Where is Prague on The Map?

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Where is Prague on a map? What an intriguing question!

Prague, the most populous city and capital of the Republic of Czech, is situated in Bohemia, a part of the Czech Republic located approximately west of its core.

Where precisely is Prague on the map of the Republic of Czech?

It is worth noting that the Republic of Czech is made up of fourteen distinct political parts and three different geographical areas: Moravia, Bohemia, and Czech Silesia. The Czech Republic is bounded to the south by the nation of Austria, to its west by the country of Germany, to its west by the nation of Poland, and its southeast by Slovakia. So, the Czech Republic is situated right in the core of Europe.

Now that you know precisely where the Czech Republic is, locating Prague on a map is a breeze.

Where is The Best Place to Stay in Prague? Top 5 Areas

Are you planning to visit Prague? Feel right at home in this stunning city by using a Prague tourist map to figure out where is the best place to stay in Prague for you. We’ve chosen the best five spots to stay in the city that are easy to find on a Prague map.

Hradany:  Reside in Prague’s oldest district 

The city’s finest scenery is right outside your front door if you book a hotel at Prague Castle, the largest castle in the entire world and one of the capital’s most popular sights on a Prague map. Those anticipating a bustling tourist scene on this outcropping above the city centre of Prague might be pleasantly surprised by the peaceful, almost rural atmosphere they find here.

Places to stay in Hradcany


This is the best if you’re looking for a Baroque vista. The Questenberk, located in a converted Baroque church, now features contemporary guestrooms with tasteful furnishings. 

U Raka 

This is the best if you want a taste of the country in the middle of the metropolis. The Nový svět neighbourhood of Hradany is home to a charmingly rustic hotel housed in a tiny half-timbered, eighteenth-century house that looks like it could have been plucked straight from the Czech Alps.

Staré Město and Josefov: the ideal areas for first-time tourists

When first-time visitors are looking for places to stay in the capital, they frequently like staying in the Old Town, the actual centre of the city’s medieval core. And they’re in good luck: hotels built from Classical and Baroque constructions exist in the streets radiating from the spectacular Old Town Square. 

Where to stay in Staré Město and Josefov

The Astoria Hotel

This venue is the best option for trendy vintage. Housed in a stunning 1920s structure located in the centre of Prague’s Old Town.


This spot is the best choice for elegance at the core of everything. This luxurious boutique hotel in the heart of Old Town features big rooms, great breakfasts, and a perfectly regulated staff. Picture marble-and-tile baths and a library lit by crystal chandeliers.

Mala Strana: The ideal neighbourhood for families 

Old Town, located on the left side of the Vltava, is a Baroque extravaganza. As the tourists make their way up to Prague Castle, castles and townhouses virtually topple over one another. Mala Strana is on the major tourist route on the map of Prague, yet many of its narrow alleys and steep alleyways feel like they’ve been preserved from another era.

Places to stay in Mala Strana


This is the best choice if you’re going for a vintage look. The multicoloured wallpaper and antique pieces in these hip quarters starkly contrast the area’s Baroque grandeur.

The Golden Well Hotel

This venue has the best gardens and scenery. Located close to the gardens with terraces on the hillside beneath Prague Castle, the famous Golden Well provides breathtaking panoramas of the neighbourhood of Malá Strana.

Nové Město: a culinary haven in the heart of Prague 

The New Town neighbourhood on Prague’s map is a great area to stay if you’re interested in the city’s Art Nouveau buildings. Prague’s commercial hub may be found in the grimy, essentially nineteenth-century New Town. The area revolves around the historic Wenceslas Square.

Places to stay in  Nové Město

The Dancing House Hotel 

This spot has the most sought-after accommodations in town. The towers’ Fred Royal and Ginger Royal suites are currently among the most sought-after accommodations in the nation’s capital.


This accommodation is the most ideal for a spa-chic look. One of the trendiest hotels in Prague has rooms in tones of grey you probably didn’t know existed. There is also a modern health club and an eatery on the premises.

Journey Through Time: An Immersive Guided Tour of Prague’s History

Embark on a truly immersive experience as you delve into the captivating history of Prague on this guided tour. Utilizing cutting-edge virtual reality goggles, you’ll be transported to four distinct eras: 1342, 1377, 1600, and 1621. Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and stories of each era as you explore the city’s rich past with the guidance of a knowledgeable professional.


  • Step back in time to four significant periods in Prague’s history
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  • Expert tour guide to provide in-depth historical commentary
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Get A Prague Map!

What’s not to love about Prague? It’s famous for its beautiful buildings, rich history, and lively cultural environment. If you’re planning a trip to Prague, use our handy Prague map to get around and find whatever it is you’re after.

Each location has something unique to offer, making a trip there a must. Get familiar with Prague with the help of this map of Prague before you go.

Discover the most convenient ways to navigate Prague with insights on whether Uber operates in the city and other transportation options.

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