What adapter to use in Prague, Czech Republic?


There’s a special joy that comes with going on a vacation. Knowing that you’ll be spending some time outside your routine lifestyle and in a beautiful environment has a unique feeling. But here’s the catch; the thrill of going on vacation could easily turn sour if you’re unprepared. Of course, it’s easy to remember to pack your bags, clothes, and gadgets, but there’s also that tiny bit that can be forgotten. Power adapters! These little toys that are used in charging gadgets and cell phones are the easiest to forget or misplace.

As a rule, countries often have differing power ratings and wall socket designs. This means that a power adapter that works perfectly in the US might not work in Prague. Hence, to avoid spending extra bucks on a new adapter, you need to know what kind of adapter to bring along.

Make your life easier: Practical information before your trip to Prague

People in Prague
Tourists in Prague

Apart from the excitement of traveling to Prague, you have to prepare well. The City of a Hundred Spires is known for drawing millions of tourists per year. With that amount of tourists per year, miscreants are always ready to scam unwary tourists. So, apart from getting your bags ready, familiarize yourself with the local laws and areas. Book your tickets online so that you won’t have to join unending queues at tourist sites such as the St. Victus Cathedral. In order to easily access all the cool spots during your vacation, book accommodation in a hotel around the center of the city. If you can, get a Prague local to take you around the city. You’ll be more secure from scams and getting lost if you have a local with you.

A SIM card is a small, removable card that is used to store information for your mobile device, such as your phone number, contacts, and account information. When traveling to Prague, you may need to purchase a local SIM card in order to have access to data and calling services while abroad. It’s important to check with your mobile carrier to ensure that your phone is compatible with the local network in Prague. Additionally, if your phone uses a different size SIM card than what is available in Prague, you may need to purchase a SIM card adapter to make it fit properly. This will allow you to use your phone as you normally would while in Prague, without having to worry about expensive roaming fees.

What adapter do you need for your stay in the Czech Republic/Prague?

power adapter with a 230V and 50Hz rating
Power adapter with a 230V and 50Hz rating

For Prague, you’ll need a power adapter with a 230V and 50Hz rating. You can opt for either the Type C or Type E power plugs. The Type C plug has only two round pins. Type E has two round pins and a hole to connect to the wall socket earthing pin. 

Where can I buy the cheapest adapter?

Buying an adapter is relatively easy as you can get one at any local store in Prague or purchase it online before traveling. In order to get the best deal, it’s better you have a local friend buy the adapter for you.

Are you ready to go on your much-anticipated vacation? Go over your items and be sure that you have the right adapter for your trip. Remember, the right power adapter is all that stands between you and a messy experience with your gadgets. You definitely don’t want to worry about low battery when you’re in the middle of your sightseeing.


In Prague, Czech Republic, it is advisable to use a Type C or Type E adapter for electrical outlets. When it comes to language, the primary language spoken in Prague is Czech, but English is commonly used in tourist areas, making communication easier for visitors.

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