The price of the Staropramen brewery tour in Prague

Staropramen brewery tour in Prague

Staropramen brewery tour Prague price

Sorry to break it to you, but you did not have the whole Prague experience if you did not go on a Staropramen brewery tour in Prague during your vacation.

As you may already know, the Czech Republic is the world’s beer capital. This reputation was built in the 1800s, the industrialization century. During that period, many people worked in factories. They craved a cold refreshing beverage to relax at the end of the day. That demand birthed Staropramen, and till this day, Staropramen is widely recognized and distributed across the globe. Staropramen is the second-largest beer brand in the Czech Republic. It recently opened a visitor centre that takes tourists through the brewing process. At the end of the tour, you will enjoy a cold beer in a contemporary pub.

Czech beer
Czech beer

If you do not know by now, the Czechs drink beer like water. Did you also know that beer is cheaper than water in the Czech Republic? The country loves beer so much that there is even a day dedicated to celebrating the country’s beer history and beer brands. The Czech Beer Day attracts hundreds of visitors and connects Czech breweries to distribution channels in other countries.

The Czechs claim that their beer is the best globally, and we may have to agree. Reasons are,

The Czechs invented the Pilsner. The country also has a rich brewing history that started way back in the 6th century. Many Czech breweries also practice decoction mashing. A decoction mash is a traditional process that many brewers claim results in a beer with character, depth, and creamier foam. The process does not include additional water or extra heat in the brew resulting in a rich beer.

Why should you see Staropramen brewery in Prague?

Czech traditions

If you were indifferent about beer before travelling to Prague, you would be a whole new person after your trip. The Staropramen brewery tour in Prague is a chance for you to participate in years of Czech brew traditions. The Staropramen brewery was established in 1869 and is currently the country’s second-largest brewery and beer exporter. The Staropramen’s brewery process has changed from 1869 to date. You get a chance to see and taste the original beer. Also, Staropramen brewery lets you make your own beer in a masterclass.

Excellent beer

Czech beer is top tier and the best you will ever taste. Compared to other countries, beer is cheaper than water in a bar. During the Staropramen brewery tour in Prague, your guide will walk you through the history of the brewery. You will see the entire production process, and at the end of the tour, you can drink all the beer you want.

Take your beer experience a step further by visiting a beer spa in the city. You can bathe in wooden barrels filled with barley, hops, and other beer ingredients like yeast in the beer spa. The significant part is you get to drink unlimited beer with homemade beer bread. You need to know that you need to drink Czech beer at the perfect temperature (not too cold and not too warm).

Braník beer
Braník beer

One of the top-rated tours in Prague

As stated earlier, the Staropramen brewery tour will be one of the highlights of your stay in Prague. The brewery still attracts thousands of visitors every year, and so far, there have not been any complaints.

Beer Etiquette

It is also essential to be aware of Czech etiquette. Some include:

  • Use a beer coaster and say Na Zdraví( to your health) to every toast.
  •  If you walk into any Czech pub, place your coaster in front of you. Doing this will prompt the waiter to serve you.

Book now the Staropramen brewery tour in Prague

If you are interested in visiting the Staropramen brewery in Prague, you can join several brewery tour groups. It will cost between €50 €100, depending on the tour group and the activities involved in the tour. One of these tour groups is the Mediaeval brewery tour in Prague. Their available hours are 10 am to 16.00 pm. During the tour, you will visit the brewery plant, sample beers with a brewmaster, and have lunch after the tour.

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