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Prague taxis have been a common mode of transportation. There are many advantages to using the Prague taxi service. Still, some of the most notable ones are because of their affordability, longevity, and security making them more popular among those seeking a mode of public transportation. Taxi rides are a great way to save time and effort. 

Furthermore, taxis are far less expensive than other modes of transportation, meaning that anybody can afford to use a taxi in Prague because the rates are so reasonable. Their drop-Off and Pick-Up Service makes them more appealing since when you call for a taxi, it will come to your house or wherever you happen to be and drop you off when you’re done. 

Ultimately, the fact that Prague taxi services are available around the clock adds to their convenience. You can call them whenever you want, and they’ll be there to help, especially if you need to travel somewhere urgently for whatever reason. Taxi drivers will get you there quickly and safely.

Are taxis safe in Prague?


While the likelihood of being physically attacked or robbed is low to none, Prague taxi drivers have a reputation for overcharging tourists and providing poor customer service. The danger is especially high for tourists, but Prague is safe to visit. 

Getting a taxi from the street or the train station can be especially challenging for a visitor. In fact, a full series on the Internet has been dedicated to Prague taxi drivers.

Are Taxis Expensive in Prague?

The city government regulates taxi fares in Prague. The most recent revision to the base tariff was made public in the official tariff regulation in February 2020. Every taxi and taxi firm must adhere to this standard, which is ensured by using taximeters that have been officially calibrated.

When compared to other major European cities, taxi prices in Prague are rather low. Here is how the prices are calculated:

  • A one-way cost of €2.55 (about CZK 60)
  • Pricing per kilometer: €1.50 (CZK 36).
  • There is a CZK 6 (€0.30) per minute waiting fee.

Many visitors visiting Prague’s gothic city center opt to take a taxi because of the city’s reasonable taxi fares. 

There is no night rate for taxi rides in the Czech Republic; the daily rate is always the same. However, Taxis operating outside the city borders are not subject to the same regulations. Thus, it is important to agree on a fare in advance.

The Best Taxi Service in Prague

Prague taxi
Prague taxi


Bolt (formerly Taxify) is an Estonia-based transnational firm that operates similarly to Uber. At 8.90 CZK ($0.40) each kilometer and 3.50 CZK ($0.16) per minute, their prices are even lower than Uber’s in Prague. 

Taxi Liftago

Liftago operates similarly to Uber in Prague. However, each driver sets their own fare. After inputting your pick-up and drop-off locations, you can choose a driver based on their price and star rating.

You can see the cost before you get in the car, which is always between 18 CZK ($0.70) and 28 CZK ($1.10) for each kilometer. You do not require cash because the Liftago app works with all major debit and credit cards.

Welcome Pickups

If you need a ride to or from the airport or between cities (like Cesky Krumlov), call Welcome Pickups. However, you should prioritize them as your entry and exit point from Prague. The private transfer cost between the Prague airport and your accommodation is €27, comparable to a conventional taxi’s cost. 

Prague Travel Tips

Plenty of taxis are available in Prague, and most drivers are fluent in English or at least familiar with the language. If you grab a taxi on the side of the road, though, you run the risk of being overcharged by unscrupulous drivers. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with some excellent Prague travel tips on how to take a taxi in Prague without breaking the bank.

  • Before getting into a taxi on the sidewalk, you should always settle on a fare. Some motorists may even try to manipulate the meters.
  • Dial the 24-hour emergency number 112 and describe the problem to the operator if you’re having trouble communicating with the taxi driver, for example, if you believe you’re paying far too much.
  • Keep in mind that the capital of Czech sets a cap of 36 CZK ($1.60) for every kilometer and a minimum charge of 60 CZK ($2.60) for a single ride.
  • Tipping is not required but is greatly appreciated. It is appropriate to leave a tip of 5-10%.
  • Ensure the taxi driver’s identity and the 60/36/7 tariff are prominently displayed on the exterior of the taxicab.

VIP Arrival: Enjoy a Private Transfer from Prague Václav Havel Airport

Make a grand entrance to Prague with our exclusive private transfer service from Prague Václav Havel Airport. Upon arrival, be greeted by your professional driver holding a distinctive orange placard displaying your name, and relax in the luxury of a brand-new, air-conditioned vehicle as you’re whisked away to your hotel.


  • Indulge in a private transfer from Prague Václav Havel Airport to the city center
  • Experience the convenience of an English-speaking chauffeur at your service R
  • eceive a complimentary tourist map and guidebook for your exploration
  • Avoid the inconvenience of public transportation or hailing taxis


  • One-way car transfer tailored to your needs
  • Friendly and proficient English-speaking chauffeur
  • Useful maps to navigate the city with ease
  • A comprehensive guidebook to enhance your Prague experience
  • Please note that food and drinks are not included in the service.

Pick a Prague Taxi Service

Taking a Prague taxi is your best bet if you have a lot of bags, have to make it to a far-flung area of Prague, or must travel at dark when the subway system is closed and trams and shuttles operate less often. 

Also, investing in your mode of transport while in Prague can free up valuable time for you to devote to other pursuits. If you want to treat yourself to a few moments of relaxation in the lap of luxury, a taxi in Prague is the way to go.

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