How Expensive Is Prague To Visit?

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Do you plan to visit Prague in the next couple of weeks and enjoy the local cuisine? Don’t worry about breaking the bank on a meal in Prague; if you stay away from the main tourist locations and the busiest squares, you’ll find that food is quite cheap.

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “is Prague an expensive city?” We have great news: if you plan in advance and stay away from the most popular districts, a vacation to Prague costs much less than many other great destinations.

On average, a single day in Prague will set you back between €40 and €90, making it more costly than other Czech towns but still more reasonable than Western European capitals if you’re traveling on a moderate budget.

If you’re wondering if Prague is expensive and how much a trip to Prague would cost and want to know more about how to organize a trip to this amazing city, keep reading!

How Expensive is Prague?

Because of its stunning medieval architecture, vibrant nightlife, and surprisingly low pricing, Prague has exploded in popularity as a tourist destination in recent years. As in any big European city, tourists who come unprepared may end up shelling out a fortune in Prague.

Also, many visitors to Prague take full advantage of the city’s relatively low clothing prices.

Let’s look at the prices of some common items to see if Prague is an expensive city to live in.

How Much Does a Trip to Prague Cost on Average?

Prague is often more affordable than other Western European capitals. It’s hardly a stealer’s paradise, but with some careful budgeting, you can stretch your dollar far further than you would in most of Europe.

Expenses in Prague cover a wide range of factors, and this guide aims to shed light on them all. Including:

  • How much it will cost to go there
  • Find out places to stay and exactly how much money you’ll need in Prague.
  • How to go around town without spending a fortune on transportation.
  • Where to cut costs and what to buy for dinner
  • Miscellaneous costs, such as entertainment and tipping

Please keep in mind that while we do our best, actual costs may differ slightly from what we’ve estimated. The Czech Republic uses the koruna as its national currency, and one US dollar now buys about 22 CZ koruna. This resource provides estimates in Euros

The following table provides a high-level overview of how much a three-day stay in Prague can cost.

Cost of a three-day stay in Prague 

ExpensesEstimated Daily CostEstimated Total Cost
Average AirfareN/A€80-€1600
Total (excluding airfare)€46.50-€325€219.50-€2605

Prague’s Cost of Accommodation 

Prague has no shortage of fantastic accommodation options for every budget or kind of vacation. When visiting Prague, we suggest staying in Old Town, whatever your financial situation. Because of its prime location at the city’s geographic and historical center, Old Town is where you should stay if you desire to be close to all the attractions.

Fortunately, there are lots of low-cost choices. The large student population in Prague means there are plenty of possibilities for young people who aren’t interested in having a room but are looking for a lively, sociable experience while they travel.

Most of Prague’s main hostels provide beds in shared dorm rooms for between €15 and €20 a night, with some also offering light complimentary breakfast and a simple dinner choice for an additional €1 or €2.

The average nightly rate for a typical hotel room in Prague’s Old Town is between €65 and €80. If you’re looking for a private hotel room at a reasonable price, consider Hotel Inos or Hotel Zlatá Váha.

You should expect to pay between €100 and €150 each night for a private suite in a luxury hotel with amenities like a breakfast buffet, a gym, and high-speed internet access, among other things. Traveling to Prague in the winter can also save you money.

Prague transport costs

Unless you plan on going outside of Old Town, you will not be spending any money on transportation because of how easily accessible the city is on foot from Old town.

Taking public transportation is cost-effective and simple. Around €20 can be spent getting from the airport into the heart of the city via taxi, Uber, or Bolt. A shuttle service or private car service can be arranged to pick you up from the airport.

A single ride on one of Prague’s public transport options will cost you between €1.50 and €2 (30 or 90 minutes) (metro, tram, or bus).

A 24-hour pass can be purchased at €6 or even a 72-hour pass at €15 if you frequently use the public transportation system while in Prague.

Public Transportation Official City Pass for Prague

Take advantage of free, limitless rides on Prague’s public transportation, including to and from Prague’s airport. Save money or get in for free at more than 60 attractions. Travel to interesting cultural attractions such as art museums and galleries. Sightseeing the capital and take a boat trip to the Vltava River with an expert guide’s help.

  • Take in all of Prague’s quaint charm, rich history, and stunning architecture.
  • Experience no restrictions on using public transportation, even when getting to and leaving the airport.
  • You can cancel for no cost at all.
  • Activate and obtain a plastic card for your Visitor Pass of the capital at any information centers provided or via the application.
  • Book and pay for it at a later date
  • Come see the city’s landmarks, museums, and exhibitions in Prague.
  • Enjoy a cruise down the Vltava River and one of the city’s many group tours.
  • Visit museums and other attractions more efficiently and spend less time there.
What is Included
  • The pass is valid for 2 – 5 days.
  • From €75 per individual
  • Choose from over 60 different activities in Prague.
  • Public transport
  • Express Service to the Airport (round-trip )
  • Discounted prices at popular tourist destinations
  • Electronic guide
  • City map
  • Tours on riverboats

Costs of Food in Prague

Prague’s meals may be very cheap if you stay away from tourist traps and busy areas such as the Charles bridge surroundings.

You can save money on breakfast by taking advantage of the hostel’s or hotel’s complimentary breakfast. For less than €5, you may enjoy a cup of coffee and a sweet treat at a local café.

Is Prague expensive to eat and drink? It depends on when and the places you eat as to how much money you’ll spend in Prague. Prices range from €5 to €15 per person for lunch and dinner.

Most of Prague’s best eateries can get a three-course lunch for less than €15. If you are a foodie, you shouldn’t miss out on Prague’s famous lunch deals.

Street food carts sell sausages and other Czech delicacies for a couple of euros. Price ranges for meals in Prague are both low and broad.

Beer Tasting And Czech Cuisine: A Three-Hour Tour of Prague

You’ve found a suitable activity if you want to have some real Czech beer and traditional Czech food in Prague. Find out for yourself why the Czech has the highest per capita beer consumption by trying three of the country’s brews in the land on this three-hour tour, then fill up on a regular meal.

  • Learn why the Czechs are the world’s foremost beer experts and connoisseurs. 
  • Tour three pubs serving the country’s renowned beer before settling in for a hearty, locally sourced meal.
  • Take a leisurely walk through the capital’s most photogenic historic district while chatting with your seasoned guide as you hear fascinating tales about the area’s past.
  • Study the history and culture of the Czech capital and see how its inhabitants live now.
  • Get useful travel information from your entertaining and knowledgeable guide, and have a wonderful night out.
What is Included
  • You can cancel at no cost. 
  • The duration of the tour is three hours.
  • Make a reservation and pay for it later.
  • Optional hotel pickup
  • Open for individual or small-group 
  • Costs as low as € 52.75 per head
  • Bilingual guide
  • Three drinks at three different bars
  • A traditional Czech meal

Prague’s Activities cost

The best part about visiting Prague is that you can see most of its famous landmarks and attractions without spending a dime.

You can spend a day roaming around the city, seeing the John Lennon Wall, Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, and Old Town Square.

Free walking excursions explore Prague’s rich history and intriguing terrain. We suggest starting your holiday with a walking tour.

Old Town, New Town, Charles Bridge, and Prague Castle tours are free if you book in advance. Free tours require a tip.

They often volunteer to help guests. Free tour guides should be tipped 8-10 euros (250 CZK).

Underground and beer excursions cost €20 per person. Prague’s free and cheap attractions include the National Museum, Jewish Quarter, zoo, and Prague Castle.

If you plan to visit several museums and galleries in Prague, get a City Card. These 4-day passes cover most of the city’s top attractions and a few hidden treasures.

Three hours from Prague is cesky Krumlov, a historic city. Kutna Hora and Karlovy Vary are popular day trips.

How Expensive is Prague’s Entertainment?

Prague’s entertainment is affordable in areas away from the main tourist drags. You can get good beer at a low price in Prague. A couple of local beers will run you a euro, and a drink won’t set you back much more than that.

Numerous excellent and unique watering holes exist in Prague, many of which do not require entry fees. A wide variety of live music can be heard in Prague’s bars and clubs, ranging from indie alternatives to classic jazz.

Going from bar to bar in Prague is more affordable than in most big European cities.

You should expect to pay €25 if you aren’t residing in a hostel and yet still want to go on a pub crawl, even though many hostels provide free transportation to prominent bars and nightclubs most evenings for its guests. Czech beer tours are an alternative to the typical pub crawl.

Beautiful opera houses may be found all across Prague. You will not be disappointed if you are an opera buff with the means to pay €40 for a ticket to the National Theater

Is Prague Expensive for a Tourist? Regular Prague Costs

If you’ve ever wondered what a visit to Prague might cost you, we’ve broken it down into realistic daily estimates of what you should expect to pay based on the assumption that you’ll be traveling with a travel companion and sticking to a moderate budget.

We hope this article answers your question “is Prague expensive to visit”. For further information, check our Prague travel guide.

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