Luggage Storage in Prague: Convenient Options

Luggage Storage in Prague

Luggage storage in Prague comes in a variety of options, allowing you to enjoy the most of your time with ease and comfort. After all, you wouldn’t want to be hampered by your bags while taking in the city’s famous architecture, strolling across the Charles Bridge, or dining on some authentic Czech specialties.In this article, we will delve into Luggage storage options in Prague.

So, when visiting Prague, you won’t have to worry about the difficulty of lugging about your bags thanks to the reliable services available at railway stations, the ease of luggage storage apps, and the individual attention provided by hotels and hostels. Having these tools at your disposal will make getting around the city a breeze, allowing you to spend more time experiencing the unique charm of the Czech capital.

Factors such as location, hours of operation, pricing, and the size of your luggage should all be taken into account before settling on a luggage storage in Prague.

Choosing the Right Luggage Storage Option 

Choosing the correct luggage storage in Prague is essential for a pleasant trip. Choices depend on vacation itinerary, money, and personal preferences. To choose the best luggage storage choice, consider these factors:


Consider where to put your luggage. Are you in a city center, train station, tourist site, or airport? Choose storage close to your plans.

Operating Hours

Make sure the storage facility’s hours match yours. Airports and train stations may offer 24/7 storage, while some may have limited hours.


Safety comes first. To prevent theft and unauthorized access, look for safe storage facilities with surveillance cameras, lockable storage sections, and staff.Though, generally Prague is safe.


Compare storage prices. Check about hourly rates and excessive luggage costs as prices can vary.

Luggage size and quantity

Consider suitcase size and quantity. Some solutions cannot hold numerous bags or heavier things. To guarantee the storage facility can handle your needs, check its capacity.

Luggage type

Certain storage solutions may limit the luggage they can hold. Some handle regular suitcases and bags, whereas others accept sports or specialized gear.

Storage Time

Estimate storage time. Some storage choices require long term luggage storage, others need short-term while others need 24/7 luggage storage.

Luggage Storage in Prague Florenc 

There are several luggage storage options in Prague Florenc. Here are some luggage storage in Florenc Prague:

  • Florenc Bus Station Luggage Storage
  • Hotels and Hostels  in Florenc
  • Tourist Information Centers in Florenc
  • Praha hlavní nádraží train station
  • Lockers at Attractions and Sites
  • Third-party luggage storage services providers

Luggage Storage in Prague Old Town 

Travellers can take advantage of a number of convenient luggage storage options in Old Town Prague, a busy district home to many popular attractions. Luggage storage options in Prague’s historic district include the following:

  • Praha hlavní nádraží and Masarykovo nádraží train stations
  • Hotels and Hostels
  • third-party providers like Stasher, LuggageHero, or Bagbnb
  • Lockers at Tourist Attractions
  • Václav Havel Airport storage facilities

Luggage Storage at Prague Train Station 

Praha hlavní nádraží  (Prague Main Train Station) and Masarykovo nádra (Masaryk Railway Station) are the two major train stations in Prague with luggage storage facilities. Important information regarding luggage storage at the following train stations:

Praha hlavní nádraží, the city’s primary train terminal

The Prague main train station has a luggage storage area for travelers. There are both self-service and attendant-supervised options for stowing your bags.

The train station’s luggage storage facilities are open throughout extended hours to accommodate visitors coming and departing at different times.

The Masarykovo nádraží Train Station

This station features luggage storage options such as lockers and staffed storage for your bags.

The luggage storage facilities at Masarykovo Train Station are open during times that are convenient for most passengers.

Luggage Storage at Prague Airport

The Prague Václav Havel Airport has convenient luggage storage facilities for passengers who need them while travelling to or from the airport.

The luggage storage at the Prague airport are at the terminals providing a place to store bags temporarily. Luggage storage services are available in both Terminals 1 and 2.

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