A Comprehensive List of Prague Hostels for a Memorable Stay

prague hostels

Prague hostels are great for those who want to meet other people and save money while exploring the citys beautiful historic center. Finding the right hostel in Prague, out of the many available, may turn an average trip into an unforgettable one. In this all-inclusive guide, you’ll find some of the best Prague hostels , each promising a pleasant stay and providing guests with the chance to meet other tourists.

These hostels in Prague have something for everyone, whether you’re a solitary traveler, a backpacker, or just looking for cheap lodging. Each hostel in this city, where the past and the present coexist in harmonious balance, promises a unique and unforgettable experience.

If you want to have a wonderful time exploring Prague, and ensure you get the perfect neighborhoods to stay in Prague from which to launch many adventures.

Explore Prague on a Budget: Cheap Hostels in Prague 

Visiting Prague on a tighter budget doesn’t have to entail a lower standard of living. Hostels like these don’t break the bank, but they nevertheless provide a safe place to sleep and a chance to chat with other travelers. The following cheap hostels in Prague are perfect for those who want to stay in Prague without spending a fortune in order to enjoy the city’s enchantment:

Hostel ELF

Hostel ELF is a great low-cost option in the Zizkov neighborhood. The hostel has a great reputation for its clean facilities and helpful personnel.

Sophie’s Hostel

Staying at Sophie’s Hostel in New Town will not break the bank. Many of Prague’s best sights are within easy walking distance from the hostel.

The MadHouse Prague

People on a tight budget who are looking for a social and communal experience love staying at the MadHouse. This hostel guarantees an enjoyable stay with its daily activities and friendly personnel.

Clown and Bard Hostel

This budget hostel in Prague in Mala Strana provides a good location for budget-conscious guests. It’s a terrific spot to meet other travelers because of the laid-back atmosphere and welcoming people.

Artharmony Pension & Hostel

Artharmony is a dorm-style hostel in a convenient location close to Prague Castle that won’t break the bank. The calm surroundings in the Lesser Town region make it a good choice for individuals seeking affordability and relaxation.

Adam&Eva Hostel

Adam&Eva Hostel is an affordable hostel in the heart of Old Town’s historic district. The hotel’s prime location makes it easy to walk to most of the city’s attractions.

Old Prague Hostel

The Old Prague Hostel, as its name implies, is a great place to experience the city’s rich history. It’s convenient to several famous sites and has dormitories that won’t break the bank.

A Plus Hostel

A Plus Hostel is noted for its affordability and dynamic atmosphere. Situated in New Town, it’s convenient to public transit and many attractions.

Discover the Best Hostels in Prague 

These hostels welcome a wide variety of guests, from those looking for a lively social ambiance to those seeking a quiet getaway. If you’re looking for a unique and relaxing stay in the city that blends tradition and modernity, go no further than best hostels in Prague:

The Best Hostel in Prague for Solo Travelers

Prague is a great place for lone travelers to explore and learn about themselves and the world. Choosing a good hostel can greatly enhance your enjoyment of traveling alone. For those looking for the best hostel in Prague for solo travelers, we recommend the following hostel:

Hostel One Prague

Hostel One Prague is a friendly and lively hostel within a short distance from Prague Castle. For those who are traveling on their own and want to make new friends and have unforgettable moments, this hostel is a great option. 

You may meet new people at Hostel One Prague’s everyday events, like the free dinners and pub crawls. The team is noted for their hospitality and their passion for ensuring guests have a wonderful stay. Whether you’re a seasoned solo traveler or doing your first solo trip, Hostel One Prague is a great place to meet other people and see the city’s charms with them.

Hostel DownTown 

This is located in the center of Prague, making it convenient to see the Old Town Square and other famous sights on foot. There are multiple rooms to choose from, and the communal space is lively and inviting.

The Best Hostel in Prague for Groups 

Touring with a group can be a pleasant and exciting experience, particularly when visiting a city as enchanting as Prague. Picking an ideal hostel is essential if you want everyone to have a good time. If you’re looking for a group hostel in Prague, we recommend the following.

The Czech Inn 

This hostel is a great option for parties looking for a hostel with a pleasant environment and modern conveniences. Located in the hip Vinohrady neighborhood, this hostel has both shared and private sleeping quarters to accommodate your group’s needs. 

The communal spaces are roomy and comfortable, so it’s simple to get everyone together to plot out your Prague itinerary. The helpful staff at the Czech Inn can arrange tours and other group activities to make your stay more fun and convenient.

The Best Hostel in Prague for Couples 

Prague is a magical and romantic city, perfect for a couple’s vacation. Although hostels are more commonly associated with groups of backpackers, there are some in Prague that cater to couples with individual rooms and a warm ambiance. If you’re looking for a romantic stay in Prague, check out this recommended hostel:

Sophie’s Hostel

Sophie’s Hostel, situated in New Town, offers a pleasant and stylish atmosphere that’s excellent for couples searching for a romantic retreat. This hostel has individual rooms with attached bathrooms, so guests may relax in peace and quiet. 

Couples will feel right at home in the comfortable and homey decor and pleasant service. Because of its convenient location, Sophie’s Hostel is a great pick for couples who wish to see the sights of Prague together on foot.

Mosaic House

Mosaic House is more than just a hostel; it’s also a sustainable place to stay. It is stylish in appearance, green in operation, and full of life. It’s a popular pick among tourists because of its convenient location, bar, and cafe.

Stay in the Heart of the Action: Hostels in Prague City Centre

The city center of Prague is among the best areas to stay in Prague  if you want to be in the middle of all the action, with its gorgeous architecture and historic charm. Several Prague hostels are conveniently located near the area’s major tourist destinations. 

Staying in hostels in Prague city centre means being within walking distance of the city’s many cultural attractions. These centrally located hostels in Prague are ideal for anyone visiting the city, be they history buffs, lone travelers, or groups of friends. The City of a Hundred Spires is a wonderful place to visit.

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