Facts To Note Before Traveling From Berlin to Prague in 2023

Sunset in Berlin

Traveling from Berlin to Prague is a journey of at least 4 hours. The cheapest way to travel from Berlin to Prague by train costs about €19 ($18.6).  Although there are different ways of traveling from Berlin to Prague, the easiest and most preferred option is traveling by rail. 

Depending on the nature of your visit, you might want to consider other methods of transportation. For instance, if you’re in a rush for a business meeting in Prague, your best bet would be to fly from Berlin to Prague. By flight, you’d be looking at about €40.7 ($40) for a one way ticket, and €91.7 ($90) for a round trip – from Berlin to Prague and back. But, if you’d prefer enjoying a bus or car ride across Berlin, Germany to Prague, Czech, then you’re looking at a travel fare of €32.6 ($32). A river cruise from Berlin to Prague is the slowest means of traveling from Berlin to Prague, and it’s the most expensive. 

So, before you decide on what type of transport you hope to take from Berlin to Prague, let’s consider your budget and travel plan. Are you traveling for business or leisure? Do you prefer luxury comfort, or you’re keen on a road adventure? Your answers would determine what travel option would suit you.

How to Get from Berlin to Prague

Berlin Train
Berlin Train

Traveling from Berlin to Prague is a cross-country adventure. The journey will take you through south of Germany, from Berlin through the Naturpark Dahme-Heideseen, past Dresden, through the border city of Usti nad Labem along the Elbe River, before you make your final stop at Prague. 

No matter your travel route or transport means, you’ll spend at least 2 hours enroute. Flight is the fastest, train is the cheapest, bus/car is more comfortable – especially if it’s a private hire, and boat/ship is the most expensive.

Traveling By Air From Berlin to Prague

The average flight ticket for Berlin to Prague is €40.7 ($40). You can easily book reservations with online flight booking platforms. If you book for a round trip – same day return trip, you’ll spend at least €91.7 ($90). But, you have to ensure that you conclude your business in Prague on time to catch your return flight back to Berlin. One-way trips from Berlin to Prague are cheaper and afford you more time to tend to your business fully.

Most flights from Berlin to Prague are connecting flights. This means that you’ll have to take one or two more flights after takeoff from Berlin, before you can get to Prague. The fastest connecting flight from Berlin to Prague is through Vienna with the Austrian Airlines – it takes 2:35hours. Lufthansa Airlines takes 3 hours to complete the journey via Frankfurt.

Traveling By Train From Berlin to Prague

Traveling by train is easily the most convenient means of traveling from  Berlin to Prague. Besides being the second-fastest means of travel, the ticket prices are highly affordable. Travel time is usually between 4 hours and 4:30 hours. But you can arrive on time if you travel with a high-speed train from Berlin to Prague. The fastest train from Berlin to Prague would complete the journey in 4 hours.

The cheapest train tickets from Berlin to Prague start from €19 ($18.6). Ticket prices vary depending on your choice of comfort, travel traffic, and excess luggage. Ideally, you can travel from the Berlin Central Station to the Prague Main Station in under 4:20 hours. From Prague’s Main Station at the city center, you can easily find your way around with taxis.

Traveling By Bus/Car From Berlin to Prague

Traveling to Prague from Berlin by bus/car is a comfortable option. The travel time from Berlin to Prague by bus is between 4:30 and 5hours. Traveling by bus is often filled with stops and other cross-country adventures. You can either opt to travel by a public bus or hire a private car. Traveling by bus/car means you’ll spend at least €32.6 ($32). Traveling by bus from the Berlin Central Bus Station is the cheapest bus option, but it’s not the fastest. There are private bus/car hailing services like Eurobus and RegioJet that can take you from Berlin to Prague, and each has its own ticket price. Your final destination is the Florenc Bus Station in Prague.

Traveling By Boat From Berlin to Prague

It’s possible to travel from Berlin to Prague by boat/ship. However, traveling by boat/ship is often a river cruise that takes at least one week of cruising the Elbe and making a stop at the Vltava River. If you’re traveling to Prague for leisure, you can start by enjoying a river cruise from Berlin to Prague. Traveling by boat/ship costs at least €256 ($250), and the price can scale up to $1000 depending on the extent of luxury and timeframe of booking.

Follow our tips for taking the train from Berlin to Prague

There are multiple ways of traveling from Berlin to Prague. The most convenient and preferred by visitors is traveling by train. But you can also travel by air if you’re in a hurry, or you prefer flight to train. You can also travel by bus/car without stress. Just ensure that you’re with your essential documents and travel items. Your passport would be essential when crossing borders, and it’s also important to exchange your money into the local currency once you arrive.

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