Základna restaurace: a traditional Czech lunch in the heart of Prague

Základna restaurace

Have you ever dined at the City of a Hundred Spires? If not, please come and enjoy the food.

Situated in the heart of Central Europe, Prague has plenty of restaurants. There is a huge variety of spots to eat and there’s always something for everybody.

With this many possibilities to choose from, how do you know which ones are without a doubt the best restaurants in Prague? Lucky old you, we are coming in to help. We get in-depth information from the owner of the Základna restaurace for you.

Before we get into the interview, here is one article on Czech food you all might find interesting.

Try a unique taste experience at Základna restaurace in the heart of Prague

Inside of the restaurant By Základna restaurace
Inside of the restaurant By Základna restaurace

If you’re looking for a traditional restaurant, this is it. At Základna restaurace, you may have mouth-watering starters and main courses with fresh products from local suppliers. You will also be offered a wonderful drink menu.

The food is great and the service good. We can’t complain about the price. The atmosphere is very pleasant and it’s always a pleasure to come here for a meal.

This restaurant also has a large group seating area that can accommodate up to 150 people comfortably.

Order a tapped Pilsner and enjoy your meal!

Interview – Základna restaurace

Základna Restaurace
Základna Restaurace

We are delighted to be able to interview Vladimír Andok, the manager of Základna restaurace.

What type of cuisine do you do?

We are a traditional Czech gastronomic company experienced in Italian and Lebanese cuisine. In an effort to be less dependent on the tourist season, we target the Czech clientele.

We offer traditional Czech cuisine with Pilsen beer and an interesting wine store.

What is your specialty, the must-try dish?

Tafelspitz – a beef specialty which recipe originally comes from the history of Austria-Hungary, rump cap served in a strong broth with potato rösti and apple horseradish. A delicacy loved by Emperor Francis Joseph I. Now you may enjoy it in Prague according to a traditional recipe.

Roasted pork knee served with Czech horseradish, mustard and coleslaw.

What is the most interesting season for your restaurant?

Thanks to our location in the city center, we are not submitted to any season of the year.

Three words to describe it?

Czech traditional cuisine

What makes people fall in love with your place?

Great beer, pleasant interior, well made cuisine

Why is your restaurant a must?

We believe that traditions are fundamental. Therefore, we make sure that each of our bartenders can draft beer at the highest quality, and that each chef in the restaurant transforms fresh ingredients into a unique taste experience.

Please come and enjoy the food

We hope you enjoyed our interview with this restaurant. It is a great place to eat, so if you’re planning on going with friends or family, this place will work well. We would definitely recommend it! Be sure to check it out the next time you’re in the Czech Republic.

Czech dishes By Základna restaurace
Czech dishes By Základna restaurace
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