Which city is better to visit, Prague or Lisbon?

Lisbon view

These European capitals are beautiful destinations, but which city is better to visit, Prague or Lisbon? Each has a beautiful waterfront, one with a sea and the other with a river. Nevertheless, we’d choose Prague. For us, only Paris can compare to its grandeur, which exudes the same air of history and romance. Even though the city’s new town wasn’t established until the fourteenth century, Praha is nearly a thousand years old.

Is Lisbon or Prague better for Food? As a city, Prague also boasts some of the best restaurants and bars in the country for beer connoisseurs. Many people who like modern art find the same kind of inspiration in Prague that they do in the historic city of Louver. Even a short visit to the streets of Prague will reward you with a visual feast.

We can relate to the dilemma you’re in. There’s a lot of data available about both cities, but not much that tells you which one is the better vacation spot. This post will compare and contrast the two European capitals, Lisbon and Prague, and give our objective, reasoned assessments of both.

Comparing Lisbon with Prague: What’s the Distinction?

Prague sunrise view
Prague sunrise view

The two cities of Prague and Lisbon are similar and different in many ways. Thereafter, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about where to go on your next vacation.

Things To Do: Lisbon or Prague?

Both Prague and Lisbon are home to many fascinating museums and landmarks.

Lisbon is packed with must-see landmarks, sights, and museums. Well-known  St. George’s Castle, the Jerónimos convent, the Belém Tower, the Santa Justa Elevator, and other world-class museums are just a few of Lisbon’s many world-famous attractions you must visit.

Prague is home to some of the world’s best museums and historical sites. You’ll find most of the city’s historical attractions in Old Town. The National Museum, the Prague Castle, and the historic Charles Bridge are just a few of the city’s most well-known sights you must plan to visit.

Cost of living in Lisbon Vs. Prague

Lisbon Tram
Lisbon Tram

Prague is 14% less expensive than Lisbon.

The average cost of a day in Lisbon is €105, but in Prague, it is only €83. These amounts account for accommodation (with the premise that the traveler is sharing a room with another person), meals, public transportation, and activities. While your range may vary, these estimates are based on the typical spending of tourists in each location. 

Are the Restaurants in Lisbon or Prague More Outstanding?

Lisbon’s and Prague’s native cuisine and eateries are renowned, and they make for a pleasant dining experience.

What to eat in Lisbon Vs. Prague

Lisbon and Prague are among the world’s cuisine capitals and natural destinations for foodies. You can choose from a wide variety of local dining options, from restaurants to cuisine excursions and classes. 

Lisbon’s local specialties include bacalhau à brás, frango no churrasco, and pastel de nata which should not be missed. Some of the best eateries in Lisbon include Sal restaurante, Taberna da Rua das Flores, and Pharmacia.

There are a variety of convenient dining options in Prague. The food is satisfying and filling. Stew and dumplings abound, making for a hearty and comforting winter supper. All the old-school eateries serve up delicious renditions of goulash. Some of the recommended spots for beer tasting in Prague include Sangam Indian Restaurant, The Pind, and Zem Prague.

There is also the Get Your Guide option, which has a flexible cancellation policy and 24-hour customer assistance to assist you in ase your plans change. A guided tour is also a terrific opportunity to visit and learn about all of the intriguing sights

Languages Spoken in Lisbon Vs. Prague

While Portuguese is the native tongue in Lisbon, the English language is spoken by nearly everyone who works in the city’s thriving tourism sector. Visitors to Lisbon and the surrounding coast should not worry about communicating with locals due to a lack of a common language.

Czech is the de jure language of business, government, and education in the Czech Republic. Czech belongs to the Slavic family of Indo-European languages and is spoken by about 11 million people. Even though most individuals in the Czech Republic can speak English, it’s still helpful to know a few valid words in the native tongue.

Currency Used In Lisbon Vs. Prague

Portugal uses the Euro (symbolized by €) as its legal tender; one Euro is equal to one hundred European cents. The euro replaced the escudo.

Since 1993, the koruna (sometimes known as a crown) has served as the official currency of the Czech Republic. The country is obligated by law to accept the euro currency in the long term, and the Czech crown is among the nine currencies used inside the European Union. The Czech word for it is koruna česká.

Lisbon Vs. Prague: a dilemma

Lisbon and Prague are both interesting cities, but there is more to explore in Prague. In addition, its central location in Europe makes day trips to other noteworthy destinations (such as Germany, Poland, Austria, and Slovakia) relatively inexpensive. To find more tips, check our Prague tourist guide

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