Healthy Longevity Café: An Innovative Wellness Spot

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We can all admit that even the most well-planned diet may go off the rails when faced with enticing food options, hidden calories, and an “only this one-time” mentality. But not at Healthy Longevity Café! 

It’s not a secret dietary changes have been shown to boost life expectancy by as much as ten years in youths and between six and seven years in adults. 

And while there is no shortage of cafes in Prague, the Healthy Longevity Café has earned a reputation for its goal of helping the community discover its full wellness potential while propelling it toward a more prolonged, healthier life.
By putting an emphasis on longevity and wellness in each dish, the Healthy Longevity Café offers you a fresh spin on their conventional coffee shop, smoothie bar, and meals.

Enjoy a one-of-a-kind meal at the Healthy Longevity Café

Healthy Longevity Cafe dishes
Healthy Longevity Café dishes

Visit the fabulous new Healthy Longevity Café in Nové Město, a few miles from Wenceslas Square, to discover what a healthy lifestyle is all about. 

Its unique selection of high-quality, delicious, and nutritious food and delicious drinks is simply the beginning of your enjoyment.

This novel idea grabbed our attention, so we contacted Mr. Zdenek Wimmer, the company’s Director of Operations, for a one-on-one interview.

Interview  – Healthy Longevity Café

Healthy Longevity Cafe - Healthy smoothies
Healthy Longevity Café – Healthy smoothies

What inspired you to bring the Healthy Longevity Café concept from the US to Prague?

Our founder Petr Sramek is Czech. He is a founder of – largest (longevity fund) in the world. Our eco system has various companies HealthyLongevity.Clinic , HeathyLongevity.Global , HealthyLongevity.Guidel , HealthyLongevity.Data and HealthyLongevity.Cafe so because Petr is Czech our unique first pilot Cafe was built in Prague and we are creating project which will be replicated in the USA.

What makes Healthy Longevity Café unique from other restaurants in Prague?

It is the whole concept. concept is built on 3 main principles – human centered design, sustainability, modularity.

Our cafe has a diagnostic room with nutritionists, and an app. We have also a beautiful space on the second floor for events, podcasts, streaming etc.,

Can you explain the focus on healthy, longevity-promoting cuisine for the menu?

Our aim is to prevent diseases and help people to live a longer active part of their lives, that starts with the food. Our food is gluten free, with the best quality products and ingredients possible.  In the future we would like to create personalised food based on results from our tests. 

How does Healthy Longevity Café cater to the diverse needs and preferences of both tourists and locals in Prague?

All our menus are in Czech and English and our staff speaks various languages so everyone is welcome! Many people are looking for gluten free food which we are offering. Eating healthy is becoming a new trend and there are not many options in our area.

Can you share any feedback or customer reactions you have received since opening Healthy Longevity Café in Prague?

“This cafe and concept is brilliant and in my opinion the future. The food, staff, building and atmosphere is lovely. I would highly recommend a visit. I would say a cafe like this will soon be in most major cities very soon.”

Can you share any plans for future expansion or new initiatives for Healthy Longevity Café in Prague?

We are still working on our app which will be a great guide for a healthier way of living, we are developing our healthy programs, subscriptions, diagnostic testing etc. We will be doing education workshops, podcasts and so on.

It is actually a drink and it is our booster coffee, food is changing every season.

Can you describe the atmosphere of the cafe and what customers can expect when they visit?

Atmosphere is very relaxed, with many flowers and a calming vibe. It is a great place to work or relax with friends, our staff are very well trained and educated about everything we are offering.

Are there any events or special programs that customers can look forward to at Healthy Longevity Café?

Workshops with Jan Hlaves (one of the doctors from HL.Clinic), subscription programmes very soon to be launched, carol bike to test and use, new menu soon, outside seating, many events with various people and companies in alignment with our project. 

How does the cafe support the local community and promote sustainability?

The cafe concept’s main principle is sustainability and our tables and bar is made from 100% plastic waste.

Be ready to Enjoy a Healthier Meal!

Healthy Longevity Cafe - new concept
Healthy Longevity Café – new concept

It’s not a secret dietary changes have been shown to boost life expectancy by as much as ten years in youths and between six and seven years in adults,  which is why you should stop by the Healthy Longevity Café. At this charming cafe, you will witness that it is more than just a paradise for health-conscious dining; it also offers wellness guidance, superfoods with a day’s worth of nutrients, and other delights.

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