Discover Prague’s Oldest Brewery at U Fleku

Prague's Oldest Brewery at U Fleku

With the distinction of being the oldest brewery in Prague, U Fleku stands out as a historic gem among the city’s many brewers. This legendary establishment’s rich history, expert beer-making, and cultural relevance form a complex web. Read on as we explore the oldest brewery in Prague

From the moment you enter U Fleku, its historic edifice charms you. With its unique architecture, the brewery complex takes tourists back in time. The rich history of the building is reflected in dark wood, weathered brick walls, and antique décor.

As one partakes in the rich, centuries-old dark brew and savors the substantial Czech cuisine, they immerse themselves in a timeless tradition. The fact that Prague brewery

U Fleku is still going strong after all these years and is a tribute to Prague’s thriving beer culture and irreplaceable old-world charm.

Exploring Beer Culture in the Czech Republic

oldest brewery prague
Oldest brewery Prague

The Czech Republic has a world-leading per capita beer consumption and is famous as the Pilsner’s origin. Beer is deeply ingrained in Czech society. Czech beer culture is defined by its rich history, lively beer scene, and frothy traditions; let’s froth our way through all of it.

Historical Roots

The Czech Republic’s beer culture has strong historical origins; artifacts from the brewing industry date all the way back to the tenth century. Skilled monks brewed the first beers that established the country’s brewing traditions, and monasteries were pivotal in this process. Iconic Czech beer styles emerged as a result of years of refinement in brewing methods.

Pilsner Revolution

The invention of the Pilsner lager in the nineteenth century marked a watershed moment in Czech beer history. Pilsen was the birthplace of the first golden lager, which revolutionized the beer industry around the globe. As a result of this revolution, the Czech Republic became a world leader in beer production.

Beer and Social Life

As a social lubricant that promotes camaraderie and togetherness, beer is more than just a drink in the Czech Republic. Many people’s social lives revolve around the bar, or “pivnice,” where they meet for pints of well-made beer and tell tales. An integral part of Czech beer culture is the welcoming ambiance of local bars, which bring individuals of all ages together.

Pivo, Pivo, Pivo

“Pivo,” the Czech word for beer, resounds throughout the country’s streets and squares. The wide variety of beers is a reflection of the Czechs’ devotion to beer, which they take very seriously. There is a wide variety of beers available in the Czech Republic, from crisp lagers to deep, dark ales. Pilsner Fest and other beer events highlight the diversity and skill of Czech brewers.

Beer Tourism

There is a growing trend of beer tourism, which shows that Czech beer culture isn’t limited to pubs. Indulge in tastings that offer a glimpse into craft beers in Prague while exploring historic breweries and observing traditional brewing methods. Pilsen, České Budějovice, and Prague are popular destinations for beer lovers who want to learn more about Czech brewing.

Journey to the Past: Discovering Prague’s Oldest Brewery at U Fleku

This oldest bar in Prague is a historical gem. This oldest brewery in Prague

 in the heart of Prague, is a living testimony to centuries of brewing heritage. Explore Prague’s oldest brewery, where beer glasses clink and history comes alive.

U Fleku, founded in 1499, offers a unique look at Prague’s beer culture before many of the world’s famous breweries. The brewery has survived fires, wars, and social changes while preserving its craft.

Set in the time of Emperor Maximilian I, more than 500 years ago, Prague’s oldest brewery is an epic tale. The brewery has become an iconic part of Prague’s cultural scene since it was established by the Rožmberk family, a group of Czech aristocrats who had a deep love for brewing. U Fleku has remained dedicated to the art of brewing throughout the years, weathering political upheavals, social revolutions, and wars.

Unearthing the Best Pubs in Prague

Let’s explore Prague’s top pubs, not only places to drink but places that embody the city’s soul. 

U Pivrnce

The art-themed tavern and restaurant U Pivrnce serves pilsner, substantial local food, and cartoon-decorated walls. Since 1994, the pub has had murals by Petr Urban, a former Olympian.

Address: 3, Maiselova 60, Staré Město, 110 00 Praha 1, Czechia.

Open: 11.30 am–11 pm Monday–Friday, noon–11 pm Saturday–Sunday.

Beer Point

Prague’s Beer Point blends Czech beer culture with modern food. TV screens offer instructive films on Czech beer’s manufacture at the town’s longest beer bar.

This tourist-friendly tavern includes self-service beer taps with fantastic IPAs, fruit, pilsners, yeast, wheat, dark, and ales. Burgers, chili con carne, and Nuremberg sausages are available at Beer Point.

Address: Mezibranská 19, 110 00 Nové Město, Czechia

Open: Monday–Friday, 3–11 pm, Saturday–Sunday, 2–11 pm.

U Bílé kuželky

Draught beers and local delicacies are served at Lokál U Bílé kuželky, a classic Czech beer bar. The venue’s hefty oak tables, Thonet chairs, and wood paneling evoke a traditional Czech hostelry.

On-tap pilsner and home-cooked meals draw tourists and residents to I Lokál U Bílé kuželky. For a true Prague supper, try tripe soup, paprika chicken, and pickled herring.

Address: Míšeňská 12, 110 00 Malá Strana, Czechia

Open: 11 am–midnight daily.

Zlatého Tygra

U Zlatého tygra is a famous pub with famous customers. One of the town’s most famous beer pubs, Bohumil Hrabal, frequented it. Recently, former US President Bill Clinton has had a beer at this atmospheric pub.

One of the gothic burgher houses of the 14th century is now U Zlatého tygra. The pub’s moniker (“The Golden Tiger” in Czech) is reflected in a 300-year-old golden tiger relief over the entrance gate.

Address: Husova 228/17 Staré Město Praha 1, 110 00 Praha 1, Czechia

Open: Daily, 3–11 pm.

U Hrocha

The legendary Prague beer hall U Hrocha is known for its delicious pilsner beer and cozy environment. A 5-minute walk from Prague Castle, it’s a convenient stop for travelers. The tavern is said to serve the greatest Pilsner Urquell in town.

U Hrocha has a charming old-world ambiance, with Gothic arches and wooden furnishings like a Czech drinking hall. Pilsner goes well with cheeses, sausages, and pickled herring. The bar is generally full during peak drinking hours, although there’s standing room if you can’t sit.

Address: Thunovská 10, 118 00 Malá Strana, Czechia

Open: Daily from noon–11 pm

Immerse Yourself in Czech Beer Culture: Embark on a Guided Beer Tour and Brewery Visit in Prague

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  • Acquire insights into the history, production techniques, and distinctive etiquette of Czech beer culture.


  • A comprehensive guided tour of Prague’s pubs and breweries.
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