island is one of the loveliest parts of the Prague
Kampa Island is one of the loveliest parts of the Prague

Located in a serene and natural environment on Kampa Island is Kampa park. This park is quite famous among visitors for its naturally romantic aura. Kampa Park in Prague is also one of the most beautiful and  picturesque parks in the entirety of the Czech Republic. As is the custom with all the public parks in Prague, Kampa Island is open 24/7 and can also be accessed freely by visitors. 

Also located inside the Kampa park is the world famous Kampa Island restaurant. This restaurant is one of the most luxurious restaurants in Prague. This restaurant located next to the Charles’ bridge presents you with an unparalleled view of Kampa Island. Kampa Park restaurant Prague review also lists it as a Michelin star restaurant, easily making it one of the few restaurants that can boast of that status in Prague.

Other popular Kampa island, Prague restaurants include Bistro Kampa, and also Restaurace Altany Kampa restaurants. They are both known to serve excellent meals to guests visiting Kampa Island.

Things to see and do at Kampa island, Prague Czech Republic

Visit the famous Museum Kampa

Museum Kampa is located inside the Sova mills, which is one of the mills that formerly operated on Kampa island. Museum Kampa exhibits modern arts from the collection of Meda Mládek. The collection contains works of many modern contemporary artists,  like František Kupka, the famous abstract artist, as well as Otto Gutfreund, the famous cubist sculptor.

Take in amazing views of the Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is a famous pedestrian bridge on Kampa Island in Prague. It connects the old town to the lesser town and was built sometime around the 14th century, making it well over 600 years old. It is the oldest bridge still standing across the Vltava river. The Charles Bridge is a famous location for movies, as many popular movie scenes have been shot on the bridge. Its location, coupled with its amazing scenery makes it a popular location amongst both locals and tourists alike.

Relive history at the Devil’s canal (The Čertovka)

The Čertovka, which is Czech for the Devil’s canal or the Devil’s channel,  is a body of water that separates the lesser town from Kampa Island. The alluring channel, artificially built albeit, traces its history to the activities of the Knights Hospitaller (Knights of Malta), who in the 12th century decided to create an artificial island, for the usage of the mills that littered the area. The most famous amongst them being the Grand Priory Mill, which is visible from the Charles Bridge. 

This canal is also famous amongst visitors for its unique history. To visit the channel, you can schedule a sightseeing cruise or a Kampa Island boat trip with any of the touring agencies in Prague. You would do well to make sure that a trip to Visit Kampa Island to see the Devil’s canal is on top of your bucket list of things to do in Prague. 

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