The Leading Torture Museum (Prague) of The Medieval Period

An overview of the Torture Museum in Prague

Although Prague is a prosperous and booming metropolis, the Torture museum in Prague, close to the renowned Charles Bridge, is a somber reminder of Europe’s tragic history.

The collection of this leading medieval period torture museum in Prague, with over a hundred life-size tools of torture, is enough to give anyone the chills just thinking about it.

The Prague Museum of Medieval Torture devices, or simply the museum of torture in Prague, is a dungeon where visitors can see and learn about torture tools used in the Middle Ages.

Many relics, engravings, and wax figures are displayed across 400 square meters to depict the true horror of these torture devices. As if you were there in person, watching a witch being burned or gazing under the fingers of the executioner, the recording sound effects add to the immersion.

An overview of the Torture Museum in Prague

An overview of the Torture Museum in Prague
An overview of the Torture Museum in Prague. Copyright

On the eastern side of Prague Square sits the medieval torture Museum of Prague. Its bottom floor display halls look like those seen in any museum, and there is a wide variety of museums of torture instruments (Prague).

There are cartoons on each torture device, drawn in a medieval style, that provide instructions in eight languages on how to use the device properly.

The actual terror is in the section of the dungeon where wax figures recreate the scenes of ancient executions, including the burning of sorcerers, the beheading of offenders, the usage of steel spike armor, and other such atrocities.

In the dark cellar, it’s as if innumerable ghosts are lurking, chilling the skin right off one’s spine.

Why Visit the Torture Museum in Prague?

Visit the Torture Museum in Prague
Visit the Torture Museum in Prague. Copyright
  • Over a hundred pieces of torture equipment from the Middle Ages are on display, along with multilingual information and instructions to help you learn how they were used to get confessions and to exact retribution on those who violated moral or religious norms.
  • Learn about witch trials and investigations.
  • Torture Museum in Prague gives visitors a glimpse into its one-of-a-kind collection of torturing and executing tools from the Middle Ages, providing a cultural and historical window into the time period.

All You Need to Know About the Museum

Major Museum of torture instruments-Prague

There is an expansive variety of Prague’s museum of medieval torture instruments solely devoted to torture on display in the museum. The tools are made to cause extreme pain that lasts for a long time. The main ones include:

  • Chastity belts for all genders
  • An iron maiden
  • Heavy iron masks
  • French guillotine used to cut people’s heads
  • Saws designed to dismember a human body.

For even relatively minor infractions, the courts could use torture devices to inflict irreparable harm on their victims.

Prague torture museum Opening Hours

The Prague medieval torture museum is open continuously from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. One hour is plenty of time to see everything in the museum. While you’re out the door, you’ll feel extra thankful that you weren’t brought up in the Middle Ages.

Prague torture museum price

The standard entry fee for the Prague torture museum in Prague is 160 CZK, though the price has been reduced to 100 CZK. A 2-adult and 2-child ticket cost 420 CZK. At the same time, the price for school trips is 90 CZK per person.

Add the Torture Museum in Prague to your bucket list!

the Torture Museum in Prague
the Torture Museum in Prague. Copyright

The Torture Museum in Prague is among the most bizarre museums on the planet. We have you covered if you need recommendations for where to stay in Prague. Take advantage of this exciting Prague attraction that is both educational and unique.

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