Tipping Tour Guides in Prague – All You Need To Know

Tipping Tour Guides in Prague, Czechia

Tipping Tour Guides in Prague – YES or NO

If you are visiting Prague from America, you know that tipping is a big deal and one that people take seriously. Many Americans tip after receiving a service, even if it is lacklustre. How much should you tip in Prague? The tipping culture in America is expected from everyone, and it is evident in every industry. On the other hand, Europe does not have a tipping culture. People tip because they want to. And in the Czech Republic, it is considered a ”nice thing to do”. As a tourist in Prague, you are bound to be in a position where you may have to tip. For example, the taxi/Uber from the airport and the restaurants in the city.

Tipping tour guides in Prague is generally expected and appreciated. While it is not mandatory, tipping is a common practice to show gratitude for a guide’s services. It is customary to tip around 10% of the tour price, or you can round up to the nearest convenient amount. However, it is always a good idea to check if the tour company has any specific tipping guidelines or policies in place. Ultimately, tipping is a personal choice, but it is a kind gesture to acknowledge the efforts and expertise of your tour guide.

Tipping customs in the Czech Republic

Tipping Czech Republic
Tipping Czech Republic

There is no general rule in tipping even in the U.S. Most people tip whatever spare change they have at the moment. In Prague, you are not required to tip when you receive a service. However, if you tip a tour guide in Prague, the tip should reflect the quality of service. A rule of thumb is to round off to the nearest hundred or at least 5% of your total bill.

If you are going on a tour around the city, it will be great to tip your tour guide, especially those who run a full-day tour. If the tour is free, you should tip the tour guide as a way of showing appreciation. Other services/activities that may not require tipping include visiting the salon or spa. They usually charge higher because of their specialised and personalised service to you. You do not have to tip a restaurant hostess and bellboys in Prague.

How much to tip a tour guide in Prague?

Many tourists are always confused about whether to a tip tour guide in Prague or not. There is no definitive answer to the question. The decision to tip or not is entirely up to you. Although tourist guides accept tips, they will not force you or make any demands. If you are willing and open to tipping your tour guide, here are a few things to note.

The tip should be between 10%-20% of the total cost of the tour. But this should be on the level of service rendered. If the tour guide was rude, late, and unprofessional, you could give them a lesser percentage.

Give your guide a tip at the end of the tour.

How to choose tour guides in Prague?

If you are new in town and looking for tour groups to join, here are a few things to consider to have the best experience.

  • Choose tour guides affiliated with experienced travel & tour companies in Prague so you will not fall into the wrong hands. Remember, you are a foreigner in a strange country, so one mistake or slip-up can have devastating consequences.
  • Compare the price quotes of several tour guides and choose what you can afford. Also, read the online reviews of tour groups to find out people’s experiences to know what you will be dealing with.

Tour Prague with a local guide 

Taking a tour with a local expert is the best way to get a feel for the city like a true Praguer would. If you want to explore everything Prague has to offer, here are some activities.

Amazing Prague Castle and Old Town Walking Tour

Experience the best of Prague’s historic district on foot with a knowledgeable guide. See all the sights, from Prague Castle as well as the popular Old Town Square to St. Nicholas’s Church  and the renowned Charles Bridge.


  • Starting at € 25 per head
  • A guide provides a vivid description of Prague’s history and transformation into the modern, multicultural metropolis it is today.
  • Visit the nearby partner’s offices at Maiselova Street, just a short distance from the spectacular Astronomical Clock. 
  • Cancel at no cost at all.
  • The tour guide will tell you all about Old Town’s fascinating past.
  • Stop at the Charles Bridge and admire the monuments and sculptures while walking across the placid Vltava River.
  • Catch a tram up the Prague Castle to discover more about the history of the famous Charles Bridge and the castle.
  • Explore Hradcany, often known as the Castle District, because of its rich history.
  • Step inside Prague Castle to take in the city’s breathtaking panoramas and hear some swan songs about the Czech capital.

What is Included

  • Qualified guide conversant in German, French, Spanish, and Italian .
  • One Tram entry ticket

Unbelievable Prague Castle Tour with a Ticket

Visit the stunning Prague Castle and its many attractions, including the Cathedral of St. Vitus, the Basilica of St. George, and the renowned Golden Lane. From the popular city’s Lesser Town, you may board a tram that will take you from the castle and gain insight into more than a thousand years of history in the Czech Republic’s capital.


  • During a guided tour, learn about Prague Castle’s fascinating history.
  • Cancellation is free.
  • The Charles Bridge, St. Vitus Cathedral, and Golden Lane are all worth seeing
  • Marvell at the beautiful architecture and learn about the city’s rich history.
  • The 2.5-hour walking tour of Prague will commence on Charles Bridge. 
  • To reach the Castle, you will need to take a tram from Lesser Town Square, which can be accessed by crossing Charles Bridge.
  • Hear tales of princes, monarchs, and emperors, as well as the history of St. Vitus Cathedral, as you step inside. 
  • Starting at € 35 per person
  • Visit the historic Vladislav Hall in the castle and continue on to St. George’s Basilica, as your guide provides insight into the lives of Czech saints.
  • Go to Golden Lane, where your tour guide can fill you in on the goings-on in the neighbourhood.

What is included

  • Professional guide fluent in English, German, Italian, French, and Spanish  
  • Guided walking tour
  • St. Vitus Cathedral entry ticket
  • Old Royal Palace entry ticket
  • Transport ticket
  • St. George’s Basilica entry ticket
  • Golden Lane entry ticket

Book A Tour and Get The Local Experience

Explore the incredible beauty of Prague Castle with a 2.5-hour walking tour, available both in a small group setting and privately. Use the express security checkpoint and avoid the ticket wait to enter the castle quickly.


  • Visit the castle’s major attractions like St. Vitus Cathedral, the ancient Royal Palace, St. George’s Basilica, and the Golden Lane.
  • Easily navigate the castle’s tremendous collection of art and history with your guide.
  • Meet your guide right in front of the Malostranská metro station. 
  • Ride the tram down to Prague Castle. 
  • Admire the Gothic style of St. Vitus Cathedral. 
  • Look for the gargoyles that decorate the church towers.
  • Admire the stunning Architectural Style etched glass window made by Czech artist Alfons Mucha.
  • Check out the mosaic depicting the final judgment from the 14th century.
  • Visit the Cathedral of St. Wenceslas, the graves of St. Wenceslas and Emperor Charles IV, and the neoclassical tomb of St. John of Nepomuk and the Old Royal Palace.
  • Raise your feet to the towering vaulted ceiling of Vladislav Hall.
  • Step inside the room where the Defenestration of Prague took place. 
  • Stop by the St. George Basilica. The stone walls and architecture of the basilica balances the egomania of the castle. 
  • Check out the fresco pieces from the 12th century and head up the double stairs to see where St. Ludmila is buried.
  • Proceed down the Golden Pathway. Once home to the castle’s sharpshooters, these houses are now occupied by goldsmiths. Later, artists such as Franz Kafka called that area home.
  • Charges start at € 35.51 per person
  • Cancellations are free of charge.
  • Take a look at the restored businesses and houses in Golden Alley. 

What is Included

  • Ticket for the Tram
  • Ticket for Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral, the Old Royal Palace, St. George’s Basilica, and the Golden Lane
  • Experienced tour guide who is multilingual (fluent in Spanish, Italian, German, English, and French)
  • Commentary
  • Short security queues
  • Headphones are available

Take a tour of the Old Town, underground passages, and dungeons

On this adventure, you’ll leave the crowds behind and discover a whole other city below the Old Town’s stone pavement. Parts of the Czech capital city that have changed little from the twelfth century will be highlighted during your tour. The extraordinary tales behind Prague’s hidden spaces, tunnels, and cellars will be revealed to you as you visit. 


  • Learn about the history of Prague and what living was like for its citizens in the Middle Ages when these buildings were in use.
  • Go to a medieval prison and see a display of torture and beheadings.
  • Explore the dark corners of Prague and see the city like never before.
  • Explore the underground passageways, chambers, and dungeons of the city.
  • Learn about the history of the Middle Ages.
  • View torture devices and an ancient dungeon.

What is Included

  • Seasoned guide
  • Tour by Foot
  • Admission
  • Excursions to dark caverns and dungeons
  • This tour lasts for a total of 80 minutes.
  • Tickets start at €21.50 each.
  • Cancellation is free

Personalized sightseeing tour of the city’s highlights

This personalized walking tour is ideal if you only have a short amount of time in the capital but still want to see everything there is to see. You’ll have plenty of time to spare for an enjoyable meal and a boat ride, and you’ll get to see the best of Prague on both banks of the Vltava. The capital’s historic core is the biggest urban ancient area on the UNESCO World Heritage listing, covering a surface of over nine km2. 

The best way to familiarize yourself with Prague’s landmarks is to visit them. You’ll spend 4 hours total, Two on either bank of the Vltava and Two in the middle for a rest. You can either take an hour-long boat ride down the Prague Venice Canal while sipping drinks, or you can dine at a nearby Czech eatery. 


  • Stop at renowned landmarks like the Old Town, the historic Jewish Quarter, the stunning Charles Bridge, and the famous Prague Castle.
  • Visit Prague’s top sights in a single day.
  • Walk about the historic district and take in the Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque architecture.
  • Cruise the Prague Venice Canal for an optional hour.

What is Included

  • Proffessional local guide
  • Transport to/from your hotel
  • Suggestions and advice
  • Cancel at no cost at all.
  • The price per person or per group starts at €159.
  • The trip takes four hours

The Jewish Quarter: A Stroll Through Time 

Discover the rich history and vibrant presence of the capital’s Jewish Quarter on this guided walking tour.

The Maisel Synagogue marks the first stop on the itinerary. Take a stroll to Josefov, the Jewish district. Hear accounts about the history of the Jews and its most notable figures. Visit the ancient Jewish Cemetery, considered one of the earliest in Central Europe, as well as one of the four synagogues in the area 


  • Watch the Jewish Quarter come to life as the tour guide, who is knowledgeable on Prague’s Jewish past and inhabitants, shares personal anecdotes with you.
  • Find out how the Jews of Prague got where they are today.
  • Explore the Jewish Josefov neighborhood and its rich history.
  • Tour of four main Synagogues
  • Check out the thousands of graves at the Old Jewish Graveyard.
  • Learn the tragic histories of those who suffered at the hands of the Nazis.

What is Included

  • Live expert guide
  • Tour by Foot
  • The  Pinkas Synagogue admission
  • The Klaus Synagogue admission 
  • Maisel Synagogue’ admission
  • Admission to the Jewish cemetery
  • Spain Synagogue admission 
  • The Old Synagogue admission
  • Prices start at €44 per head.
  • It will take 2.5 hours.
  • Cancellation is free

Tips for Tipping: Navigating Tipping Etiquette In Prague

When visiting a new city, it’s always a good idea to take a private tour to explore the city center. While taking a private tour, it’s important to be aware of the tipping etiquette. In some countries, tipping taxi drivers is a commonly practiced tradition. In the Czech Republic, it’s expected to tip taxi drivers around 20 percent of the total fare or at least 50 czk. When paying by card, it’s best to ask the driver if they prefer a cash tip or if they can add it to the total amount charged. If you’ve had a particularly enjoyable tour or the driver has gone out of their way to make your trip special, leaving a tip of around 100 czk is a nice gesture to show your appreciation. Remember to always leave a tip that you feel comfortable with, and never feel pressured to give more than you can afford.

While some places might include a service charge, it’s still customary to tip your guide or service staff. The appropriate tip amount can vary, but a general guideline is 10-15% of the bill. Whether you’re paying in cash or by credit card, expressing appreciation for excellent service through tipping is a cultural norm that enhances your experience in this beautiful city.

Prague’s combination of tipping etiquette, architectural marvels like the Church of Our Lady before Týn, the amusement park‘s joyful atmosphere, and the romantic allure of the Charles Bridge create an enriching and unforgettable experience for visitors.

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