The Best of Prague City Walking Tours in 2024

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The Prague city walking tour takes you to some of the city’s most famous landmarks. And due to the Czech capital’s prominence as the largest city and capital of the Republic of Czech, as well as its historical significance, Praha is visited by millions of people every year.

One of the best ways to get acquainted with Prague and its numerous world-class sights is to sign up for one of the Prague free walking tours. Some of the best free walking tour experiences in Prague include crossing the Vltava River, which divides the city in two; it is a sight to behold for anybody interested in the Middle Ages or Baroque styles of architecture. 

Prague is a visual and auditory extravaganza that is best explored on foot.

Everything you desire to learn about the Prague city walking tour, one of the greatest ways to explore the attractions in Prague, is right here.

How long is the walking tour of Prague?

Walking tours in Prague have grown in popularity in the past few years, as they offer visitors a low-cost and local way to see the city.

A walking tour of Prague is approximately 2.5 hours in length. However, there isn’t a strict time frame, so you can take as much time as you need.

Which is the Best month for Walking Tours

You can’t go wrong with a trip to the city any time of year, although spring and autumn in Prague offer the most pleasant weather for walking tours. Temperatures are typically pleasant, and crowds are less than in the height of summer

Prague’s parks showcase their many facets at their peak in the spring. It is possible to save money on travel and hotel costs by planning a trip during this time. Autumn is also a great time to take your time and see what Prague offers.

What Are the Advantages of Walking Tours

It’s the most practical way to view the city

The variety of excursions seems to be expanding, with options ranging from vehicles to bikes, taxis to trains. A walking tour is the greatest way to see a city, despite the benefits of other modes of transport. Why? More may be seen and experienced on a walking tour than on any other. 

Walks are Inspiring and Nourishing to the Spirit

Travellers experience a profound sense of wonder as they soak in the splendour of nature at their own pace. Hearing about the history of the area you’re touring and the people who lived there from a knowledgeable and engaging guide may be a moving experience. 

Walking Tours are Cost-Effective

Walking tours are more cost-effective than other types of travel, such as renting a car or using a bus or train, because you get around using your own set of legs. 

Walking is a Good Way to Maintain Physical Fitness

Walking has several positive effects, including strengthening bones and muscles, improving balance, reducing body fat, lowering the risk of disease, and relieving anxiety and stress. 

The Best Walking Tour In Prague

WWII Tour of Prague

Learn about the Nazi occupation of the Czech capital on this informative and free walking tour. The emphasis will be on the years September 1938 through May 1945, the worst in Prague’s history.


  • In the span of 2.5 hours, you’ll learn about one of Prague’s most eventful eras. 
  • You’ll find out why Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia ahead of the official onset of WWII in 1939.
  • Learn why the Czech Republic was so vital to the Third Empire.
  • Find out why Prague wasn’t attacked as hard as other European capitals. 
  • Discover the unsettling history of Prague in World War II with the help of your native guide.
  • Uncover the great deeds and heartbreaking losses of the Czech nation.

What is Included

  • A native guide
  • Stop by St. Cyril and Methodius Church, where Czech paratroopers put up their final stand

Explorations of the Old City and the Jewish District

Powder tower
Powder tower

This tour is one of the best free walking tours in Prague. You will explore the Jewish Quarter and the historic Old Town of Prague in just over an hour. You should definitely check out the Old Jewish Cemetery, the Municipal House, the stunning Astronomical Clock, and more!


  • Explore Prague’s ageless and often dark history on an informative walking tour of the Old Town and historic Jewish District.
  • Learn the back stories of Powder Tower’s home signs and statues. 
  • Visit the City Hall and admire St. Nicholas Church’s exterior. 
  • See the Astronomical Clock in Old Town Square.
  • Visit the centre of the Old Town before heading to the ancient Jewish Ghetto, where the tour guide will entertain you with strange tales of Rabi Loew’s famous monster Golem.
  • Discuss Jewish customs and rituals, and recount the works and life of Jewish author Franz Kafka.
  • Check out the city’s synagogues, notably Europe’s oldest. 
  • Learn where the Jewish Community Center was erected. 
  • Take a trip to the Old Jewish Cemetery to learn more about the origins of the Jewish community in Prague.

What is Included

  • The tour takes 1.5 Hours
  • Optional entrance to the Jewish Museum
  • Optional hotel pickup
  • A professional tour guide

The Castle District, Golden Lane, and Prague Castle Walking Tour

Castle view
Castle view

This guided Prague Castle walking tour is ideal for anybody interested in an in-depth introduction to Prague Castle and the surrounding Castle District. Your native guide can advise you on the best ways to spend your time there.


  • Visit famous landmarks, including the St. Vitus Church and the ancient Royal Palace.
  • In roughly fifteen to twenty minutes, you’ll get a brief overview of the castle and some helpful tips in English.
  • Take a stroll through the Castle District and see Prague Castle. 
  • Complete coverage of the attractions and their background history 
  • Visit the castle’s features and the elegant Castle District, including Golden Lane.

What is Included

  • A native guide
  • The introduction and basic castle orientation in 15 minutes
  • Map of the area

The Evening Ghost Walking Tours

Join a guided tour around Prague’s Old Town walking tour and prepare to be scared. Discover the shadowy side of Prague and go where the average tourist rarely goes.


  • Go exploring in the narrow lanes and back alleys of Prague.
  • Explore the strange history and mysteries of the city.
  • Hear tales of the ghosts that are claimed to haunt the city’s historic district.
  • Hear terrifying accounts of the past that really happened
  • Prepare to be enthralled by the city’s spooky underworld

What is Included

Book A Walking Tour Today!

Prague tour
Prague tour

When visiting the Czech capital, there’s no better way to get your bearings than with a good old-fashioned Prague city walking tour. In a matter of hours, learn a great deal about this breathtaking city by visiting historical landmarks, hearing stories from locals, and exploring off-the-beaten-path spots that are known only to natives. 

And the greatest part is that the walking tours in Prague are led by English-speaking guides, so you can experience the best free walking tour in Prague.

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